When its all said and done it was worth it there's no other species of fish I'd rather fish for than trout #nauitlusreels #hatchreels #escapetoblueridge #drophookflyjunkie #drophookapp #wadeforit #trueflysupply #meatmarketflies #filthyflies #streamerjunkie #camflyco

Little head, big shouldered streamer eater 👌🏻

@flyfishingwithteej Is pretty legit on the camera 📷AND a cool dude to hang out and fish with!

Perfect Weber Brown 👌🏻

Keys to a great streamer morning. Wake up at 3:45, put in 29 ish thousand steps by lunch, sort some smaller fish, and then good things start to happen!

Dinged up nose but morning streamer eater ✔️ lost a real big boy but know where to find him next time!

A Weber River Brown Trout. Also, new 801 Fly Fishing 7 panel hats and SPF 30 sun shirts will be in the shop soon. Happy early Summer fishing Utah 👍🏻

Couple Snakey Browns from an early afternoon streamer chuck

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