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Still a sad flower without a home. I have a open day this Saturday.

Little foliage to start the day. Thanks again Erin, it was a pleasure to tattoo another Erin.

Orchid floral shower tattoo from today.

Peaches for the Peachiest. Done @inktegritytattoo

Rose tattoo from this afternoon. Done @inktegritytattoo

Little bouquet with a fish hook for her grandparents.

From yesterday, thanks again for getting this one lady!

Making vampires.
I don't know, possible painting idea.
#ictattoo #immaculateconcepttattoo #vampires #ladyhead #concept #sketch #rough #canadiantattooist

Little flower add on from yesterday!


Still a sad flower without a home. I have a open day this Saturday.

Available, other then the avocado pit, I will be booking for Dec, Jan, email me at erinbeverlylewis@me.com If your looking for the gift of pain this holiday season, come on down and I can help you out. Get some plants and shit 🙏🏻

Some older bird skull flash. Sorry birdy.

A double headed match stick for some gap filler.

Some broken keys, thanks lady.

Herbs and plants for a cool Italian dude! Thanks again!

Flash from a while ago. Thanks lovely :)

Bat hanging from the moon and some berries and flowers. 3rd session, Thank you lovely.

Plenty of flash to go around. If you see something that pops out to you. Don't hesitate, DM or email me at erinbeverlylewis@me.com

Any inquiries for December and January please contact me at erinbeverlylewis@me.com

Little revamp of a cute water colour bird my mom had from years ago from another artist. Done last week. Thank you mom. Love you

One of the matching tulips from cousins today! Thanks again ladies!

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