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One of my favorite shots from the shoot with @rushphotography in Bermagui, NSW ❤
I am wondering.. what do you guys do? For work? Or maybe you are a student? As you might know I am a psychology student (and working as a psychologist) apart from chasing my other dreams 😉 But what do you do? Tell me!
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أتمنى أن تكون زيارتي لمستشفى سنتناري في كانبرا قد بعثت السعادة في قلوب الأطفال، كما أسعدتني. يحمل هذا المكان الكثير من الدفء والطمأنينة، وهو مليء بالابتكار. ونادراً ما رأيت هذا المستوى من السعادة في مستشفى. والشكر هنا للبروفيسور مارغريت ماكلويد التي تقود المستشفى بمهنية عالية، وتهتم بأدق التفاصيل، وتسعى لتقديم الأفضل في مجال رعاية المرضى. ويمكننا، في مدينة دبي الطيبة، تعلم الكثير من البروفيسور ماكلويد. وآمل بأن نتمكن من إنشاء علاقة تعاون بين هذا المستشفى ومستشفى الجليلة من خلال محادثاتنا المتواصلة.
I hope my visit to Canberra's Centenary Hospital did as much for the children as it did for me. This is such a warm and reassuring place, so full of innovation. I have rarely seen such a happy, smiley hospital. Professor Margaret McCloed leads the hospital with such true professionalism, conscious of every detail and striving to offer the very best in patient care. We, at Dubai Healthcare City, can learn from Professor McCloed and I very much hope that we can create a link with the Al Jalila Hospital and continue our conversations.

#CentenaryHospital #Canberra

Humanity Was Here | If you don't know the Greek Island of Lesvos, you should. It is a central entry point for refugees arriving by boat from Turkey. Over 600,000 refugees have passed through the island in the last 18 months. Somewhere in a field on the island is a pile of life jackets, torn rubber rafts, children's floaty devices, shoes and heat blankets. It is a memorial to human desperation and it was the inspiration for this photo. -
-Today, my friend @RenzoGrande is travelling to Lesvos to teach refugees there how to document their life as part of the @24hourproject. The @24hourproject, founded by Renzo, is the largest street photography project in the world. On April 1st, the project invites people to document life and humanity in their city every hour for 24 hours (24 images in total). This year, the project will support @LesvosSolidarity - a volunteer run refugee camp based on the island. As Renzo says, one of the most important things we can do as photographers is "to keep on documenting and sharing the world around us as we see it. The rest will come later." #24hourproject


Fresh chocolate colour 🍫😍
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Once more with sunshine #lakeburleygriffin #canberra

DAILY FLORAL - Today we have Rose, Dahlia, Carnation + Tulip. #thefloralsociety #canberraflorist #dailyfloral #florist #canberra

H1R Culture Clubs' latest team activity took us to the track and we all had an awesome time embracing our inner speed demons.⠀🚦🏎💨

Reigning champ David J once again took home first prize, followed "closely& #34; by David H & Simon⠀

#HorizonOneRecruitment #Recruitment #Recruit #RecruiterLife #Canberra #ACT #Braddon

check out our @facebook page for a link to a virtual tour of @formfitnesshlc by the team at @pursuittech ! Link in bio 😎

Finally at the end of a slow work week! I'm excited to have the weekend off to catch up on a few Sarah things 🙌🏼💐 have a lovely weekend!

Looks like the birds got this pomegranate. When I was a kid we had a big pomegranate bush but I had no idea they were edible things. We used to use them for 'ammunition& #39; to chuck at other kids. Not very friendly even though they were our friends. And the pomegranates were very small. Now I adore them in salads. #pomegranate #kids #kidswillbekids #childhoodmemories #canberra #cbrregion #garden #gardening #forthebirds #cbrmap #sofranksocial #wearecbr #childhood #fruit #memories

When I stopped competing in , I wanted to focus more on bodybuilding. I fell in love with it the very first time I lifted weights for school sport at age 14. As a group fitness instructor & personal trainer, I got the taste for lifting even more so, as well as through sports specific triathlete training - preceding of course power lifting and bodybuilding. 💪
I love how each has provided a different insight into mental/physical strength required and the psychology behind overcoming mental barriers. 😼
Daily triathlon training typically comprised of 4km swim, 2-3 hr ride and 30 min run off the bike - longer if not directly off the bike! Food directly proportionate to training volume! 😂
Now of course training/eating differently to support a sport with vastly different objectives! 😜
Different sports can complement each other; I developed a good mind/muscle connection through swimming - correlating to greater propensity for back development.
Go with your and be free in your mind and training! 💖
. @aliciabondaruk
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