We camped out at a place called Fort Bedmar for a few days, just on the Belgian-Netherlands border. We thought “let’s camp to get used to living in the van, ease ourselves in”. Wrong. Stressful! Setting up in 35 degree heat. Packing up after torrential rains. Nothing easy about it. It’d be easier to just stop on the side of the road. But the site had space, a pool, showers and a washing machine, a cafeteria, activities, playgrounds, and kids for mine to play with. I’d recommend the site for sure! 🌞

Die Semois bei Chiny, Belgien
Ein wunderbar idyllischer Fluss, ab Chiny ist er paddelbar. Keine Strassen, viel Ruhe und jede Menge Vögel.
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Descanso merecido 🙌🏻

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