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~ The Evil Queen ~
She's is the Queen who want to be Beautiful than ever , but her heart is Evil like her Name everybody scared of her by her powerful power
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Es wird spannend! Mit wem werdet ihr euch DESCENDANTS 2 am 04. November im Disney Channel anschauen? ⠀

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Dream big✨

Finn Wolfhard — the 14-year-old actor who is having a banner year hot off the success of blockbuster It and the imminent release of season two of the Netflix phenom Stranger Things — has parted ways with APA and agent Tyler Grasham.

The move comes as Grasham is facing a string of claims that he sexually assaulted or acted inappropriately with young aspiring male actors, including actor-turned-filmmaker Blaise Godbe Lipman.

Blaise Lipman: He ordered me a drink. I said I was 17. He said don't be rude, this is business, this is how things are done. I didn't know better. He got me drunk, etc etc etc. SUCH A TIRED CLICHE. ... He's still at APA representing tons of young talent, using a position of power to coerce young boys. Like [Harvey] Weinstein, everyone knows." After sharing the post, Lipman tells THR that he received a "poke" on Facebook from Grasham despite the fact that they are not connected on the social media platform. The move prompted Lipman to post additional details and the name of the man he claims assaulted him.

The second post detailed the alleged "sexual assault at the hands of a man in a position of power in the entertainment industry," who he says "fed me alcohol while I was underage and sexually assaulted me." He added that after the alleged incident took place, and Lipman rejected him, Grasham would "have his friends drunkenly call me and berate me," in addition to orchestrating a smear campaign of sorts to damage his reputation and "out" him (Lipman, who is gay, was not out at the time.) "I didn't do anything at the time. I was young and desperately wanted acceptance within the industry," he wrote.
Lucas Ozarowski, shared details with THRof an interaction he had with Grasham in January 2016. "Tyler was trying to get me highly intoxicated. Buying me drink after drink. Eventually I had to start leaving them in the bathroom to avoid suspicion," he claims, in a message sent to THR. Later than night, he alleges that, "Tyler reaches over and shoves his hand aggressively down my front pants and grabs my genitalia. I forcibly rip his hand out get up, tell him 'That was highly inappropriate' and leave his home."

we been knew chlo
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What Ya Think? 🤔🌸
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hey guys! after a really long time of inactivity i decided to finally post something. anyways enjoy this theme 100 percent inspired by @rowanblanchard.jpg :) [by the way i'm still posting mechi but mostly dove!]

The raw Fotoshooting 🔥
▶Your fifth emojie is Your reaction when You See @thecameronboyce
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Q:Luke or Carlos?
▶Both are fantastic, what do You think?
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Cameron and Dove singing! I would love to see Carlos singing a lil bit more in Descendants 3. A duet with Jane or Jay would be amaaaazing😂💕 @thecameronboyce @dovecameron @sofiacarson @peaks.and.pines @brennadamico @disneydescendants #cameronboyce #thecameronboyce #dovecameron #descendants2

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