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I don't know why some people think that showing more skin means being more confident about yourself. You can have all your body covered with clothes and feel good with your body and you can wear clothes that show all of your skin and don't feel good about yourself. It has nothing to do in lots of cases. As long as you love yourself wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

Tenho certeza esse é o meu lugar. Aah Aha


I want you to breathe me
Let me be your air
Let me roam your body, freely
No inhibition, no fear
How deep is your love?
#tbt #calvinharris #domingando #folga #happiness #mylife 👊💋🎶

new song called waves? 🤔 @calvinharris #calvinharris

En mi mejor momento😊

Hi guys, I wanted to say that the album of pullskill (E.E.P) apart from the main songs that will be in the playlist, there is another part of the album that are songs of other djs who have wanted to collaborate with the album asi (Maximos are 3 We lack 1) so if you want to help or collaborate with the album tell me and meandais the demo of the song and choose which is the ideal for the album.
Thank you.

I know i'm not alone... 🎶🎶

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