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As you'll know if you follow me @stylemesunday, I'm a big believer in being body positive. #CampBestival is the perfect excuse to go wild, dress up and not care about what anyone else thinks. So if you've always wanted to relive your 90's hot pant days go ahead and wear them with pride. Even if you are a mum (or a dad) with 6 kids trailing behind you. Anything goes dress wise at CB. You'll be seeing me wildly dancing embarrassing my kids like only a parent knows how. ✨ #CBTakeover

Not going to lie. I had a few of these jam jar cocktails today. Well how else do you suggest blocking out the rain?! Also did a bit of dancing to No Diggity and The Shamen with @brummymummyof2 so I call that a good Saturday. #campbestival .
#capturingcolour #familytravelmoment #colourinmysquare #myunicornlife

A special Rob da Bank-sized tee for the man himself. He thinks they'll suit the kids better, but we think he's rocking it!
Here's @robdabank1973 and our Head of Design, Emma. The designs are a result of the Camp Bestival and FatFace creative minds getting together with a load of vintage band graphics for inspiration, in line with the festival's #popstarsandrockstars theme this year! 🎀🎸
#campbestival #festival #popstarsandrockstars #kidswear #festivalstyle

Guaranteed to be an enclave of enlightenment throughout the weekend, The Literary Institute is #CampBestival’s oasis of inspiration offering insight and entertainment! Feed your brains with @scummymummies, @jackdaverooke, Bryony Kimmings, Bedtime Stories with the Famous Five, The Satin Lizard Lounge curated by @scroobiuspipyo and so much more! Link in profile.

How to make a DIY Rock Guitar for #CampBestival by @finlay_fox! Some epic fancy dress inspiration! 🎸🎸🎸Link to the tutorial in our biog!

#dresslikeamumatafestival @thisisrosabloom πŸ’ƒπŸΌ (no time for a caption got to go and DANCE πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ˜œ) #campbestival #dresslikeamum #partylikeamum

Absolute madness on the Castle Stage with @dickanddom1996! #CampBestival

Circus Raj in the Castle Field! #CampBestival

Peace & unity. #CampBestival


camp bestival. β™‘πŸ•Š
always together, never apart.
maybe in distance, never in heart. 🌎✈️
this goes out to the amazing people who i met at camp bestival including;
holly (my twin!) @babemillss, becca (smol bean!) @maxandharvey_fan_forever, sophie (the most hyper person i've ever met!πŸ˜‚) @soph_mills_frampton & mia (my rave buddy!) @max.harvey.mills.fan. i'm so sorry for how late this post is but i just wanted to post to show how much i appreciate you all, thank you for the best weekend of my life! also, here's to the boys who brought us all together (my favourite twins in the entire world) @maxandharveyofficial, i'm forever grateful for you two giving me these opportunities to make such amazing friends (which i did!) & i'm so so happy to say that i've now met you both twice. through this account i've met so many amazing people, it'd be a dream come true to meet each and every single one of my internet friends butttt, for now i'm beyond grateful to have met the ones i have. i honestly thought i wouldn't fit in at camp bestival, i thought i would be the odd one out but it turns out that i met the sweetest, kindest and most caring girls in the world. the second we all started talking it felt as if i had known you all my entire life, its crazy. through camp bestival, i made amazing friendships, had the best time ever, met my idols & also, met my soulmates. thank you all for accepting me, for who i am. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!πŸ’“πŸŒŽ
#maxandharvey #campbestival #maxandharveyedits #maxandharveymills

Sunday at @boomtownfairofficial was extra special for me because a) I'd finished work so could get drunk properly, and b) it was this gorgeous girl's birthday! We threw glitter over each other, saw my favourite @frankturner, and danced through the night! Happy birthday Marie! 😘 #glitterqueens #festivalbirthday #boomtown #boomtownfair

Shall we or not..........
Trying to decide if we should book for @campbestival 2018???? We made some great memories, even in the mud. I need your vote, yay or nay?

Reminiscing of last years @campbestival with my favourite girls!!! Good vibes and good friends is what life is all about. Such a great time.... festival blog coming soon. #campbestival #campbestivalphotography #goodtimes #festival #festivalwithkids #funfunfun #girlsjustwanttohavefun

Probably one of my favourite ever pictures... Ruby in her absolute element at Camp Bestival last year πŸ’™βœŒπŸΌ#rubytuesday #campbestival #festival #love #freespirit #dancing

Gutted we've not got any festivals on with the kids this year, the kids loved Camp Bestival last year. #festivalkids #campbestival

Boomtown squad! Loved hanging out with these guys in my downtime. Wild West is one of my favourite areas too. 🐎🀠 #boomtown #boomtownfair #squad

My dream for next year is to be a #boomtownbobbie... stop that! Don't you know joy is illegal? πŸ˜πŸš”πŸš¨@boomtownbobbies #boomtown #boomtownfair #everythingisillegal

RepostBy @johummelnewell: "Thankyou cardboard castle team for a brilliant @campbestival 2017 @chrisjenkinsartist @littlejoyjeweller @matthewchambers_ Vicky Tom and Tom and Tim and our lovely muddy kids! And @aceagrams Next stop - Arnolfini Bristol with @theotherartfair #cardboardcastle #campbestival #weloverain #installation #artscouncil #temporaryinstallation #democratic #art" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

RepostBy @littlejoyjeweller: "Flashback from last Sunday 🌈#cardboardcastle #campbestival @foalarts" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

RepostBy @theotherartfair: "@aceagrams supported project, Cardboard Castle invites Fair visitors to get messy decorating towering castles built from willow and reclaimed cardboard. Take part at The Other Art Fair Bristol on 1-3 September! @johummelnewell @chrisjenkinsartist #TheOtherArtFair #TheOtherArtFairBristol #CardboardCastle #CampBestival2017 #CampBestival" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

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