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• Hey Daddy, can I have what ever I want, where ever I want, errryytime? @bbenharvey *daddy Shakes head yes yes yes* Yeh, that's what I thought 😎#wrappedaroundherfinger #dontforgetdads #CANTEVENHANDLETHISSS #weneedtenmorebabies

For those of you who are newer around here, you may not know that I was never supposed to have biological children because of my cancer and the chemo I was given as a teenager. I am ashamed to admit that I sometimes take it for granted that I was blessed with all these beautiful children. But I really am thankful for each one of them 💗 What a crazy, loud, chaotic, stressful, beautiful, fun, amazing life I've been given! #robertskidsgroupshot

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Archie may appear angelic on Instagram, but he isn't always in real life -most specifically when we are grocery shopping. "Total Mayhem" are the best words I can use to describe the experience 😩. To save my sanity and avoid being permanently banished from our favourite grocery store, we've signed up for online shopping and home delivery with @saveonfoods. We've been doing this for the past month or so and it's already a game changer. The food is always at the same prices as found in store. We opt for delivery for a small fee (first delivery is free!), but a no-fee pick up is also an option. I can't say enough about how easy this service is and how much not having to physically enter the grocery store has improved our entire grocery shopping experience! DM if you're looking to give online shopping with Save-On a try and need some pointers. I'm getting to be somewhat of a pro at this 😊. Save-On-Foods shops so you don't have to! (And if you can get your kid and dogs to put your groceries away for you, then you've really got it made 😂) #ad #sponsored #SaveOnFoods #BacktoSchool #FastEasyFresh

My hands have been busy moving across the keyboard all week and viola! Not only are we officially in Halloween mode over here, but chapter 1 to my first Novelett is alive! 👻

Each week through the end of October, I'll release a chapter of this thriller novelette. Happy reading! (Link in bio)

Two weeks ago was my best friends wedding in vancouver. Our friendship is 15 years old but its much deeper than its age. It was somehow hard to travel there being nearly 7 month pregnant and having two toddlers, but it was worth it. Now we are back with lots of unforgettable memories. My two cuties with their wedding outfits are just killing me.

دوستم سوزان رو از اول دبيرستان مى شناسم، ١٥ سالى مى شه كه دوستيم، ولى عمق دوستيمون بيشتر از اين حرفاست. ونكوورزندگى مى كنه، دوهفته پيش عروسيش بود. با باردارى و دو تا وروجك رفتن واقعاً سخت بود ولى مگه مى شه عروسى بهترين دوستت باشه و نرى. رفتيم و با كلى خاطرات خوب برگشتيم. اين هم وروجكا كه تيپ زده بودن واسه عروسى خاله سوزانشون.

🌸🌸🌸🌸SORTEO 🌸🌸🌸🌸
¿Quieres un CABALLITO BALANCÍN como el de babyEric ?

Pues es muy fácil 👍🏼tenéis que :

1- 🌸Ser seguidores de @sweetcarolblog y de @eurekakids_official en Instagram

2-🌸Comentar la foto invitando a 3 amigos (no valen empresas, influencers o public figures)

3-🌸Se puede participar en múltiples ocasiones siempre y cuando se nombren a amigos diferentes cada vez.

4- 🌸Duración del concurso: Desde el día 24 de septiembre hasta el 01 de octubre a las 23:59h.

5-Se anunciará al ganador del concurso en el mismo post entre 24 y 48 horas después de que termine la fecha límite.

6-Ámbito de la promoción: España, Portugal y Andorra.
Y mucha suerte 🍀🍀🍀🍀
#babyphotography #babyroom #playroom #caballitobalancin #toyslagram

Karna mama ngga bisa tidur padahal uda anteng di bawah selimut sejam yang lalu *siapa suruh khilaf minum macchiato nya KOI sebelum tidur, nyong 🙄* , jadi post ajalah video Eyi joget tanggal 17 Sept lalu di @theworldofghiblijkt .
Disini Eyi pakai kostum Sen(Chihiro) dari anime Ghibli, Spirited Away. One of the best ever. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards, making it the only hand drawn animated film and Japanese animated film to win best animated film; (copy paste dr wikipedia wkwkwk) The more you watch, the more you see. .
Eri Claire || 21 months || Jakarta
#ootdbabyindo #ootdbaby #ootdkidsindo #ootdindokids #instababy #babylookbook #igbabies #cutekidsclub #igcutestbabies #ericlaireootd #totsandtrends #babykids_indonesia #ig_fashionkiddies #momswithcameras #cameramama #ghibli #spiritedaway #chihirocosplay #spiritedawaycosplay #theworldofghiblijkt #ghiblistudio

Who's worked with a red setup before? Looks like @thricecookedmedia has it down! #womeninfilm #cameramama #cameraoperator


You have my heart💙

The number one question I'm asked when someone is buying a onesie for a baby is what size should I get? There are a few factors such as how old the baby is, time of year, are they on the tiny or bigger side? My simple and safest answer is always go up. If you aren't sure, get a larger size that you know they will grow into. 👌🏼

He's the best.

Weekends are for the right side of my brain. Captured by my son during a photo walk. .
#qualitytime #familytime #yyc #yycliving #getoutside #takephotos #cameramama #olympus #landscape #landscapephotography #breathe #creativity

"Mom!! I'm poppy!! (Trolls obsessed peeps.)

So much love for this much longed for baby!

I love a warm setting sun, but two in one frame had me a little like 😳😍😲

Big sister duties 💘



this gorgeous momma....this gorgeous girl...completely my people ❤️ #cfpfamilies #christinefoehrkolbphotography

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