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Camille Henrot "If wishes were horses" opening tonight at @kunsthallewien #camillehenrot #kunsthallewien #wien #austria #soloshow

Kamel Mennour @ Art Basel Hong Kong opening 🇭🇰 #leeufan #camillehenrot #anishkapoor #artbaselhongkong2017 #kamelmennour

Arrgh. I want to make a fresco! These are great!! So many different ways of drawing on the surface. #camillehenrot "11 Animals That Mate For Life" @metro_pictures

Camille Henrot's 11 Animals that mate for life at #castellodirivoli #camillehenrot #11animalsthatmate4life 👯

bissl beine hochlegen mit Camille Henrot's bronze
Contrology, 2016

Fireside tonight @ Carlos Place store🔥 #bettywoodman #joansemmel #camillehenrot

Soft & Hard. Aggressive & Caring. Sadistic & Masochistic. Join Luca Lo Pinto tomorrow, 6 pm on a #curatorstour through Camille Henrot’s solo show, where he will tell you all about the binary structures and struggles that permeate Henrot’s work. #Henrot #CamilleHenrot (Link in bio)

Love this sculpture by #CamilleHenrot - Insatiable Europe


It's such an honor to be in a group show @metro_pictures and with Cindy Sherman!
If you are in New York this Thursday, please come by and say hi!

As a part of CONDO Complex New York, a gallery swap between New York galleries and national and international partners, Metro Pictures hosts @leoxuprojects ’s two-part exhibition A New Ballardian Vision. The show brings together a selection of works that reflect recent social, technological and environmental developments through the lens of author J.G. Ballard’s (1930–2009) writings. Xu conceived the exhibition as two distinct chapters; the first features Metro Pictures artists #NinaBeier, #CamilleHenrot, #MartinKippenberger, #OliverLaric, #RobertLongo, #TrevorPaglen, #JimShaw and #CindySherman. The second chapter focuses on a younger generation of Chinese artists represented by Leo Xu Projects, including @aaajiao , @chenweichenwei , @chengranchengran , @cuijie83 , @freeliq , @shiyuanliu and Pixy Liao.

Poster image is Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled #178” (1987). #JGBallard #condonewyork #leoxuprojects #metropictures

Just clicked with a clip picked up from last year's show. "In the beginning there was no earth, no water - nothing. There was a single hill called Nunne Chaha.
In the beginning everything was dead.
In the beginning there was nothing; nothing at all. No light, no life, no movement no breath.
In the beginning there was an immense unit of energy.
In the beginning there was nothing but shadow and only darkness and water and the great God Bumba.
In the beginning were quantum fluctuations." Excerpt from Grosse Fatigue. Camille Henrot, 2013.
Photo irrelevant to the artwork #CamilleHenrot #yuzshanghai

The tarot I Will Go There Where I Don’t Belong unveils a zoomorphic universe by #CamilleHenrot. A fantastic undersea world where animals, humans and humans-animals alternate themselves amidst waves and hieroglyphs, engaged in positions which alternatively recall either yoga or the Kamasutra philosophy. The witch ladder by #MariaLoboda is fluctuating within this scenery: a sequence of spells knotted in between pheasant feathers and an old rope, enchantments which can be lifted only when all is thrown in the water. As it hangs from the upper arm of a creature, half woman half bird, will the ladder lose its powers in this unique sea? Or will it rather experience a catharsis? Either direction we climb it, the point of arrival might actually be the same. What the card might suggest is that we leave ourselves to be transported by the waves, and in doing so we open up space for new imageries.

We wish to our readers to go with flow.

"Is it possible to be a revolutionary and love flowers?" ~ #camillehenrot #flowers #revolutionary #pleasure

Happy birthday Camille Henrot !! Can’t wait to see your show at the Palais de Tokyo in october ✨✨✨ #camillehenrot #birthday #souvenir #seeyousoon #carteblanche

Happy Fathers Day, especially to all you new dads!! Hang in there! #camillehenrot @metro_pictures

Tonight @artbasel comes to an end. Make sure to pay us a visit at our last fair day at Booth L6 in Hall 2.1.
Pictured here are works by Anselm Reyle, Erwin Wurm, Katharina Grosse, Rinus Van de Velde, Tatiana Trouvé and Camille Henrot.
#koeniggalerie #artbasel2017 #katharinagrosse #anselmreyle #erwinwurm #rinusvandevelde #camillehenrot

"The Man Who Understands Animal Speech Will Be Pope" #CamilleHenrot #artbasel #artbasel2017 #switzerland

In 2016 Camille Henrot was invited by Fondazione Memmo for a solo show curated by @cloeperrone. Now her works are visible @kamelmennour gallery, an amazing group show with Alberto Giacometti, Lee Ufan, Martial Raysse. Can't miss it if you're in Paris, until July 3rd! @coelocanthe

#camillehenrot #fondazionememmo #contemporaryart #contemporary #art #artist #monday #paris #artnews #artinparis


A still bright current editing - clear cut ⚡️

Camille Henrot 'Overwrought Little College Girl' @metro_pictures at Art Basel #camillehenrot

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