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Don't tap on the glass, it scares the fuckbois.
Here I was, walkin with a slight limp, when I suddenly notice the glass next to me fogging up. Lo and behold, a camera duel was underway. You see,a camera duel is kind of like a spider sense, except it's located in the sphincter. I turned quickly, and in just enough time to also get my own reflection. Now, I'm not a fan of selfies, personally, but I suppose a good selfie always involves making other people feel insecure. So this selfie hit all the right criteria.
He thought by framing his iPhone with his delicate index fingers, he could steady his shakey hands. Wrong. My shot however, like a true pro: soft and steady, accompanied with a venomous smile.
#FriendlyCompetition #cameraduels #quakingbowels

The first time I saw you was at the Westfield mall. It was my 14th birthday. You were approaching me with that steady and determined pace, but stopped short to examine the new iPhone 3GS. Before we got a chance to talk, the apple employee interrupted us and handed you the MacBook Pro you ordered. A sudden wave of teenage girls began to charge straight at you and you looked at me, eyes full of regret, and departed. I tried to forget you, but couldn't. The only thing that heals me is to know that I won. @camera_duels #cameraduels

Cole spotted at a restaurant in NYC. This time, @colesprouse lost in a camera duel ;) Oh and if you're wondering where I got these pictures, I saw it on Twitter but I forgot the exact username of the person who posted it. All credits goes to the owner. #colesprouse #dylansprouse #sprousetwins #cameraduels #nyc

S P O T T E D: rare sighting of a majestic sprousling cruising through the streets of London. Do you admit your defeat @colesprouse ?
@camera_duels #cameraduels #defeatedbyanotherarchaeologist #unsuspectingvictim #colesprouse

#cameraduels I've won, Chinese lady.

Wow. He. Actually. Posted. On. This. Account. πŸ˜‚
#colesprouse #cameraduels #jugheadjones #riverdale #cast

Photo of @colesprouse taking a photo of me taking a photo of him. Totally lost the camera duel and tried to play it off like it didn’t happens cause I look like a turd with my neck pillow. Ego in critical condition but all is good~ @montsyvidela @natdempsey I took one for the team <3
What a way to say bye to YVR and hi to NYC

#cameraduels #colesprouse #caught #oops #celebrity

Eating in public is dangerous when my brother and I are together, mostly because duels are a constant occurrence. Have you ever had a photo taken of you while you were #UvulaDeep in a shake shack burger? No? Well it's #Lovecraftian, and it's something you inherently want to keep out of the private albums of kids with wayyyy too much liberty on #WorldWideWeb.
This was the setting of our present duel. Female Zack and Cody here were trying to pull the ol' "casual selfie" technique, one that frames their target in the background of an otherwise Michelin portrait of one's many chins. I'll admit I always feel a bit guilt ridden when dueling children--it's a tad dubious to take the life of a child for social currency. #ItWillEventuallyBecomeNormalThough. They shot, I shot first. And while her back is turned, I'm sure the mother's maternal instincts had alerted her to her childrens' demise. #cameraduels #LittleDutchChildren #TheHaircutTranscendsGenerationGaps #pattyportraiture

ζ‹πŸ“Έ #cameraduels πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


#cameraduels I've won, Chinese lady.

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