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congratulations #camillehenrot @coelocanthe for such a grand #carteblanche in the @palaisdetokyo

Sage - Time Never Lies 🎶
Jusqu’en janvier, le @palaisdetokyo a donné carte blanche à #CamilleHenrot pour une exposition qui invite les visiteurs à se questionner sur le rapport au temps, aux autorités ou encore à l’hyperconnectivité 🕊

Opening tonight @palaisdetokyo Paris: #CamilleHenrot, ‘Days are Dogs’, the artist’s expansive, intriguing ‘Carte Blanche’ exhibition, which also includes work by #JacobBromberg, #DavidHorovitz, #MariaLoboda, #NancyLupo, #SamaraScott and #AverySinger. Here: Camille Henrot, ‘Wait What’, 2017; Samara Scott, ‘Grounds’, 2017; Maria Loboda, ‘The Evolution of Kings’ 2017.

"Carte blanche" to Camille Henrot
Days are Dogs
Palais de Tokyo
Titled “Days are Dogs”, Henrot’s exhibition questions the relationships of authority and fiction that determine our existence, and is organized around one of the most foundational structures in our lives – the week.

Years are measured by the journey of the Earth around the Sun; months derive from the position of the Moon; days correspond to a rotation of the Earth. The week, by contrast, is a fiction, a human invention. Yet that does not diminish its emotional and psychological effects. We experience it as a narrative cycle, structured by the particular qualities of its component days.

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No more blues! First night in Paris full of blurry happy moments #alikazma > #camillehenrot > #retrouvailles


👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #CamilleHenrot

“Camille Henrot: Days are Dogs” is now on view at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The major exhibition is organized around the days of the week, with each gallery evoking a specific day and the emotional and psychological effects associated with it. Above, an installation view of Tuesday. #CamilleHenrot @PalaisDeTokyo. Photo: Aurélien Mole.

Sacrilège ? Ou bien ... Business Man Tout Terrain ?
Chacun voit midi à sa porte 😆
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#daysaredogs #camillehenrot

Sunday, home is where I stay/ inside a sublime disarray. Monday overflows my head/ with dreams too fat to leave the bed. It’s Tuesday I go off to war/ whispering beneath the roar. That Wednesday echoes all around/ till Thursday orders it be drowned. Friday, I hunt love down with charm/ and mirrors to fill my empty arms. Saturday is as ever was/ I look beyond, between, because/ the promise of utopias/ proves I can carry on/ and shall. @cycoart Camille Henrot #camillehenrot #exhibition “The week is a fiction, a human invention...” @palaisdetokyo #palaisdetokyo #inspiration à Paris

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