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Camp Rock 2🎤
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Att; E💖

Coreografía: #CantBackDown de #CampRock2 #danceforlife #danceforever #dance falta mejorar💃🎶😛💪

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
Song: Introducing Me by Nick Jonas
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Demi nin hep ayakkabı sorunu oldu. Ne tür ayakkabı giyerse giysin demi düşmezse bende Ece değilim... @nickjonas @demisbatman @devonnebydemi @joejonas @ddlovato #camprock #camprock2

That time when Connect 3 got in a bit of trouble. #CampRock2 #100DCOMs

😱 Can you believe how young Selena and Demi look?! Catch @DdLovato in #CampRock2 tomorrow and with @SelenaGomez in #PrincessProtectionProgramme on Wednesday @ 7pm!

We're face to face, but don't see eye to eye✨💭🎶 #camprock2 #piano #12years

We love #camprock, which was superior to the dumbed-down #camprock2. #applefritters


This is the kinda wackiness that happens when the #JolyKids stay up pass bed time... #camprock2 #crazykids #ignorethelaundry

Can't back down//Demi Lovato+ The Jonas brothers+ A bunch of other people. #throwback #camprock2 #demilovato #thejonasbrothers #cantbackdown #singing #pleaselike #notice #share

is sick..
hey heartbears 🐻💓how's your week? had a great week. on Thursday, the 'Why' video came out and I'm still shook 😍also, I went to see Cars 3! ik it's sounds childish and boyish but like it's Disney and since I grew up watching Cars (cause of my lil brother)I freaked it. my absolute fave part {dw it won't spoil it} was there was this ONE car that had a proper British accent and reminds me of Draco Malfoy. why? well he said something like 'oh my grandfather told me about this' I'm like hsjhxjsj. I bet a ton of people are like 'wth is going on with her!' anyway, the GMW cast went to see Sab on De-Tour. omgOSh! and the Sorry Not Sorry is a hit. i love it. {hope you guys read that 😂}
#qotd: have you guys gone to any of the De-tour concerts?
#aotd; nopee

I always get so emotional when I hear Demi's songs and I don't know why👑
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"This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light
Shine on me
Now I found
Who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me" 🎶🎤
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Gosh!!! Their Eyelocks were soo cute♥ We need #camprock3
@ddlovato @joejonas #camprock #camprock2

Two months ago, I watched four #DisneyChannelOriginalMovies: High School Musical, Teen Beach Movie, Descendants, and Camp Rock. It was around the time HSM came out that I started watching DCOMs, and because Descendants 2 was happening this summer, I decided to watch those four movies, and then, later on, when Descendants 2 was even closer, I would watch each one of it sequels. It was last week or so that I decided to rewatch #CampRock2 #TheFinalJam and #TeenBeach2, and I happen to enjoy them both equally. I don't enjoy one more than the other because both are okay movies for me, and I don't see myself rewatching any of these. Camp Rock 2 is okay. A successful DCOM usually means a sequel, and while I find the original and the sequel okay, I always had a problem regarding how those movies relied much on the star power the Jonas Brothers had (it was funny how their band on the movie truly didn't seem famous at all... you would think if a famous band attended a summer camp people would wanna go there and not to that other camp, but whatever). As for Teen Beach 2, I think it was okay too. I think that this movie was more consistent to the original, still poking fun at the musical genre while changing many of its tropes... the empowerment they gave to Lela's character was very enjoyable and that is the one way I think the sequel improved on the original. Both of these movies, like every #DCOM I have seen, are guilty pleasures of mine... the tunes are very catchy and they are an overall fun time, but I do recommend much more Teen Beach Movie and its sequel or just the first Camp Rock movie

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