When Simon can’t let go of the fact he ran the @londonmarathon on Sunday and is now cycling 884 miles with us!! @bmwuk @primaleurope @theplymouthherald @thisisheart @radioplymouth

#craggyisland #frted #chemotherapy treatment @QEH #cancer care #cancersucks #cancers . I’m having a #fatherjack moment 5litres of fluid not #alcohol but certainly a ruse?

Thanks to a very deeply placed port, it is always an issue to get the needle in. I'm so thankful I only have to do this one more time #cancer #cancersucks #fucancer #fuckcancer #chemoport #chemo #chemotherapy #chemolikeaboss

This lady is my best friend as well as my mum and I love her so much. #mum #fighting #cancersucks #love #family

one week to go!

come show some love, we’re opening a booth this coming May 2nd, 11am-4pm at The Glass Lantern - PJ Trade Centre (that’s right next LHDN, opposite Empire Damansara, you know the cool raw-looking building by the LDP? yaass, that!)

help us spread the words and join us in our little journey! get some cool merchandises for yourselves and your loved warriors. •
a portion of proceeds for this month will go to MAKNA. 🎗

Who's heading to @trewfields.festival this year? Let's meet up ☺It's a full weekend of inspiring cancer talks, panels, holistic workshops, live music & play all on a beautiful farm in Surrey. See you there. Tickets available via trewfields.com ⠀

Trewfields aim is to build an empowered, fun, hope-filled & educational movement around holistic health & cancer awareness, inspiring people to take an active role in their health. Facing taboos, bringing light & proactivity to the heavy world of illness. Through the event they're supporting progressive cancer charities & a health & meditation programme starting in London's primary schools.

Today I start my training for a 22 mile trek along the Jurassic coast this summer. Like so many working mums I have a tendency to take on more than I need to (or can sometimes handle!)....why do we do that?! I won’t lie, I am slightly worried about how I will fit the training in over the next 10 weeks, but the way I see it is 1. I’m going to get fit for the summer 2. It’s going to give me some much needed ‘me’ time - I’m going to make the most of my audible subscription on my training walks and most importantly 3. I’m doing this in memory of a very special friend who I promised I would take to my favourite place on the Jurassic coast the last time that I ever saw her.....🌈😇So I will strap on my trainers (am fighting buying hiking boots!) and get creative about how and when to fit my training in. How do you fit exercise in to your week? #jurassiccoast #22miles #thesebootsaremadeforwalking #cancersucks #beautifulfriend #betterdustoffmyfitbit #thismamarocks #trek4tash

Thursday 4/26 @amoebahollywood ! Come on down- I’ll be playing some tunes at 6:30 Sharp to support my very own doctor, @drkristifunk for her book launch party! Be enlightened, empowered and entertained in the greatest record store on the planet. #amoebamusic #drkristifunk #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor #cancersucks #cancersurvivor

Painfully missed 💔. Three years ago, you've lost the fight against cancer. The death came as redemption for you.
#missyou #fuckcancer #cancersucks #rip #papa #daddy #love #loveyou #womanwithink #inkedlady #tattoedmom

Soursop fruit, with its sweet flesh and distinctive flavor, is grown commercially to make juice, candy, sorbet and ice cream. It’s also rumored to treat cancer in a compound form. This fruit will never be used as a cure you know why? There is no money in it but there is in horse pills. Take those pills that the doctor prescribed so he/she can go on vacation. Pharmaceutical companies are killing us. Latinos,Africans,Asians and West Indians know the truth. #terencetomlin #soursop #cure #truth #fda #guarana #westindies #africa #southamerica #panache #florentino #clinical #cancersucks #chef

Homage to my 3rd year of remission, with no cancer in sight! The color blue is for #colorectalcancer and the #kokeshidoll is another spirit animal of mine.. I am so #grateful for everyday and for those whom I #love . Although #cancersucks .. the journey showed me exactly how #strongandcapable I am and how much I am loved in return. #thankyouforthelove #imatoughcookie #asscancersucks

A hui hou my dear friend!!!
Love you always. Mahalo for the great 10 years being in our lives! Can't say enough of how much a blessing you were and will continue to be.

I saw this picture on Pinterest tonight....we did this plank in class today. I felt so strong because not so very long ago I couldn't lift my legs up and could only do it with my feet on the platform. Thanks to @azlavender's encouragement my feet are on the bar and my hands are on the top of the shoulder pads. I so appreciate how she never makes you feel bad for taking an accommodation before you can get to the real position. She breaks it down and gives you a challenge. I'll never have perfect form but I know I'm stronger than ever and accomplish things in class that were fantasies a year ago. Next step....doing the leg lifts from this position.
Love you and appreciate you more then you know Alicia! #pilates #gettingfitinmy60s #greatinstructor #clubpilates #clubpilatesfrisco #setagoal #dontstopmoving #movethatlymph #freedominmotion #itsapracticenotperfection #love #grateful #lifeaftercancer #cancersucks

#Repost @sakspoulton (@get_repost)
Extremely proud to be co-hosting this event 💕

If you would like to join us on 1st June for our ladies night then please get in contact.

Where: @aztexvenue st Annes

Time: 7pm 🕖

Entertainment: fashion show by @raelovesxx and live music by The versions

Hair by us and makeup by @brookewyliemua
Price: £20
All proceeds will be donated to @lymphoma_action and @dkms_uk
Some amazing raffle prizes to be won!

It really is a night NOT to be missed🥂💃🏻 #charityevent #cancersucks #ladiesnight #fashionshow #poulton #girlsnightout

April 2017 (before Texas Treatment)
The supplement game has been strong since the beginning.
. This is everything I took Daily last year after researching different things to help with estrogen levels, inflammation, blood thinning, EBV, gut health, liver health, and overall immune health. I also used Low Dose Naltexone. Naltrexone is usually used to help with opiod or alcohol addictions, but in low doses the reports are that it shrinks cancerous tumors. You can learn more at LowDoseNaltrexone.org. .
I'm now on a different (but similar) supplement plan from Dr. June who manages my nutrition since I went to Texas for treatment. I'll post about that when I finally get to present day!! (Things get funnier, I just want to chronicle the whole journey)

Encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. Let's beat our odds together. EMAIL ME A PHOTO OF YOURSELF AND YOUR STORY. SHARING IS CARING ❤
#CancerAwareness #LungCancer #BreastCancer #BrainCancer #CancerSupport #BoneCancer #ProstateCancer #CancerSucks #AggressiveCancer #CancerMatters #CancerPort #CancerScars #PublicHealthAwareness #PSA #CancerInspiration #CancerWarrior #CancerSurvivor #Cancer #cityofhope #memorialhermann #cancertreatmentcentersofamerica #MDAndersonCancerCenter

In lieu of birthday cards or birthday gifts this year, I'm asking for donations to be made to the @natlbraintumorsociety through a @gofundme I've created specifically for that purpose.

I'd like to be able to raise $2,200 (I'm turning 22 this year) by my birthday of July 1st. This is a cause near and dear to my heart if you have been following me since this past summer. My mother was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor.

I have been fiercely researching as much as I can on research institutions and hospitals in the States, Canada, parts of Europe and the U.K. and how they are working hard to find more promising treatments for patients, with the goal of ultimately finding a cure.
Any support would be greatly appreciated, and I am immensely thankful to everyone who donated and/or shares. Consider this to be the easier birthday present to be able to give me!

#gofundme #cancerresearch #nationalbraintumorsociety #glioblastomamultiforme #nonprofit #charity #cancersucks

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