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Another hot one; love it #campingwithdogs #campingtrip #campingbc

On our blog, find out how @pavelfrancev joins backpacking and fishing as the perfect duo! #gofishbc #fishingbc #campingbc #explorebc

Girls only camping got us all like 🙌🏽 #BoobsAndBooze #GirlPower #CampingBC

Thankful to have survived the Juan de Fuca trail! Thankful for @call.it.a.dey and her patience and encouragement. Thankful for @navabear12 for seeing us off and welcoming us back with fruit and chips. ... Day 1[14km]: Beach excursions, realizing "I'm out of my league", reading the leaf omens for what lays ahead, "yo, bears" to the two munching on berries, recurring layers of sweat on everything, making a Steller's Jay friend

Day 2[12km]: My hatred for stairs reinforced by tree root and stone steps, fearing actual death, foot wide paths at the top of steep hills, jagged mud traps at the edge of 40ft cliff drops into the ocean, channeling Mountain Goat skills, crying on a ledge looking upwards not down, belting Journey in the eerie forest depths, mooning the wilderness, washing off sweat, tears and dust, down climbing into the ocean with a head lamp, hanging my food from a tree branch, leveling up my body's ability to survive that day and continue my life

Day 3[11km]: Climbing and down-climbing sky scraper hills, encountering grumpy chipmunks, embracing the distance travelled, sitting in the ocean with the hermit crabs

Day 4 [9km]: Excitement over the last leg being the end, feeling lighter, submerging myself in the freezing ocean, washing my hair under a waterfall ... Mad respect to the seasoned and novice hiker/campers who take on these trails and their like.

#trailhiking #campingbc #wilderness #juandefook #vancouverisland

Swimming lessons for this shy guy Bring him in deep, make him swim back 😂Totally invigorated after tho 🐾🐟 #winecountry #sunshinechaser #pibbles #campingBC #beautifulbc

Hiking the Cowichan river trail #cowichanvalley #campingbc #explorebc


It’s here!! The Klub Kal Calendar of event for the 2018 season. Stay tuned for some extra events this coming season!! #klubkal #familyfun2018 #campingbc

A little heat needed in the Mountains 🗻

Photo 📸 @miraecampbell

Wishing i was out fishing with this lil guy

Can’t wait to #camp in the snow again! @w8_wot_m8 ❄️☃️☀️

What is your favorite part about camping? For some it is sitting around a campfire, perhaps a favorite beverage, and great company. I bet there have been great conversations around this firepit.

If you look closely you will see a strange creature. And also a duck.

Doesn't this river look inviting! We thought so too, so we took a walk through it. The ice cold glacier water didn't hold @IJsmat back also diving in... Sept-2017 #BeaverRiverRecreationSite #beaverriver #McBride #BC #campingBC #Canada #campingCanada #Olympus #OlympusOMD1 #OlympusCamera #mzuiko1240mm #olympus1240pro #mirrorless #OlympusFotografenNL

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