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Here's a throwback with @glitch_400

#camwow #slaying #askaboutus

You are the chicken to my nuggets 🍗❣#truzzi #CamWow #dichiarazioniimportanti e #problemiditonalità #honey 🍯

Happyy buuurrddaay to 2 of my best friends @abrahamfriend @kole_hansen love you guys.
Abraham, you da shit. Ima always be lookin out for u & helpin u grow💯 dont grow up too quick tho lil bro, its always a good time when we hit the scene & we gonna go crazy tonight😎 #teamdarkskin 😂
Kole, even tho we dont hangout too much anymore, u always gonna be my best white friend😌. We made some good ass memories thats gonna stick wit me forever, thanks for bein a good friend. "Im only 19" #camwow 😂

I'm actually crying in the club rn because my best friend forever/actual soulmate leaves for college in a few short hours??? I swear we're still in seventh grade passing notes to each other from the next desk & buying matching shirts at hollister~~ Athens isn't ready for what it has coming, I love you with all my heart and then some e baby!!!❤❤❤❤❤ #bananasmile #camwow #thephantomtollbooth

Happy birthday Gara!!! I hope your day isnt as shitty as this picture #camwow #fortheiphone

#CamWow kk haha e noix galera 😘✌✌

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. ♡
#nofilter #camwow #iphone #cateye #eyeliner


Girls hyped me up to post. Thought I looked cute. Might delete later :* #sosixth #camwow

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