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Life - Day 2 🖤 @impactwrestling

outfit by @agaci_store #agacigirl #ootd

Words don't do justice in how how happy I am for @alannah_yip 🇨🇦

Alannah is the first Canadian women to advance to an IFSC World Cup final ‼️

With this achievement, she sets so many Canadian records in one feel swoop. Super honoured to coach/watch her in finals 🙏🏼

Live stream in my bio 🔝, starts at 18:00 (GMT + 8), don't miss this history in the making! 🖥

📸 by @seblazure

WARNING: 💩 TALK AHEAD (plus new video link in bio💕)
I got ballsy last night and sent out an email with the subject line: (talkin shit). Because...well...I was "talkin shit". I was poking fun at how people on social media throw around terms like "transparency", "authenticity" or "real talk". When the only thing that seems to be real about them are their REALly beautiful lives🌈.
Within about 10 minutes of sending that email out, I got an angry reply from someone telling me I was unprofessional, disrespectful, etc for using a "cuss" word in my subject line😲.
This was funny to me. Because this is EXACTLY where I think "transparency" and "authenticity" come in. This is how I talk. I'm not trying to be a fancy professional when I'm on social media. I'm trying to be somebody you can relate to. It's when you view people like me as perfect beings that we develop this disconnect. The exact same disconnect that gets you inspired, but holds you back from taking action. I try to speak to you as I would a friend. I want to help you navigate this whole fitness-y space as a friend would, not some fancy pants trainer who thinks they're god's gift to the world. And so I'll do my best to communicate in the same way I would to a friend. Swear words and all. Because that is me. If you don't like it, we don't have to be internet friends🙃👏.

Eggs | Bacon | Sausage | Pancakes | Home Fries | Bagels | (Taster: @falk.g)


Lashkar Karengey Meri Dileri Par Tabsaray,
Mar Kar Bhi Zindagi ki Khabar Choor Jaunga.... #junaidjamshaid #junaid_jamshed #junaidjamshed #shaheedjunaidjamshed #jj #islam #tabligh #pakistan #pakistani #bangladesh #india #canada #usa #uk #saudiarabia #southafrica

Beautiful Tew's Falls. This is how we celebrated Earth Day. Such an incredible day 💜 #earthday #tewsfalls #dundas #hamilton #ontario #hamont #waterfall #canada #earthday2017

Hey #Australia, we are already being featured in your media before we've even launched there!! Rodan+Fields just became THE #1 skincare brand in all of North America across all price points and market channels, we will be #1 globally! We have clinically proven products that are changing and changing lives! Being among the first in country (before we launch Asia) is not something to overthink! Google Rodan+Fields Australia 🇦🇺, do a little research, and then let me answer your specific questions! The days do pre-enroll and dwindling, and the official launch date is May 15th!! There's a reason Harvard Business said we are "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" #globalexpansion #usa #canada #melbourne #sydney #homeofficeinsydney #australialaunch https://www.rodanandfields.com.au/843340

80 % de tous les textiles et tissus, ainsi que toiles et cordages, étaient faits de chanvre avant sa prohibition, en 1938.

Stunning iceberg seen off the east coast of Newfoundland in the small town of Ferryland.
DM us your immigration questions!
#newfoundland #iceberg #canadianliving #canadianimmigration #canadaisamazing🇨🇦 #canada #liveincanada #immigratetocanada 📷 Reuters:Jody Martin

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