Campfire time is always fun...but it's never been this comfy before!
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A little bit of bushcraft while resting the legs. #bushcraft #hunting #campchair

Nothing beats sitting by the campfire. Don’t forget to bring your Adventure Kings camp chair to stay ultra-comfy! #adventurekings #campfire #campchair #relax

Jay- the diva dog whisperer (or is it just @babynotpaychq burrito 🤔)

Started believing in myself more and Good things started flowing in. All I'm trying to do is help grow the industry and it's true you have to be accepted outside before they can accept you at home. I'm just getting started and putting all my energy into this. It's okay to call me Castro, Mgwami or Carrency when you see me as long you believe and support what I'm trying to Achieve here and there, trust me I will get what I want no matter what it takes.
Camp Chair was produced by Malibongwe Manana aka Kangaroo, a very talented brother of mine. Yes the song was made in eSwatini and composed by myself. The quality is there for everyone to hear.
Camp Chair Music is done and dropping on the 26 of October and it was directed and shot by Mzwandile aka Kwenu through Motion Skies Pictures, a very talented brother again. Now the quality is also non debatable eSwatini should be proud there is amazing movement on our Swati soil.
A Swati music platform CULO is also doing the most in helping us reach the Swati masses in the most easiest way and the traffic there is growing everyday.
A big thank you to everyone playing and sharing the song not forgetting our national radio EBIS and eSwatini TV for that Kusile breakfast interview.
You can get the song on www.umculo.net ,, SLikour on Life,, Reverbnation - Carrency,, YouTube channel carrencyjazz10.
iTunes getting the song soon.
You can check my insta profile for the link.
I'm not taking eSwatini to the world but I'm bringing the world to eSwatini.
📸 @motionskiespictures

Our chair has been immensely popular, so much so it sold out, but it’s now back in stock and ready to redefine your comfort in such a small and easy package!!

This is the life!

Cool air and fires running through our hearts ♥️ this time of year! #joeychair #travelchair #campchair #buffaloplaid #rocksolid #buffaloplaidobsessed #buffaloplaidforthewin

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Sometimes all you can do is sit and stare at perfection! While having a brake issue along side the highway I sat down in my camp chair waiting for parts to arrive...admiring this little machine! VW nailed it! The “first” crew/double cabs = the “best” double cabs!

When your camping chair is more comfortable than the meeting room chair 😂

#adventurekingsph #campchair

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