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Judi's anxiety is causing her to self harm herslf by picking off the skin from her hands, sometimes until they bleed. She has literally pulled off her finger print from at least 2 fingers. Now the palm of her hand is getting bad 😔 I asked her why she does it and she said, "it's just so satisfying and I don't feel anything else. Even when it hurts I cant stop!" Shes 8 yrs old! I brought it up during yesterdays appt and the NP told me that she can get an infection if she doesnt stop. So now Ju cries because she cant stop herself from picking at her skin. She does it without even realizing that she is doing it. Anxiety and depression are no joke! She is already taking medication for her depression and 1 for anxiety. She also sees a psychologist that is aware of this latest development so she will meet with Ju to help with this problem. If it's not 1 thing it's another 😞 but we will get through this. #1dayatatime #judithmarie #cancercrusher #hlhsurvivor #leukemia #cancersucks #remission #maintenance #teamju #anxiety #deppression #chemosucks 🎗

I dedicated my birthday yesterday to my dear friend and college roommate, Marissa. Marissa is in the fight of her life right now and inspires the hell out of me. As I told Maris last night, I am not sure what my dedication gets her, but here’s what it meant to me.
Starting on my birthday eve, I was thinking even more than usual about Marissa. I decided to go with that flow and think and pray extra amounts for Marissa through my birthday. I also channeled my inner Marissa.
I tried to give extra good hugs, as Maris taught me how to really hug with all my heart.
I laughed as deeply and heartily as I could picturing her head thrown back and whole body in the laugh. And I appreciated every minute as I know she does everyday. I thanked Maris for boldly leading the way in her fearless way.
I’ll remember this birthday as one full of appreciation, love and prayers for a dear friend and fighter full of life.

I believe to honor somebody with authentic justice is to accompany them, if only in our minds, along whatever path they are traversing. As I reread the whirlwind of Kaylyn's diagnosis of leukemia, multiple treatments and side effects, I try to be there for the pain and also for a pathway to vibrant health. We are by your side, cheering you on to remission @lesleywhite21@kaylynawhite #kaystrong
Kaylyn was admitted to MD Anderson on December 20, 2017 with a elevated white blood cell count, and diagnosed December 21, 2017 with Acute B Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
According to the doctors the prognosis was really well at the time of diagnosis with 80-90% remission rate at the end of the first month of induction treatment.
However, after the induction phase of treatment Kaylyn didn’t respond to the therapies and failed to obtain remission. She was in the 2-3% of patients who did not respond to treatment.
The first month Kaylyn underwent an aggressive regiment of treatment daily steroids, chemotherapy every 4 days, lumbar punctures, and bone marrow biopsies.
The leukemia doctors went ahead and proceed with the second month of treatment even though she failed the first one. The consolidation period consisted of more lumbar punctures, and weekly and daily chemotherapies.
During this time Kaylyn developed side effects from some of the chemos which have resulted in severe nerve pain, and vision and hearing issues. After this period she was still not in remission.
The doctor suggested we try a new treatment that was just released in August of 2017 by the FDA for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia patients. This treatment is called CAR-T we began preparing for this and Kaylyn had a central line placed for the collection of her T cells.
Once they collected enough cells they sent them off to be engineered with a inactive HIV virus which programmed them to attack the leukemia cells in her body.
She was administered the CAR-T April 26, 2018 and was in the hospital for 41 days so they could monitor her closely. She was in ICU for 7 days.
The side effects of CAR-T can be severe and life threatening...

Warrior princess #ImABeast #fighter #CancerCrusher #TeamE #StrongSurvive nothing you can tell me I’m stronger than any thing placed in front of me 💪🏽

So not a complete overreaction but no Cancer diagnosis - just a kidney infection. Not sure I’ve ever been happier about being told I have an infection 🤣 .
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Anyone else get a twinge or pain and instantly think ‘it’s Cancer!’. I think I have a kidney infection but it’s hard not to let my brain persuade me it means my Cancer is back.
I’ll just be over here taking deep breaths while I wait to see the GP! .
#overreacting #remission #lifeaftercancer #cancer #ttc #ttcjourney #ttcaftercancer #cancerandfertility #infertility #cancerwarrior #cervicalcancer #cancercrusher #newlifestyle #warrior #bestversionofyourself #learning #cancerchangedme #positive #awareness #aftercancer #support #health #happiness #love #roadtorecovery

Thank you to all who contribute and provide #RealHelpNow to #breastcancer patients in need. YOU have helped The Pink Fund alleviate stress, put fear to rest and provide hope since 2006⠀
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“July 9th” My potnas dying at high rates
At a fast pace,
Dying before i had a even chance to pray
Before 23
So im forced to write farewalls and hellos on your restday
Forget what death talm bout will man, you getting up in age
A soulful soul,
You left your mark, like graded papers
And red ink
I almost could accept death if it was due,misconduct in the streets.
But i cant respect no cancer,
It took a real nigga- authentic
You the first person who heard me spit these lyrics
Siced the kid, when i lose inspiration i think of it
Good die young, rip,you lost a good one DMV, ya third eye open, you saw things i didnt see in me.
Never forget that night we sat up in sang, like we was b2k or someshit
Me you mani and jamice
You wild tho, you’d ask to hear the deepest wale, in the middle of the livest party .
You lived for substance and content
Chemo- thought it had you
But You still live on, it was you who won the contest
You a light of hope .
You was too much heaven in this hell hole
So you had to elope, i get it
You left your smile, to help us cope.
You tagged me in the fight, and i beat cancer, for us both.
I hope ya slumber is on point.
Pivotal peace
RIP i Jih like, hope you showed God how ta chop it up to TCB
#E4CW #Fuckcancer #cancercrusher

Memory like a sieve and have to take these #zitawest tablets 3 times a day so things just got serious! Serious organisation! 🤣 now let’s hope I can remember to take each bit with me everyday 🤦‍♀️.
#vitafem #vitaldha #amh #remission #lifeaftercancer #cancer #ttc #ttcjourney #ttcaftercancer #cancerandfertility #infertility #cancerwarrior #cervicalcancer #cancercrusher #newlifestyle #warrior #bestversionofyourself #learning #cancerchangedme #positive #awareness #aftercancer #support #health #happiness #love #roadtorecovery

It's not really a day you can avoid. Bitter sweet. The day the pain ended. The day we all cried. The day I didnt have to try to be strong for anyone else.... went to work that day only to get the call I knew would happen but wasn't ready for. When that black truck pulled off i couldn't feel my legs....... not sure who caught me but thank you. Not sure if I helped my dad or just watched them put a shirt we made for William on. The Cancer Crusher. He wore tjat shirt so proudly. Never stopped living. He still put up shots. Still argued wale, still broke damn raps, still told Che shoot the damn ball. Oh and wore the hell out of some Polo! His body was so cold. Nails were too white. Watching his body change over that time frame....... hard to explain. Just in a space right now. #e4cw #FuckCancer #fckcncr #cancercrusher

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy.

In my opinion, it just means making better choices about your “fun” foods and taking the time to enjoy them without guilt or regret.

That’s why it’s a lifestyle and not a diet.

Chocolate is one of my “must have” foods and these two bars are my go-to choices.

And, dark chocolate is a great anti-oxidant superfood...Bonus! 🤗

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