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Ne apie mane. Aušra gegužės 5 švęs savo 16! gimtadienį, o aš gegužės 3 savajį 30! Aušra sveiksta nuo onkologinės ligos ir laukia gimtadienio, o aš jau sugalvojau, ką jai padovanosiu 30-mečio proga ir daugiau nesiskūsiu, kad senstu ❤️🤗 #love #peace #cancersucks #sweet16 #30thbirthday

Sorry for my Uncle Rico flashback 🤦🏻‍♂️. When I was playing football at the University of Utah we had a 8 year old boy that changed our lives. He made us better players, but most importantly, he made us better people. This little boy had terminal brain cancer. His "make a wish" was to hang out with us and be part of our football team. He joined us at practice and at games.......He hung out with us at our hotel room and even traveled on the road with us. He passed away my Senior year and it absolutely devastated me and the rest of my teammates. I had never experienced that kind of torment emotionally and never did I imagine going through it with my own son. From that point on, many of my teammates made an effort to join the force in helping children with cancer. In part of our effort, many of my teammates have started a "Cancer Combine" to raise money for families. This year they have chosen to do it for the Hayestough organization. The link to sign up is in my bio. #bepartofthegood #cancersucks #teammates #family #football #childhoodcancer #morethan4 #universityofutah #utahfootball

Disadvantages of smoking are many but those of quitting are none. Advantages of smoking are none but those of quitting are many

#fromwhereistand. Hey Instagram friends! I just realized I have neglected to fill you in on what's going on behind the scenes in my life. Things have been moving so fast I completely forgot to post here in addition to all my Facebook groups. So about four weeks ago I got a call from my dad that the doctors had found a mass in his brain. We rushed to California to discover my dad had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We spent most of the week in the hospital by his side and then made the decision we would go home to finish packing and downsizing for full-time RV living and return to Cali. I would return on my own and Mr. Crafty would bring our RV down here when the custom modifications were finalized. The first week back home we both came down sick with some horrible plague, then came a bout of depression so bad I had to go back on meds to deal with it. Having to make all the decisions of what to get rid of and what to keep was made harder by feeling so down and depleted. We have now powered through the house and are just down to a couple things to donate. We literally sold all of our furniture​ on Craigslist and most of my craft supplies were sold off in a giant destash sale (more things to put on sale soon!) We donated a garage full of treasure and now it's time to say goodbye to Washington. My bags are packed and I leave tonight on a plane down to be with my parents. My daughter is driving down with her car packed and she will be moving nearby too. We found an RV park to live in while we get set up, spend as much time with my dad as possible while he goes through cancer treatment (he says Marines don't give up without a fight) and figure things out. Our business will continue to run from Washington and the Late Night Crafty Club show will continue from our RV, with a new camera and lighting too! I have videos to film for my workshops and our new printable store is debuting soon! So here I stand in our RV, surveying all the work left to do and feeling sad to say goodbye to this beautiful emerald state. I hope we have many adventures ahead of us, and I am so glad you are with us on the journey 😗

😌🙏🏽 I asked Mia "What Is Love?" .. She Replied "Love Is Every Morning When I Hear Baby Paulie, I Pretend To Sleep So He Can Come Kiss Me And Wake Me Up." 😌🙏🏽
🔮 God, You Really Knew What You Were Doing When You Made These Two. Thank You For Making One While Having The Other One In Mind The Whole Time. Their Souls Know Each Other. I Have Never Witnessed A Bond So Special. Thank You For These Two. They Are Perfect For Each Other! 🔮
#leukeMIAfighter #MiaIsabella #StrongIsAnUnderstatement #MyHero #Fighter #ChildhoodCancer #Leukemia #ChildhoodLeukemia #PediatricLeukemia #PediatricCancer #LikeForLike #Like4Like #WorldstarHiphop #FuckCancer #CancerSucks #KickingCancersButt #MiaStrong #Prayers #PrayersForMia #ToGodBeAllTheGlory 🙏🏽🙏🏽#FightLikeAKid 💪🏽👊🏽#MiaTheGreat08 💪🏽#HeadShaving #NoMoreHair #NoHairDontCare 💅🏽 #BaldIsBeautiful #BraveTheShave #BraveShaver #Brave

8 inches was a lot for me but so much more for those who are fighting a much bigger battle. I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life! #cancersucks #relayforlife

Пятница-развратница😂💃🏻💃🏻 Прибухну Баржоми, теперь мне ее нужно пить👍🏻Отходосы от пробной химии прошли, я весела снова😊 Вливают гормоны, от которых щеки как у хомяка😂Но это пох✌🏻Потом снова стану красоткой, как вылечусь🤗Основной 5ти дневный непрерывный курс начинается вроде как 2го числа. Целых 5 дней я буду непрерывно ходить в обнимку с 2 бутылями по 0,5 из которых в меня будет заливаться зелье🍺🍻🥂🍾🍷🥃 Это мое целительно-"увеселительное" зелье😂 Кстати, онко-мода берет свое и я уже мечтаю сбрить волосы💪🏼Так мне нравятся все лысики🤗прям очень девочкам идет, хотя многие и стесняются. Без волос удобнее и не нужно собирать их по подушке, чем я уже начала заниматься😂 Как всегда шлю всем лучики добра🌞 И спасибо за поддержку♥️Я по возможности все-все-все читаю, даже когда нет сил отвечать😊#всехлюблю#степунинабудетздорова#cancersucks#ракдурак#надеруракузад#пятницаразвратница😈


Rhonda's Kiss wants help you make strides towards a healthy holistic lifestyle. Study suggests that juicing raw fruits and vegetables into a delicious smoothie! Raw food like broccoli and pineapples attack cancer cells directly or indirectly. Next time you make a smoothie, click the link in our bio try this simple recipe! http://bit.ly/2qqumgC

I am humbled beyond words to have received this certification. It has been years in the making. This is a true calling from the deepest place in my heart ~ to share this practice and this journey with others.
I don't take it lightly when someone puts their trust with me and it is my mission every day and in every minute I spend with others to assist them in their journey of healing.
I spoke today as I do often about the healing benefits of yoga to a room full of cancer survivors and we talked about the difference of "healing" verses "curing". Webster's says healing is "becoming whole" and curing is "the absence of disease". Our bodies are designed to be self-healing. Yoga supports this in subtle ways and at levels below understanding." Yoga helps me every day to become more "whole" ~ mind, body, and spirit and I want to share that message with others. I am called to share that message.
From my first class I started a journey inward that is still happening today and everyday. I started a journey of "healing". I am so grateful to those who have been my teachers and have walked with me, created space for me, and allowed me to grow into that space. It is my deepest desire to do the same for others.
Yoga is a way of living, a science, a practice of moving inward, of breathing, of moving our physical bodies, and of clearing or chatty minds so that we can be more present in the moment ~ the only place there really is.
There are so many others who have taught me so much and impacted how I teach and have assisted and supported me in amazing ways in my journey so far. I am so deeply grateful for each and every one and for all that is to come on this journey of life. What I know for sure is that we are stronger together than we are apart. We are all interconnected and yoga helps us to see this, to find compassion for ourselves and for others. It's a day to day, moment to moment journey. Thank you for sharing it with me! ❤️ International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

::: Missing our loved ones over time becomes a bit less tender but perhaps more powerful . On this, the ninth anniversary of Richard's death, I reflect, with love and gratitude, on how he showed me the grace of hope and the beauty of acceptance. When the circle of life is complete, there's much much more for those left behind to discover about life and death. #remembrance #memories #lifelessons #cancersucks #gonetooyoung

Happy 13th bday to Mom... 💜💜💜💜💜💜 #cancerfree #cancersucks #phuckcancer

It's been awhile since I have pet sat for Rocco! We are missing Bella since she passed away to cancer but I am so happy to still have Rocco and so is Yoda! He is going to have a fun week 🐶🐾 #bakersfieldpetsitter #boxer #furryfriends #doglover #chihuahua #dogfriends #cancersucks #dogs #rocco #yoda #sweetfaces

The link in my profile is for the Fundrazr account for my best and oldest friend's cancer treatment. This woman is so kind and loving and caring. She has been there for me for over half of my life. Every penny helps. If that isnt possible, please go follow @tealblueformeowladyhoo and share. We will be holding an art auction soon and the more exposure we have the better. All it takes is a follow and a share. And tell the women in your life that you love them. 💙

#cancer #cervicalcancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #tealribbon #cancerawareness #cervicalcancerawareness #fightlikeagirl #cancersupport #tealblueformeowladyhoo #handmade #flowerpetal #flowerpetaljewelry #handmadejewelry #giveaway #free #tulips #flowers #floral

Focussing on things that really matter... #Friends #25Years #CancerSucks #AwesomeDay ✌🏼

My man finally got to meet @themanspot and ask him about that broken dishwasher #gobrodygo #cancersucks #cancersurvivor

What a great night last night to raise money for my inspiration of an auntie. #brave #fighter #cancersucks please donate to Angela's #gofundme page

So many categories. The time to act is now! Youth, Community, Corporate and Family & Friends divisions.
Join us today to seek a cure for cancer. Registration and Information Night at the Nova Scotia Community College, Stellarton, NS, Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 6:00pm, Room A151.
Teams consist of 4-5 people and it is $20 per person to register.
#HidenSeek #CancerSucks #PictouCounty #FUNdraising #CCS #CanadianCancerSociety #Event

Enough said. ❤️
#cancersucks #prevention

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