For the next days it's just me, Sonja, travelling around 👋
Peet is in the Netherlands at his parents, so it's just me and #hugothevan 🚐

For the past year we've spent pretty much 24/7 together. Working in the same places, living in our #tinyhome and doing almost everything together, so we decided to have few days just for ourselves. Peet is seeing his friends and family and doing his stuff and I'm exploring a bit on my own and enjoying the weird concept of space in hugo 😅

Connect to earth, connect with nature. Such a beautiful and powerful statue in China! 🌿

The first stop on my US road trip was North Carolina at Hanging Rock State Park
When Tuney and I arrived it was 45 degree 😬 so I made a fire and we cuddled around it
The next night it was 32 and it was supposed to snow ❄️😳
The bus has a heater BUT only with electric hookup which I didn’t have
Instead of freezing out the night, we Called an audible and drove 3 hrs to South Carolina
Can you believe it was 70 degrees when I arrived there, just 3 hours away 🙌 🏖
I hope the restoration efforts are quick for the Carolinas because these are two amazing states that I love visiting 🙏

A man, his van. A smile with some miles. Seeing the country the best way he can. Last week on #gooseberrymessa outside of #zionnationalpark —————————————————
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The Bus Life is not always a fun adventure! Yeye is a slow bus, we took the wrong turn and got stacked on a hill in Adelaide.⛰ It was quite stressful. We had to stop the traffic, Yeye nearly fell over because of the inclination and finally, we had to call a tow truck. Breakdowns are never fun but they are part of the Bus Life 🤷‍♀️ #homeonwheels #Australia.
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Encore une semaine avant le dernière visite chez le vétérinaire et nous pourrons enfin quitter la Roumanie !!! 😅
Après la Norvège c'est le pays où nous sommes restés le plus longtemps, il nous tarde de reprendre la route vers de nouvelles destinations !!
Nous repasserons par la Hongrie pour arriver en Croatie ! 🇭🇷
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Hey 600 of you! Thanks for tagging along on this crazy adventure of ours! We are Thijs and Florine, two thirtysomething lovers with a passion for hiking, whisky and making up our own weird songs as we go. Last year we sold our house, quit our jobs and rebuild a 2010 Renault Master to our cosy new home. The last four months we had the most beautiful summer in the UK, WWOOFing, making new friends, getting to know this wonderfull life that is #vanlife (with all it's UPS and downs) and we're still adventuring in (although less sunny now) Scotland as we speak! In a month or two we'll head back to the Netherlands for a few weeks to prepare ourselves for an adventure within an adventure: an around the world ticket that will bring us to the US, Hawaii, Japan, Phillipines and Australia! Tell us something about yourselves! .
Hoi 600 volgers! Wat gezellig dat jullie dit gekke avontuur met ons meebeleven! Wij zijn Thijs en Florine, twee verliefde dertigers met een passie voor hiken, whisky en zelfverzonnen liedjes. Afgelopen jaar verkochten we ons huis, zegden we onze baan op en verbouwden we een Renault Master uit 2010 tot ons nieuwe huis. De afgelopen vier maanden vierden we de allermooiste zomer in Engeland; WWOOFing, nieuwe vrienden maken, gewend raken aan het wonen in een bus (met alle ups and downs) en momenteel zijn we in (het beduidend minder zonnige 😅) Schotland! Over een paar maanden keren we terug naar Nederland om ons voor te bereiden op ons avontuur-in-een-avontuur: een around the world ticket dat ons naar Amerika, Hawaii, Japan, de Fillipijnen en Australië zal brengen! Ieh! En jullie, wie zijn jullie?

Fall is almost here. 😳 Are you excited for it? ...or sad to see summer go? I’m definitely a mix of both.
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Via: @missholldoll
Thank you so much!!!

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