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the creamiest espresso gelato filled with the darkest chocolate chunks was absolute #meltinyourmouth goodness 😝 check out the blog for more on #dinedowntownsac 🍴

Silky noodles, nice spice kick but a bit too oily for my liking.

Is it 5 o’clock yet? I haven’t left my house in over 24hrs but I’m getting ready to venture out and take the Meems on a walk 🐾 Reminiscing on last week’s patio weather and happy hour with @atasteofkoko. We checked out @yuyoaustin and I loved all the Japanese influenced dishes. So light and fresh! I had no idea how much Japanese cuisine has influenced Peruvian food. That’s your fun fact of the day 🙌

BBQ cookies accompanied by BBQ fried rice and BBQ torta because there’s no such thing as overeating meat 😜

Salivating as I write up my post on @juan.redfern. Stay tuned guys! 🍛🍚👌

In flatbread, we crust.

Yesterday’s ice soy latte w/ panela syrup in a syringe (thought we were over the syringe thing?) Novelty aside, coffee was excellent and a very generous serve ☕️ (food was👌)

Our grilled Chorizo plate with garbanzos and chimichurri are quite the hit, come see why! Don’t forget we have Flamenco on Sunday night, we have two seatings, give us a call (phone in profile) to get your reservation in.

Spent too much time taking photos of food instead of ourselves at dinner so we took a selfie on the street...#asians #toko #cameraseatfirst #teampixel #25

Starting tomorrow: our Cran-Apple Maple Sour cocktail is $2 off! It’s made with apple infused vodka, cranberry liqueur, and lemon 🤗 Just in time for the weekend!

My new favourite @boon_cafe
Century egg noodles! 🍳🍜
So good I’ve recruited a group to eat this again tmr!

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