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Today in my stories I posted a question about how you use Instagram. Do you prefer seeing beautiful photos and getting inspiration while keeping it light or do you like people using this as visual blog and being real?⠀

The dm conversations I’ve been having are so illuminating!! I definitely want to bring this out here so we can all talk together. ⠀

Personally I love using Instagram for both purposes. I will like your latte photo SO hard but I won’t really engage. I am DESPERATE for engagement. I want depth and people being real. THAT I will engage with. ⠀

When did we get so weird about seeing each other? When did it become about only beautiful photos? My friend Kaira was lamenting about not getting to engage with words anymore. She’s right, we’ve gotten so used to just scrolling all day we don’t stop or remember to go back and comment on someone’s post. Just heart it and keep going.⠀

That NEED IT NOW stimulation is overwhelming. How can we fix this? Personally, I did an unfollow detox until I was back at zero people. Slowly I am adding back people I adore and who I actually want to interact with. It’s such a relief to log on and not feel overwhelmed. There was so much noise on my feed before. Now I AM being mindful and commenting (not with just emojis!) and engaging. ⠀

I would LOVE for my page to be a place for everyone to interact again. To have a real community where we can just gab, meet new awesome people and truly connect with the friends we already have. ⠀

I am so grateful to have YOU here. ⠀
Please COMMENT below and tell me how you like Instagram. Do you keep it light? Like getting real? Want to learn about things or meet new people?

Funny ladies - thanks for a great night. #cameraonecameratwo

Ancient Chinese secret huh?

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One last picture of my little turkey!🤗 Love my Princess Sofia👸🏻💕 #AuntTelly #FamilyYall #cameraonecameratwo @evetteaguilera

I have to give myself credit for cracking myself up ...hahahaha...! In Perth, doing a few pieces to camera before addressing the audience! - talking about why is so important not to fall in love with your ideas... #cameraonecameratwo #flowerdecor

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