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Luke: "Luke I love all these" She smiled. "I'm glad sweetheart" I replied, pulling her in for a kiss. "Should we go get lunch now?" I questioned. "Sure" she nodded, "Let me just get shoes"
I grabbed the car keys and pulled on a jacket while I waited for y/n. Since it was her birthday I decided to take her out to one of her favorite restaurants for lunch. "Ready baby girl?" I smiled, lacing our fingers together. She nodded and leaned up to kiss my cheek before we walked out.
Y/n's favorite place to eat was a small taco place on the corner of Maine street. We ate there almost every weekend. "No one will ever be able to make tacos like this guy" y/n laughed as she took another bite.
"I agree" I smiled. "Have you had a good birthday babe?" I asked.
"Definitely" y/n answered. "I miss my parents a little bit but today was great" "Good I'm glad" I said. "Should we go home and watch some movies?" I questioned.
"Sounds great" y/n said. I left 15 dollars on the table before we left.
Once we made it home, I picked out some of y/n's favorite movies while she went upstairs. I sat on the couch for about 10 minutes waiting for her to come back down. "Babe you alright?" I called.
I waited a moment for a response before going upstairs. "Babe?" I yelled, searching each room. I found her in the bathroom leaning over the toilet. "Y/n what happened?" I asked, getting on my knees next to her. "I think I got sick from that taco place" she choked out as she pulled back. I brought my thumb up to brush the few tears off her face.
I pushed myself off the ground for a moment to fill a glass with water. "Here you go sweetheart" I mumbled, giving her the glass. I rubbed small circles on y/n's back as she drank a few sips of water. "Come on love" I murmured, helping her to her feet. I wrapped my arms around her as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist.
I brought y/n into the living room and laid her down on the couch. "Do you feel cold?" I questioned, bringing my hand up to her forehead. "A little bit" she whispered.
I sighed and pecked y/n on the forehead before I went to find her a blanket and some medicine. (Comments)

I looked around at all the smiling people, hugging and kissing, as our graduation caps rained down on us. Calum promised he would be here. I forced a smile as my parents and a few of my friends pulled me in for hugs. The ceremony didn't last long and soon I was in my friends car, heading back to my house.
I once again put on a fake smile as I followed everyone into the house. Some of my other friends and family had already arrived before us to set up for our graduation party. Weeks ago I had told Calum about it and he promised that he would be home in time to see me graduate. "Are you okay honey?" My mom questioned. She placed her hand on my back and lead me out of the crowded living room. "I'm fine" I nodded. "Calum didn't show up did he?" She gave me a sad smile. "He's busy" I said. "Too busy for you?" She questioned. "Mom please" I pushed past her and hurried up to my room.
I slammed the door shut and slid down it until I hit the floor. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed Luke.
"Yes?" Luke questioned once he picked up the phone. "Luke" I said, struggling to hold back tears. "What happened?" Luke asked softly. "Do you know where Calum is?" I asked in a shaky voice. "He's still in Sweden" Luke replied. "Why?"
"He promised he'd be here" I couldn't stop myself from crying this time and quickly hung up the phone before Luke could hear me. I tossed my phone to the side and pulled my knees up to my chest.
I lost track of time but it was several hours later when two pairs of feet came running down the hallway. Soon after, light flooded into my room but I didn't stop to see who it was. "There you are baby girl" I felt someone gently place their hand on my arm. "Y/n, look at my baby" I heard Calum say. "I don't want to" I whispered. "Cal" Luke said quietly. "Maybe you should give her some space"
I curled into a ball as Calum's hand left my arm. "What happened?" Calum said to Luke. "Did you forget what today is?" I cried.
I heard Calum swear under his breath before he pulled me into his lap. His hand cupped my cheek as his eyes searched mine. (Comments)

"behold! Our place." Ashton said opening the car door for me and I step out seeing this massive white mansion with a large pool peeking out from behind the house. I smiled to myself in awe grabbing my suitcase that Michael handed over and I started walking up the front steps. I twirled around inside checking out all the modern furniture. "Pretty epic right? your room is going to be upstairs, the first door to your right. you can go check out around here also when you're done unpacking." Ashton said and I brought my suitcase upstairs to my room that I was going to be staying in. I set my luggage on the bed procrastinating to unpack so I decided to just get myself a glass of water and check the place out for a bit. I walked into the kitchen seeing nothing but an ass. My eyes widen and I completely looked away, turning my attention to the refrigerator. "Seem to be missing something?" I asked as he immediately swing his head back, covering his member with an oven mitt that he snatched above the oven. "W-who are you?" "I'm just here to get a glass of water." I grabbed the pitcher and a cup next to who I assume Calum and smiled once he took a good look at me. I poured the water into my drink and sat on the table, gulping it down. He just stared at me in full embarrassment mixed with confusion at everything that was happening. "Don't worry I'm confused too. And confused at why you still haven't moved to put on a pair of pants yet." I said as he takes a look down. "I'm Ashton's sister by the way, y/n. You're Calum right?" He nods his head and I set the glass back down, avoiding eye contact. "I figured. You had your nudes leaked once. I expected this to happen... I'll leave you and your oven mitt to it." I breathed out. Once I knew the tension was growing, I walked back upstairs into my room to start unpacking. The room was pretty neat and cozy with all the black and white furniture and I flopped on my bed hearing Ashton shout my name from downstairs. I groaned hopping off finding my way to the living room seeing Calum finally fully clothed and a boy I haven't met yet ❗️More in comments❗️

"So you excited?" Ashton asked. He glanced over at you as you both walked up the pathway to his house.
"Not exactly" you mumbled.
Ashton slid his fingers in between yours and gave you a reassuring smile. As you walked in the house following Ashton you were greeted with his family. "It's so nice to meet you" his mom beamed as she pulled you in for a hug. Ashton dropped your hand and took a step closer to his siblings.
"Y/n this is Lauren and Harry" Ashton introduced.
Harry wrapped his arms around your torso right away. "Hi buddy" you laughed as you hugged him back.
Lauren did nothing but scowl at you as she stomped up the stairs. No one had really noticed her disappearance. You shrugged it off and went to meet everyone else in the kitchen. "Do you need any help?" You asked his mom.
"I'm just finishing this up but you can take it to the table if you don't mind" his mom replied.
When his mom finished, you took the bowl and brought it to the table where Lauren was already sitting.
As you set the bowl down, she tipped a glass cup over. The glass was thin so it instantly shatter over your hand. You let out a small scream as blood began pouring out of your hand. Ashton was next to you in a second. One hand on your waist, the other closing around the wrist of your injured hand. "What happened?" His mom asked. "I just knocked the glass over" you said, not wanting to get Lauren in trouble.
Ashton eyed his sister suspiciously as he began pulling you out of the room. "My moms a nurse, she can help" Ashton told you. You nodded, too focused on the pain to even hear what he was saying. The next moment Ashton was lifting you up on the counter following his moms instructions to place your hand under water. When the water hit your cuts, you let out a sob and placed your head in Ashton's neck. A few minutes later his mom came in holding a box of first aid supplies.
Ashton shut the water off and held on to your wrist again.
"I'm warning you now, y/n, this is going to hurt" his mom said.
Ashton stepped to the side, still holding you, and let his mom see your hand. (Comments)

"Lilly slow" you sighed as your daughter pulled on your hand. Your mom, her grandma, had got her tickets to her favorite band's concert plus meet and greet tickets.
Her excitement only increased when the guys from 5 seconds of summer stood at the end of the hallway. Their attention turned to us as Lilly ran up to them. "Whoa hey there" Luke said, catching her in his arms. He lifted her way above his head causing her to giggle. "Mom see what I mean about his height" Lilly yelled.
All four turned to look at you with questioning looks. You did look too young to be her mom but you got pregnant at 18. It happened at a party your friend threw on a weekend. It was only a one night stand so you had no idea who the father was. "What's your name?" Michael asked, bringing everyone's attention back to your daughter, still in Luke's arms.
"Lilly" she told them. "Do you want anything signed Lilly?" Calum asked her.
You dug through your purse until you pulled out their new CD your mom had also bought. "What's that mommy?" Lilly asked, curiously eyeing what you handed to Ashton.
"It's sounds good feels good" Luke laughed. After everyone signed it Calum handed it back to you. All the boys messed around with Lilly for a while before they had to meet someone else. "Bye guys" Lilly mumbled.
"We hope to see you soon" Luke said to cheer her back up. "Bye" she waved. You scooped her up and waved bye to the boys before you left the venue. "So how was it Lilly?" You smiled as you got in behind the wheel. From her spot in her car seat she rambled all about the boys until you got home. You took her from her car seat, her head falling into the crook of your neck, and took her inside up to her room. Quickly, you changed her into her pajamas and tucked her in so she could sleep. After she had fallen asleep, you went downstairs and opened the CD case to see where the boys had signed. As you opened it, a small piece of paper fell out onto the floor. You picked it up, seeing a phone number scribbled down in sloppy handwriting. On the back it had Luke's name. You didn't know if it was real or not but decided you would deal with it tomorrow. (Comments)

Calum: "I said to leave me alone" I repeated to Andrea. "One more chance Calum" she begged.
"I've given you multiple chances" I snapped. I pulled my arm away from her and continued down the hallway. "But Calum-"
"Andrea give it up already" Michael laughed as he came down the hallway. "He didn't want your pathetic ass before and he certainly doesn't want it now"
She huffed before turning on her heel.
"Thanks man" I laughed.
"No problem" he smiled.
I nodded my head for him to follow me since we had the same math class. A class that I was failing. I was passing all of my other classes but it seemed impossible for me to get my grade up. So I just stopped trying.
Michael walked into class in front of me and went to the back of the class. I followed behind and sat next to him. We got there right before the class started.
I stared at the girl a few seats in front of me. She was by the far the prettiest girl I had ever seen.
I was pulled from my thoughts when the bell rang. Before I could leave I heard the teacher call my name. I groaned and stopped in my tracks.
"Good luck man" Michael laughed as he patted my on the back. "Yes?" I said, standing in front of his desk.
"Since you're failing this class I got y/n here to agree to tutor you" He explained.
"Tutor" I groaned.
"Would you like to repeat your final year of high school?" He questioned with raised eyebrows.
"No" I mumbled.
"Then I suggest you let y/n help you" "Okay" I nodded.
I followed her out of the classroom and down to her locker.
"What are you doing?" She asked quietly. "I want to give you my phone number. Just text me whenever you want to meet up" I said. "Sure" she nodded. After exchanging numbers, I headed off to my next class.
While I was in English I got a text from y/n, telling me to meet her at the library after school.
After the final bell had rung, I stopped by my locker to get my math book. When I did, I saw Andrea leaning up against my locker. "Hey baby" She smiled, pushing off of it to walk towards me. "What are you doing here Andrea?" I asked coldly. "I just wanted to see you" she answered.
"Well I don't want to see you so it's best if you leave" I replied. (Comments)

"I'll pick you up again" Calum whispered against my lips.
I sighed and pulled my hands out of his hair. He released his grip on my hips and stepped back. I watched him walk down the drive way before I went back inside. We had to sneak around so my dad wouldn't catch us. I introduced them once and it ended up with my dad throwing Calum out of the house.
My mom gave me a sad smile as I entered the house. She had absolutely loved Calum and still allowed me to see him. She often distracted my dad and made up alibis for me when I snuck out. I went up to my room to pick out something to wear. Calum planned on taking me out on a date later tonight once my father had gone to bed. He was coming at midnight. I had plenty of time to pick something out to wear but I had nothing to do now. To pass the time, I decided to catch up on some of my homework.
Finally, after a few hours my phone went off. I already knew it was Calum so I pulled on my leather jacket before I went over to my window. "Hey babe" Calum softly called up.
I smiled before I swung my legs over the side. I pushed myself from the ledge, easily landing in Calum's arms. "Hey" I said, pecking his lips.
Calum placed me down and took my hand as we walked to the car. "You look amazing" Calum smiled.
"Thanks babe" I mumbled, blushing slightly.
Calum drove us down the dark street until he pulled into a run down pizzeria. "What are we doing back here?" I smiled, looking over at Calum. "Thought it would be a good surprise" He laughed.
I got out and took his hand as we walked into the pizza place. Calum led me over to the booth we always sat at. We had sat here ever since we were kids. "We haven't been here in ages" I mumbled, looking at all the familiar people working here. "I know. I've missed this place" Calum replied. "We were wondering when you two would show up again" Susan smiled as she approached our table. "Susan" I exclaimed.
"Hello sunshine" she laughed, "The usual?"
"You know it" Calum laughed. "Usual for Calum and y/n" Susan yelled back.
"So where have you two been?" She asked. "I haven't been able to sneak y/n out of the house lately" Calum winked. (Comments)

"You do not treat a customer like that" My boss screamed at me.
I shuddered back at the sound of his voice. "I didn't do anything" I said quietly. "One more slip up and you're fired" he stated harshly before he stormed out of his office. I wiped the stray tear from my face before I hurried off to finish my shift.
Once the clock hit 5 I grabbed my purse and hurried to the door. "Y/n" my boss called.
I stopped walking and slowly spun around. "Please bring back your uniform within the next week" he said. "Why?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady. "I'm firing you" he sighed. "You've made too many mistakes. I'm sorry" He turned on his heel and walked towards the back of the store.
I let the tears fall freely down my face as I ran back to my car.
I sat behind the wheel with my head in my hands as I tried to calm down. A few moments later, I put the keys in the ignition and turned them. The car sputtered then went silent. "Perfect" I groaned, hitting my head against the steering wheel.
I lifted my head up when I heard someone tapping on my window. I rolled it down to see a guy around my age standing next to my car. "Do you need help?" He questioned. "You don't happen to know how to jump start a car do you?" I asked. "It just so happens I do" He smiled. I squinted my eyes to try and see him better in the dark. He looked familiar. I quickly shook my head before I got out of the car.
He quickly brought his car over to me and parked next to my car. When he got out of the car he was holding two cables and a little blue box. I didn't question what he was doing as he popped the hood of my car and connected one of the cables. He connected the other one to his car. "What's the box?" I asked, clearing my throat. "It's for you" He responded as he tossed it over to me. I caught it and flipped it over to see my name scribbled on the top of it. I furrowed my eyebrows before tearing it open. "Who are you?" I asked. "Take a guess"
The guy turned to face me and took his hood off. I gasped and dropped the box as Luke stood in front of me with a smile on his face.
Luke was my boyfriend that I had met over Twitter a few years ago. (Comments)

I groaned when I heard my alarm going off. Part of me wanted to ditch again but I hadn't gone to school all week. I forced myself to get out of bed and get dressed.
After I was ready, I headed out to my car and to school.
I met Calum and Luke at the front door and walked with them to my locker.
"Hey man" Ashton laughed. "Finally you showed up"
"I've been busy" I shrugged. "Doing what?" Calum laughed.
I cracked a smile and slammed my locker shut.
"Later losers" I called over my shoulder.
When I walked into class I saw y/n sitting in the front of the class with her book already open.
I rolled my eyes but smiled. It was so typical of her and I loved it. I loved her. But I could never admit that to anyone.
It would kill my reputation. It was stupid to pick that over her but I was tired of being the pushed around kid that no one noticed.
I sighed before taking my seat at the back of the classroom.
The class dragged by as the teacher droned on.
Finally the bell rang and people started to shuffle out of the classroom.
I noticed how y/n waited until everyone else was gone until she left. I watched her walk down the hallway before turning and heading to my next class. The rest of the day went pretty much the same and by 6th period I couldn't take it anymore. I stuffed my books into my locker before heading out.
As I was walking down the hallway I could hear what sounded like people yelling and a girl crying. I hesitated for a moment before turning back down the hallway.
Several guys were crowded around a girl who sat against the lockers. I heard her crying from where I stood.
Suddenly I saw one of the guys ram his foot into her side as another one punched her. I clenched my fists before storming over to them. I grabbed his shirt collar and pushed him back into the lockers. "Listen here asshole" I said through gritted teeth. "You and your friends are gonna leave before I make this a lot worse for you"
A look of shock crossed his face before he nodded and backed off. His friends quickly followed behind him. I watched to make sure they left before turning back to face y/n. "Where did they hurt you?" I asked. (Comments)


***part three! 2 parts in one day💛comment to be tagged***
I got close enough to them to be within speaking distance-because, let's face it, it's not like anyone could hear a thing over the sound of music playing, microphones and excited fans screaming, all clashed together.
They all look at me with the welcoming smiles they had greeted me with from the start.
I gulp "H-Hi I'm Ivy, a reporter from a local magazine. I-I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?.." I sigh subconsciously. Great start Ivy! Super professional!..they're really gonna take you seriously. I think to myself.
Ashton chuckles and nods "sure"
My cheeks turn crimson as I look down at my notes, feeling their gaze on me as they awaited my questions.
I breathe "..so what does it feel like to be one of the biggest acts here tonight?" I ask smiling, trying to stop my hands from trembling as I held the microphone central for one of them to answer.
Ashton starts to talk and out the corner of my eye I notice Luke watching my expression with a slightly amused look on his lips.
This only makes me blush further and I just hope to god that he didn't think I was some awkward joke...
*Luke's POV:*
I watch her as she flustered with her notes and the microphone shook in her hands. I found it cute the way her cheeks were flushed a light pink. She must of been nervous..anyone would be, I was nervous and I was supposed to fit in with everyone here.
I get lost in my thoughts as I watched her before Calum broke me out of my kinda daydream by nudging me. "Dude..stop staring" he chuckles lightly "she's asking you a question.." I was blushing now and I shake my head and look at her "uh..sorry what?.." she giggles "um..whose your celebrity crush?" She asks sweetly.
I smile and nibble on my lip ring as I thought over my answer "Selena Gomez"

***part two! Comment to be tagged***
when I walked in, as expected the stadium was packed from every corner. I try to settle my already tired eyes from the bewilderment of the bright blue strobe lights that were going off constantly and everyone's chatter filling my ears. My heart thundered as I was starting to freak out but thankfully one of my co-workers grabs my hand and tugs me towards the red carpet where I could see everything a little clearer.
Somehow by a mere strike of luck we manage to squeeze to the front of the paps to see every band and celebrity as they walk past.
I snap photos of Ed sheeran and Hey Violet for my article too but my main focus was to find 5sos for the interview and I nervously await their arrival...
I started to get a little more confident when all my shots were turning out good and I could see my music article being the top of the internet for at least a few weeks but this confidence streak falls flat as I feel my co-worker jab me in the side in order to get my attention. I look up from my camera to see who I've been waiting for this whole award show.
The legends, the guys, 5 seconds of summer..
My whole body froze on the spot as I watched them pose a little for the other photographers and I almost drop my notes full of questions-damn I really needed to improve my composure-Subconsciously my feet were already moving closer to them and my camera was somehow slung around my neck, gripping onto my microphone tightly, everything was happening in some type of snapshot-just like my camera lens.
Luke stood in the centre with a welcoming grin on his face as did the other guys whist they try to not get blinded by all the flashes.
I smile back slightly, feeling strangely less stressed now..

***part one! Luke:🖤 this annoys me because I covered Calum's face by accident 😕also happy birthday lucas!😂 this imagine is for @poisonivy274 enjoy and comment to be tagged in the next part!***
I'm on my way to an award show because of my job as a photographer, some people might say my job is amazing and that I'm so lucky to get up close and personal with famous people constantly..but I still get hugely nervous every time I meet someone and especially tonight, due to all the teenage girls that will be screaming the names of the bands that are going to be there..
How was I supposed to get through all the crowds to snap a few photographs and not loose my nerve?.. I worry to myself.
I shake these pondering thoughts out of my head. No. I had this, I am professional and I am great at my job.
Earlier;back at work, we had to do research on some of the guests that were going to be there and there was one particular band that stuck in my head..-5 seconds of summer. -Because not only were they probably the biggest guests that were going to be there tonight, but I had to interview them too...
I clutch my camera and my notes in my palms nervously as we pulled up outside the gigantic stadium, all the flashing lights and body guards. I could just about hear my driver, Hugo call out from behind me.
"Ivy! Don't let us down tonight, alright?!" He shouts over the loud chatter before getting back into the car and driving away.
I sigh. Great. That's all I needed, extra pressure from work.
I head over to the entrance and Flash them my VIP entry pass as I take a deep breath and go inside...

***final part, hope you liked this one!💜***
It was the last month of the season and the park was shutting for winter.
I excitedly rush to the bosses trailer with my work shirt and name badge in hand. I whizz past Ashton and Calum as they stood behind their stalls grinning. "Someone's on a mission" Calum chuckles "Michael's in there already" Ashton tells me, referring to the trailer.
My heart warms, smiling brightly as I go into the office. Where, like they said, Michael stood in front of the desk completely wrapped in an American flag. I giggle and stood beside him and he swung one arm over my shoulder happily. "Do you two have to leave?" Mable frowns.
Michael smiles and nods " 'fraid so..we've got land marks to see and accents to catch" he chuckles. She nods "I know but you've been such good workers here and you'll be missed"
Derek nods in agreement and turns round in his spinny office chair to throw us both two giant pandas.
He chuckles "for old times sake" I smile brightly "really?!" I giggle in excitement and cuddle up to it.
And he nods laughing-this was the happiest I'd seen Derek the whole time I've worked here.
Mable was tearing up now "oh mikey you've worked for us for years now!" She pats her tears away lightly, I smile and rest my head on Michael's shoulder and he grins kissing my head "yeah and I've loved every moment of it..but I fell in love and I can't let her get away without me" he giggles and I blush as we head out the trailer getting into the car that Luke had finished packing for us and everyone engulfs us in goodbye hugs.
"Send us photos!" Juliet laughs whilst I tear up and get into my seat beside Michael on the passenger side.
I smile through my tears "I will!" I call through the window as mikey starts to drive, waving to them as we go.
Once we out the park gates Michael looks at me kissing me passionately "I love you so much Dani..America here we come!"

***part eleven! Short part-one more part after this :))💖comment to be tagged ***
Michael's smile grew as he saw me coming "Hey babe!" he exclaimed happily, making all the customers turn around to look at me.
I smile slightly in response but I was too consumed in worry about what I was about to tell him. "uh..mikey have you got a minute?" His smile falters a little and his eyebrows furrow in concern. "Yeah sure.." he says, immediately dumping the change bag he had attached to his waist on Calum and following me as I was already a few paces in front.
I frown and walk round the back of the bosses trailer. I let out a breath preparing myself a little.
Michael's eyes drifted over my expression "are you okay princess?.." I shake my head "m-mikey..I got enough money to go to America.." I tell him.
His face lit up immediately and he wraps his arms around me tightly swaying me lightly in his grasp as he snuggled his face in my neck. "Oh I'm so happy for you babe!"...and then his grip loosens and he pulls away to look into my eyes, the mesmerising green not so bright or sparkly anymore.."wait..does that mean you're leaving?" He frowns
I nod and sniffle "I'm going to miss you so much!" I cry hugging him again, never wanting to let go.
Michael shook his head quickly pulling away again "no no no! I can't loose you! You're the only good thing that's came out of this crappy job..please..let me come with you.." he rushes.
My eyes widen "what?.."

***part ten! This imagines taking longer than I originally thought🙃✨💛comment to be tagged***
*a couple months pass*
The pay checks would come in from my shifts at the park, making me closer and closer to my target for America. but instead of feeling excited, each time I got my money I felt a horrible sick feeling like I was getting punched deep in the stomach repeatedly ..and that was because the thought of leaving Michael -at what I used to think was a sham of a park, seems to be just too much to bare now.
I sigh, walking into the bosses trailer as Mable had all the pay checks laid out neatly on Derek's desk.
"Dani!" She smiled "thank you for all your hard work this month, you've really become a valued member of the team" I giggle a little when she said this because all I could think of was how we'd all get high and dance stupidly on the table top of the water clown games after dark..working there was fun, especially when it came to Michael.
I smile "thank you it's been a pleasure working for you" I say, playing with the wage envelope nervously in my hands. Derek grins from behind his half broken computer screen. "You are coming back next season, aren't you Dani?" He asks with a hopeful expression.
I gulp knowing the answer was probably no since I was so close to the money I needed for the US.
Before I conjure up a half reasonable response I was gladly saved by Abbie's entrance and Mable passed her, her envelope.
She smiled as a thanks, looking over at me and digging her Violet coloured nails into my side with a giggle. "Dani? Are you aright?" She peers over me whilst I looked over my wage amount. All colour flows from my cheeks. I had enough. Why wasn't I happy?
Abbie guessed this too "has the day came?" Her frown was clear in the tone of her voice. "..you've got enough for America..you should tell Michael.." she says.
I sigh and nod, reluctantly heading out of the bosses shak and waking to where Mikey stood serving customers at the carousel with his charismatic grin..

***part nine! Smut (final part) comment to be tagged***
Michael made sure I lost my shirt as he ripped it off me and placed his hands firmly on my hips to get good control despite having me ontop.
I smirk, biting my lip. "I bet I'm not the only girl you've fucked from work, am I Clifford?" I say, as I strip him of his boxers and kiss down his V-lines teasingly, making his head fall back onto the arm of the sofa and his eyes close, his voice coming out all deep and throaty like before as he tried to conceal the pleasure he felt from my mouth on his skin, though his expression made him all too obvious to read- with his scrunched up brows and the way, his teeth had returned to digging harshly back into his perfect lips. I loved it. I loved the power I had though he'd hate to admit he let the new girl in control.
"A-actually no. I've worked at that crappy place for a while now and none of them have been that hot.." he moans.
I smirk "should I be honoured?" Looking down at his bare cock right infront of me. Slightly taken back by his size. It's not that I thought he'd be small..or I thought of him in that way at all until tonight..but he was impressively large.
I didn't want to spend too long staring as I could feel his cocky smirk begging to emerge again and I didn't want him to bask in his own self absorbed glory..plus I was eager for him too..so I waste no time in sinking all the way down on his erect shaft, filling me up. Michael hissed "sooo tight.." he squirmed and stretched me out. I whimper, beginning to roll my hips and his grip got tighter letting out raspy groans, loving how vocal he was and only lighting a fire inside me to go faster.
I pick up the speed, bouncing on him and watching as his eyes opened to follow my tits as they bounced. I giggle breathlessly moaning as he only got loud "shit dani.." he pants and I whimper feeling him thrust up into my g-spot, the sofa springs squeaking as become a mess and cum round his member, making Michael grunt "shit.." pulling out quickly and cumming all over my stomach.--after cleaning ourselves up I lay on his chest, catching our breath, his breathing slows a little, panting out "I like you..a lot"

***part eight! Smut (part 2) hopefully this parts written a little better I wasn't overly happy with how I wrote that..comment to be tagged***
"Michael.." I blush, watching the smirk imprinted on his lips and the way his shirt stuck to his chest, framing his body nicely, only making me more turned on and my heat throb. I cross my legs discreetly as I take a seat on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in the water. Michael's huge smirk never disappearing as he swam up and spread my legs confidently. My eyes widen and I watch, my breath turning into a quiver and my heart race in the anticipation of his touch.
His bright eyes flicker up to look at me with that smirk. "Is someone excited, baby girl?.." he bites his lip and I watch In awe as his teeth dig into his those delicious wine-coloured lips.
I take a breath trying my best not to crumble under the pressure of my lust for him. "N-no not really.." I shrug, despite not sounding the slightest bit convincing.
Michael chuckled darkly, raising a brow "oh really now?.." he kissed up my thighs as he held onto my hips tightly before working his way up to my awaiting core, kitten licking it simply but it was enough to drive me crazy. I let out a noticeable whimper and he smirks into my clit "mmm your juices are the best I've ever tasted babe." He murmurs and my hands fall into his red fluffy hair as he starts to devour me, sucking and licking my clit and folds and smothering me in utter pleasure. He made me loose control, moaning "Michael!" Loudly and squirting all over his tongue. Mikey smirked and panted as he licked me clean and swooped me up swiftly, carrying me onto the house. I eagerly strip off his top whilst he lays down on the sofa with me ontop "ride me babe.." he smirks.

***part seven! Smut (part 1) I chose cute gifs cause the college for smut might be a little too saucy🙈😂***
Before I know it, our lips were at one, Michael's arms snaked tightly around my waist so there was very little space between us.
I let out quite whimpers as his tongue took its sweet time to explore every inch of my mouth.
All I could think of was: why am I doing this? I hardly know him..yet it didn't stop me from tugging on the hair at the nape of his neck and letting my lips battle back as much as his did. Aswell as this I feel his hands travel down my body, stopping when he felt the side of my boob, letting out deep raspy moans into my mouth as he played with my soaking shirt against my skin. His hands work skilfully round to get a full grip and giving them a firm squeeze, smirking when he earned a louder moan from me. Michael moved his plump, wet lips to my neck, sucking and biting so he'd surely leave a mark, his voice deeper and his accent more prominent as he moaned my name into his newly made hickeys, forcing me to see him in a whole new way to the cheeky theme park worker.
I whimper as it felt so good and I became beyond thankful that we're already in a cool, wet place so he couldn't feel how increasingly soaked I was getting for him from under the water. He continued with his skilful multi-tasking of swirling his tongue and massaging my boobs before he sends shock waves causing through my body as I feel his newly made hard-on through the material of his boxers grazing my clit lightly, making me bob up and the water around us thrash around a little..though he wasn't fazed and only tightened his grip around me.
I smirk and pull away, leaving him slightly confused while I swim to the steps of the pool, pulling myself up. "Dani?" He says raspily, feeling his eyes on my ass, I turn around to smirk at him but my expression changes when his face takes my smirk as he cockily span my thong round on his finger like a prize... **ps I don't write smut regularly so sorry if it's kinda shitty😂**

***part six! Comment to be tagged***
We walk through Michael's parents house since he still lived at home, and get greeted by the pitch black of his back garden, the only slight light was the blue tinted ones inside the swimming pool to guide our eyes.
I turn to him and smirk, having gained a little courage from the alcohol before. "Shitty summer job not provide enough to buy your own place?" I ask.
Michael's eyes flicker up at me "shut up" he chuckles, taking off his shoes and jeans that would only become too heavy in the water.
I laugh and do the same, stripping down and leaving my awful 'games' shirt on as well as my underwear.
It was funny really, because there was no way I'd usually jump into a colleges, parents pool half naked -especially after only knowing them a day. But today..whether it was the scotch in my system or the overwhelming pure friendliness I felt from everyone (minus Derek and that guy who tried to stab me of course) it didn't seem so bad.
Michael kicks his things to the side with a smirk "do you even think the amount this 'shitty summer job' " he quotes me. "is really gonna raise enough to go to America?" I shrug and look down "I don't know..but if not il just have to get another job, won't I?..and you'll just have to miss me" I giggle, winking at him playfully and plunging into the pool.
His eyes widen a little as he watches me, gasp for air, as my now soaked work shirt clung to my skin whilst i bobbed up and down in the water.
He lets out a tipsy laugh and jumps in afterwards, making the sheer force of both of our entrances into the pool cause water to topple and splash the sides.
I was kinda annoyed when he didn't have the same reaction to the sudden cold as I did and I pout.
He laughs "you're such a wuss you know that?" He teases, smacking the water and making it fly everywhere, soaking me further. "Michael!" I squeal, splashing him back and he giggles running his hands up my bare legs, under the water and pushing me into his grasp.
I gasp a little as this came as a surprise to me and I loose my balance, my arms spring out for something to steady myself with and they fall upon Michael's shoulders, *more in comments⬇️*

***part five! Comment to be tagged***
We all grab a dogem and get strapped in whilst Luke smacks on the power works making bright white lights beam down from the ceiling and the tacky carnival music play loudly.
Ashton's eyes widen and he rushes over to Luke trying to get it to stop. "Shit shit shit!" Michael swore, almost falling out of his cart, as everyone knew Derek would probably come over and fire us on the spot.
Luke started furiously hitting the buttons to silence it and finally he did, just leaving the lights on. Before Juliet got in her cart she ran over to her bag and pulled out a bottle of scotch, taking a large swig and throwing it over to Calum to do the same. After everyone had got their fill from the shitty scotch she had probably snatched from the caretakers secret stash in his office, we all sat in our dogems flashing each other fake game faces and giggling before we all set about the course, Violently bumping into each other and hitting our heads harshly on the back cushions from the force of everyone's blows, this making the strong alcohol effect us quicker.
10 goes around the court later and we all stumble out the bumper cars, laughing loudly,
"I clearly won!" I giggle and tease Michael, becoming less shy. Michael grins and lightly punches my arm "shut it Dani.." he says going to sit on the benches table top. From there, we all broke off into our own conversation, and Mikey and I got onto the topic of stars, the moon and all things sky related really..
I smile as we both found ourselves lost in the glowing pools that were our eyes, and the chatter of everyone else around us was no longer heard, Michael looks around as Calum and Juliet were trailing off towards his car, Luke and Abbie were playing a game of cards drunkly on the grass with Ashton.
Michael looks at me with a smile. "Wanna go back to mine? I've got a pool.."

***part four!✨comment to be tagged***
I do as Michael says and go to the broken rides in the dark once my shift was over and the park was shutting. They were all sat on a set of benches just next to a broken waltzer that Michael was slouched inside. "There she is!" A girl with faded strawberry hair says as he sat opposite a tanned guy with tattoos.
Mikey swung his legs round to get up and jumped out the ride to stand next to me. "Dani these are all the other members of staff ..if you want to call them that" he chuckles as he points to a blonde guy with a lip ring , a guy with dirty blond surfer hair and the tanned guy I'd noticed before. "Luke, Ashton and Calum and the girls: Abbie and Juliet" I nodded as the ginger girl sat opposite Calum said she was Juliet. And the blonde one sat crossed legged in the centre of the table was Abbie.
"Ha! You're on games!" Juliet teases playfully and I just notice her reddy-pink work shirt that had 'rides' printed on it.
Calum nudged her "hey! I'm on games too" he turns to me "you're Dani right?" I nod and go to sit with Michael back on the broken waltzer as he was the only one I felt most comfortable with at the moment. whist he played with the latch that started the flame on his lighter, flicking it up and down casually.
Abbie smiled "how was your first day?" She asked with a slight glint in her eye like she already knew my response.
I shrug "good, I suppose, ..to be honest I'm just trying to make it by so I can go traveling next year.." I tell them. Ashton looked at me. "Travelling?..where?" He says, kinda amused by the prospect and I furrow my brows wondering why..
"America" I answer. He nods. "And Mable and Derek? (Those are our bosses names) what do you think of them?" Luke asks.
I shrug again "they're alright too..though I don't understand the whole panda and prizes thing..why won't they give them away?" Michael's eyes drift up from his mesmerising flame to look at me. "This place is rapidly going down hill and Mable and Derek need all the money they can get but Derek won't let it go..kinda sad really.." he says and they all just nod in unison, leaving the place silent for a few moments *more in comments⬇️*

***part three! Comment to be tagged***
I stood behind the counter serving people their games-not one of them won because the cups were just too far away for the flimsy balls to reach.
I started to feel slightly bad
when I saw people's disappointed expressions as they walked away, because I knew the outcome of every game they would play...that was until a sketchy father and his daughter payed for hundreds of games, determined to win a forbidden giant panda. He started boil over with anger when he got to the final game he paid for: because of course, he hadn't won at all yet.
He slams his hands down on the counter in front of me. "THIS GAMES AWFUL! A HUGE CON!!" He shouts, I look at him awkwardly and bewildered, not quite knowing what to do..my eyes drift over to Michael next to a ride on the opposite side, He stood watching the situation with a mused look on his face. When I looked back, the little girl was being lifted over the counter and was throwing the ball into the cup.
The father cheered drunkly "aaaayyy!! She won, hand over the giant panda!" My eyebrows furrow. "She didn't win, you clearly lifted her over..that doesn't count" I tell him.
The guy got more angry then I thought was even possible and he pulls something out from behind his back, making Michael pace over.
He grit his teeth "give. Me. A damn panda. Now." I shake my head and Michael slips in behind me, grabbing one of the pandas off the wall, throwing it at him "here, now screw off.." he scowls.
The guy grunts, handing the panda to his daughter and walking off.
I frown and look at him "but..we're not supposed to give them away"
Michael shrugged "better give a stuffed panda away then you get stabbed, he had a knife.." he said casually.
My eyes widen "o-oh.." he chuckles a little and perches himself on the counter "anyway so, you're new and everyone here wants to get to know you, so come to the broken rides after the park shuts." He tells me, not giving me chance to respond. His head flits over to the bosses office and he was stood outside shooting Michael the evils. *more in comments⬇️*

***part two! This parts leading onto something..and thank you for such a positive response already!❤️comment to be tagged***
I follow Michael as he half-heartedly shows me around the stalls for the games and the rides, noticing that he had built up quite a little fan base;every female worker would stop in their tracks to get a glimpse at this guys fiery hair and award winning smile and the boys would grin widely, waving at him as he passed.
He didn't seem to be bothered that I trailed a good few meters behind him and confidently walked through the arcade. "So this is pinball" he chews his gum and quickly moved on to the next one before I could get a glance at the obnoxious flashy lights and the group of boys huddled around it. "And these are the grabber machines" he informs me, placing the tokens down he had asked for earlier on the counter top.
I nod and watch as a seemingly drunk guy in his late 20's lowers the claw in the hope of winning one of the home-made banana toys, but it slowly slides out of the claws grip, making the guy rage, smacking the buttons furiously.
Michael chuckles, leaning against the faulty cash despiser, watching him and it makes me flinch a little when his tall body leans down to whisper in my ear. "It's almost impossible to win on that thing, everything's a scam here..which reminds me.." he grabs my hand and tugs me out the arcade to the bowling cups stand where there were giant pandas pinned up on the wall.
He slides the plank of wood up so he could get behind the stall. "You'll be working on here today, and remember, no giving the giant pandas away..even if they win.." I furrow my eyebrows and look at him "but isn't that unfair?.." Michael shrugs and chuckles "probably but like I said, this whole place is a scam.." he says, jumping over the stall again and going over to the rides plainly.
I giggle slightly watching him, that boy was something else...

***part one :)) this imagines for @dani.hood 💖comment to be tagged, enjoy!***
It's my first day at my dead-end summer job at this theme park, just trying my best to sum up enough cash to go traveling next year. Ive already waited in the bosses office while he stuck googly eyes onto banana shaped stuffed toys, ones they called prizes. waiting for his wife to come out with my mediocre uniform, that consisted of a faded blue or pink t-shirt with the words 'games and rides' printed on it.
She grins "you'll be working on games today..". She gestures for me to put my new top on and I do as she says, throwing it over my small grey top.
She smiles "oh..and you'll be needing this.." she turns round to pick up a workers badge off her husbands desk, she gives it to me and on it read a cheerful message: 'Hey! I'm Dani, How can I help you?' I grimace as I hardly thought anyone who comes here would be looking for assistance and if they did, it would be to point them to the cheap, warm beer kegs at the most.
I pin it on my shirt and smile "thank you" before heading towards the door but before I could leave, the office entrance swings open and in strides a tall boy with vibrant red hair a cheeky grin and wearing the blue version of my uniform top.
The boss groans as he looks at up from his glue covered fingers. "Michael..." he sighs, "what do you want this time?" The guy that seemed to be Michael walks over to his desk casually whist he sucked on the side of his mouth and blew out chewing gum. "We're out of counters for the grabber machines.." he tells them.
The wife nods and walks round the desk to collect more counters from the draw and handing them to him. "There you go, and you can show our new employee, Dani as she's on games too"
His eyes flicker over to me and a smirk appears "sure.."

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