Canary Wharf, you’re a beaut.

My friends are goals, your friends are foes✌🏽

First time attending a session in the Career Masterclass Series on Personal Branding and it was awesome (I’d heard rave reviews). It was so much more than I expected. The first speaker Sanjeev Pathak (Co-Chair of HSBC Embrace network) shared about his career journey. Had I not been at this event, I probably would never know the impact he had on my own career. Many moons ago I got the opportunity to do work experience in the #bbc , before I worked in the corporation and I got to spend some time in @bbcasiannetwork and @bbcradio4. Thanks to #UnsungHeroes like Sanjeev, his work with @bbcasiannetwork positively facilitated for opportunities for me and many others. It was also good to hear from him how @hsbc are making strides to empower and support staff from Black and Minority Ethnic background through their internal staff network @hsbc Embrace.
It’s always good to see and hear other speakers in action and @emiliesarahwest, you did a great job delivering the personal branding masterclass. Even after the event, the practical exercise with the piece of paper was very engaging AND affirming.
Thank you @bukola_adisa for masterminding such a great programme. Great pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to attending more of these events.
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