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ELS è un centro specializzato nella preparazione degli esami internazionali, da oltre 35 anni aiuta ragazzi e adulti a sostenere esami di lingua. Contattateci per maggiori dettagli.
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❌What not to do during ICELT❌
Some inside secret information for you guys😋
Our second day didn't come as a surprise to us, tutors. We did expect people being upset after the first feedback.
🤔They thought: How come they are all highly-qualified teachers with years of experience and don't know how to teach effectively?
They do know but it needs shaping and molding.
1️⃣ Classroom management skills were much better, they showed a lot of good monitoring and running tasks skills . 😓But teacher talking time! ❔Why do we think that we always know deeper, say quicker and do better? We know that we have to give a lot of time and space to our learners to produce some language but every time we teach we rush through the stages as if this is our last chance to be in a class. 🤦🏻‍♀️
✔️So their first feedback came as a shock but we've done this and been there as we say. ✅Input was about the ⭐️developing of the reading and listening skills in our learners.⭐️ The message got through not immediately that when we do this, 🌟our focus is information but not grammar🌟.
Every time teachers look at the reading or listening text they think: Oh, why don't I teach these vocabulary items or this task about the tenses?
No,❗️ reading or listening is about getting, understanding, processing and using the information from the text in our everyday life. ❗️
2️⃣ Second input was about planning.
✨The conclusion was - teach the students but the plan. ✨We do plan and come ready, but 🌟teaching is about the people🌟 not about the plan.
So what not to do after the second day:
❌Do not panic if your feedback is different from your expectations
❌Do not overplan
Who remembers first days of the course? What did you feel and think?

Всем привет!
Буду вести репортажи о самых интересных моментах на нашем международном курсе #icelt.
У нас три тьютора: Gary Nixon, Natalia Korkina and me.
🤷🏻‍♀️У нас было 12 человек на курсе, как и положено. Но на момент утверждения курса один человек не смог пройти этот курс, мы согласовали (очень сложно было) и перенесли место на следующий, который начинается в январе. Дальше самое интересное - в первый день нас было 9, так как один тоже перешёл на следущий, а один не доехал из Крыма. Вы не поверите - на начало icelt закрыли переправу! 🤦🏻‍♀️Море волнуется! 🌊Я бы тоже разволновалась, курс же очень сложный. Но мы ждём нашего последнего члена команды сегодня.
Итак, нас 9! Все как один красивые, молодые, амбициозные и очень подготовленные.💪🏻
❓Что было в первый день?
1️⃣1 инпут ( это когда тьютор ведёт семинар, в все принимают активное участие в обучении) - Classroom management. You may seem you know this but you will be wrong. The main message there was that whatever you say as a teacher in a class at any stage (you need to know all the stages) it must contribute to the effectiveness of the lesson. Can you imagine this? Difficult? Yes! But now our trainees know a lot more they knew before.
2️⃣2 input was about all types of planning and teaching language (you know them as grammar) lessons. During this input one moment was very funny. Gary was saying that eliciting is important up to the point ➡️when you look at you students and "if nobody is at home" - give the Marker Sentence. "If you see somebody is walking around" - wait so you may elicit. Who got this piece of English humor?
🌈That was our first day.⚡️

Suasana penutupan Dewantara Championship Piala Menpora Tingkat SMP dan SMA Sederajat "Membangun Karakter Generasi Bangsa Melalui Pencak Silat", event diselenggarakan oleh UKM Pencak Silat Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa (UST) Yogyakarta bekerjasama dengan berbagai pihak, Kamis (28/9).
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Wakil Rektor IV mewakili Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa (UST) Yogyakarta untuk menandatangani kerjasama dengan Cambridge Language Assessment Australia bertempat di Kopertis Wilayah V Yogyakarta, Kamis (28/9).
#kampus #kampuskebangsaan #universitas #universitassarjanawiyatatamansiswa #yogyakarta #ustjogja #ustjogjahitz #tamansiswa #kihadjardewantara #dewantaramuda #ustcantikganteng #eventustyk #kerjasama #cambridgelanguageassessment

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