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I let a tear escape my eye when I heard multiple voices yelling downstairs.
After laying in bed for a moment, hoping the boys would leave, I got up and went to the bathroom. I quickly fixed my hair and put on some light make up before I went downstairs. "Hey y/n" Michael greeted. "Good morning" Ashton smiled. "Hello love" Luke came over to peck my lips before he went back to making breakfast. I waited a moment before I realized that they had all forgotten my birthday. "Hey guys, I have to go pick up something for a friend" I lied as I swallowed the lump in my throat. "What friend?" Luke questioned. "Megan" I said quickly. I left the room before anymore questions were asked.
I pulled my hood up as I stepped outside and put my headphones in my ears.
Luke's pov* "Your plan actually worked" Michael laughed. "I know y/n better than you do" I said as I locked the door.
"Calum's gonna pick up the cake and the rest of us are going to stay here and set up" I instructed. "See ya" Calum said as he swung the keys around his finger.
I pulled out the decorations from the closet and set them in front of the boys.
By the time Calum came back we had blown up all the balloons and had all the decorations set up. "You didn't happen to see y/n did you?" I questioned. "No" Calum said slowly as he shut the door behind him. "Why?" "It's been an hour. I'm gonna call Megan" I said.
The other boys nodded as I stepped out of the room. I tried calling y/n first and when she didn't answer I called her friend. "Luke?" Megan questioned. "Hey, is y/n still with you?" I asked. "What are you talking about?" Megan said. "Wasn't y/n with you earlier? Did she leave?"
"Y/n was never here" she said.
"Oh" I mumbled. "I have to go"
I hung up and hurried back into the living room, searching for my keys. "What's up man? What are you looking for?" Ashton questioned. "I have to find y/n. She never went to Megan's house" I said. "She's probably just out walking. She thinks you forgot her birthday, you have to remember that" Calum responded. "Come on, I'll go with you" Michael said, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Calum and I will take my car" Ashton said. (Comments)

"Do you want to go to South America with us?" Luke asked excitedly through the phone. "It's 4am" I groaned. "I know I know but my mom is sick and she can't go with us so we have an extra ticket. It's yours if you would like to come" Luke explained.
"I have nothing packed Luke" I said. "I'm standing on your porch now. Let me in and I'll help you pack" Luke said.
I laughed before I went down to open the door.
Luke engulfed me in a hug before taking my hand and pulling me upstairs. "The flight leaves at 7am but we have to be at the airport in an hour" Luke said.
I nodded as I stuffed some clothes in my suit case. Luke tossed a couple of pants in before he zipped it up. He pulled it behind him as we walked down the stairs. A wave of cold air hit me when we walked outside and a shiver ran up my spine. "Get in baby" Luke smiled.
I smiled at him gratefully and walked around to the passengers side.
Luke got in moments after and took my hand into his. "Why are you so cold?" Luke chuckled. "Because my boyfriend forced me outside at 4am" I grumbled. "Someone's grouchy" Luke said. "I'm not I'm just tired" I whined.
Luke chuckled again as he turned his attention to the road. We met his father and his brother at the airport almost an hour later. After we went through everything at the airport my nerves started to kick in. As a child, airplanes had always been my number one fear. But I hadn't been on a plane in years and I thought I had gotten over it. "Are you okay?" Luke asked as he watched me twirl the bracelets around my wrist. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I smiled. Luke shrugged and went back to the conversation with his dad. A few minutes later our flight was called and my nerves skyrocketed. My heart rate increased as we inched closer to the desk. His dad handed over the tickets and we were soon walking onto the plane.
I tried to keep my breathing under control but it was difficult. "Hey, are you okay?" Jack asked.
Luke snapped his head towards me when Jack did.
"Yeah" I answered back in a shaky voice. "You don't look okay, what's wrong?" Luke asked.
"Get out of the way" someone yelled. "Shut up" Jack muttered. (Comments)

I looked around at all the smiling people, hugging and kissing, as our graduation caps rained down on us. Calum promised he would be here. I forced a smile as my parents and a few of my friends pulled me in for hugs. The ceremony didn't last long and soon I was in my friends car, heading back to my house.
I once again put on a fake smile as I followed everyone into the house. Some of my other friends and family had already arrived before us to set up for our graduation party. Weeks ago I had told Calum about it and he promised that he would be home in time to see me graduate. "Are you okay honey?" My mom questioned. She placed her hand on my back and lead me out of the crowded living room. "I'm fine" I nodded. "Calum didn't show up did he?" She gave me a sad smile. "He's busy" I said. "Too busy for you?" She questioned. "Mom please" I pushed past her and hurried up to my room.
I slammed the door shut and slid down it until I hit the floor. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed Luke.
"Yes?" Luke questioned once he picked up the phone. "Luke" I said, struggling to hold back tears. "What happened?" Luke asked softly. "Do you know where Calum is?" I asked in a shaky voice. "He's still in Sweden" Luke replied. "Why?"
"He promised he'd be here" I couldn't stop myself from crying this time and quickly hung up the phone before Luke could hear me. I tossed my phone to the side and pulled my knees up to my chest.
I lost track of time but it was several hours later when two pairs of feet came running down the hallway. Soon after, light flooded into my room but I didn't stop to see who it was. "There you are baby girl" I felt someone gently place their hand on my arm. "Y/n, look at my baby" I heard Calum say. "I don't want to" I whispered. "Cal" Luke said quietly. "Maybe you should give her some space"
I curled into a ball as Calum's hand left my arm. "What happened?" Calum said to Luke. "Did you forget what today is?" I cried.
I heard Calum swear under his breath before he pulled me into his lap. His hand cupped my cheek as his eyes searched mine. (Comments)

I tapped my fingers against the steering wheel as I waited for the traffic light to turn green. Once it did I drove past our house and to the bar down the street.
Work was awful and the last thing I wanted to do was retell it to Michael.
I shut my phone off and stuffed it in my pocket when I walked through the doors. I found a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a glass of wine.
I knew at some point I would have to tell Michael that I got fired and I knew it would have to be sooner than later. I just wanted to wait until tomorrow. Getting fired wasn't the worst part of my day. It was having steaming hot coffee spilt on me that left a red mark on my arm. I kept an ice pack on it all day but that didn't stop it from hurting.
It was several hours later, after I had drank more than enough alcohol, that I decided to go home. The cab I had called earlier was waiting for me when I walked out of the bar. I arrived at our house a few minutes later. Michael's car was in the drive way and the porch light was on. I sat in the cab for a minute before I stepped out of the car. Through the dark I stumbled up to the house and somehow managed to unlock the door.
Once I was inside I let the keys fall to the floor as I leaned against the door for support.
Michael come into the hallway moments later with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "There you are babe" he breathed out in relief and made his way over so he could hug me.
As soon as I was wrapped in his arms the tears I had been holding back all day started to fall down my face. "Hey hey don't cry" Michael said soothingly as he started to rub circles on my back. "I got fired today Michael" I finally managed to say through my tears.
"Oh honey I'm sorry" Michael murmured. "You were never happy at that job anyways right? Maybe this is a good thing" he pulled back to give me a smile.
I attempted to smile back as he pressed his lips against my forehead.
Michael's hand trailed down my arm until he reached my hand. His attention was focused on his phone until quiet music started playing from it. He slipped his phone into his pocket and reached for my other hand. (Comments)

You smiled as you left another kiss on Calum's cheek before you left the bedroom. Calum stirred awake when he heard the door close and finally sat up when your phone went off. He let out a groan when he saw it was from your friend Alex. He couldn't deny that he was jealous of Alex but he would also never admit that to you.
Calum heard the door open again and quickly threw your phone back at the end of the bed.
You smiled as you saw that he was up and walked over to kiss him, on the lips this time. Calum stopped the kiss quickly and roughly placed your phone in your hand. "Have a good day" he muttered. "Cal what's up?" You questioned, running a hand through his hair. "Why is Alex texting you heart emojis?" He groaned. "He's just being sweet" you responded. "Is taking you out to dinner just him being sweet too? Or is it his way of stealing you away from me?" Calum exclaimed.
You were slightly taken back by his sudden outburst. "I'm not gonna leave you cal" you said softly.
Calum was shaking his head as he stood up and left the room. You slipped your phone into your pocket before hurrying after him. "Calum, come on don't do this" you begged. "Just leave y/n" Calum muttered.
"What?" You whispered brokenly. "I'm saving your time. You can leave me cause it's pretty obvious that you'd rather be with Alex" Calum replied. His back was towards you as he leaned against the counters. "I don't" you stuttered while trying to hold back your tears. "Y/n just go" Calum yelled.
You jumped back and hurried out the door. Instead of going to work like you were suppose to, you got in your car and headed for the nearest bar.
Calum pushed himself off the counter when he heard the door close and went into the living. The tears he had been holding back finally escaped his eyes. He had told you to go but he believed he was doing it to help you.
Calum had managed to cry himself to sleep on the couch not long after you left.
Alex scanned the crowd before he spotted you with a bottle of beer against your lips.
He breathed out in relief before rushing over to you. "You're here" you giggled, throwing your arms around his neck. (Comments)

"So you excited?" Ashton asked. He glanced over at you as you both walked up the pathway to his house.
"Not exactly" you mumbled.
Ashton slid his fingers in between yours and gave you a reassuring smile. As you walked in the house following Ashton you were greeted with his family. "It's so nice to meet you" his mom beamed as she pulled you in for a hug. Ashton dropped your hand and took a step closer to his siblings.
"Y/n this is Lauren and Harry" Ashton introduced.
Harry wrapped his arms around your torso right away. "Hi buddy" you laughed as you hugged him back.
Lauren did nothing but scowl at you as she stomped up the stairs. No one had really noticed her disappearance. You shrugged it off and went to meet everyone else in the kitchen. "Do you need any help?" You asked his mom.
"I'm just finishing this up but you can take it to the table if you don't mind" his mom replied.
When his mom finished, you took the bowl and brought it to the table where Lauren was already sitting.
As you set the bowl down, she tipped a glass cup over. The glass was thin so it instantly shatter over your hand. You let out a small scream as blood began pouring out of your hand. Ashton was next to you in a second. One hand on your waist, the other closing around the wrist of your injured hand. "What happened?" His mom asked. "I just knocked the glass over" you said, not wanting to get Lauren in trouble.
Ashton eyed his sister suspiciously as he began pulling you out of the room. "My moms a nurse, she can help" Ashton told you. You nodded, too focused on the pain to even hear what he was saying. The next moment Ashton was lifting you up on the counter following his moms instructions to place your hand under water. When the water hit your cuts, you let out a sob and placed your head in Ashton's neck. A few minutes later his mom came in holding a box of first aid supplies.
Ashton shut the water off and held on to your wrist again.
"I'm warning you now, y/n, this is going to hurt" his mom said.
Ashton stepped to the side, still holding you, and let his mom see your hand. (Comments)

Michael: Part 2
My head was pounding and a wave of dizziness hit me as soon as I sat up in bed the next morning. "There's my girl." Michael smiled as he stepped into my room. He quietly closed the door behind him before he came to sit on the edge of the bed. "How are you doing?" He questioned, tucking some hair behind my ear. "What happened yesterday?" I asked as I leaned into his embrace.
I heard Michael let out a laughed as his hand started to smooth down my hair. "You hit your head when you were going through the window." Michael explained. "Oh." I mumbled. "What time is it?" "9am. I brought you some Advil for you head." Michael added. "Why are you here so early!" I groaned, letting out a chuckle. "Well I came to check on you. But also to tell your mom your cover story." Michael laughed. "Cover story?" I mumbled, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. "I told her that you tripped on a rock and hit your head on the stairs when you were taking out the trash." Michael told me. "Thank you." I whispered, resting my forehead against his chest again. I heard Michael let out a quiet sigh as he rested his cheek on the top of my head. -
I tensed up when I heard the front door open. The loud sound from it slamming shut caused my head to start pounding again. The voices of my parents yelling at each other filled the room, causing me to sink down into the couch.
I listened to them argue for a few minutes before I followed the sound of their voices into the kitchen. "You need a job!" My mom yelled. "What do I need a job for?" My dad replied. "To help pay the bills. For food. To help out with your daughter!" My mom told him, still yelling. "Divorce sounds like a better option!" He yelled.
I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces at my fathers words.
My father pushed past my mom and froze when he saw me standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "How much did you hear?" He seethed.
"Enough." I whispered as I fought to hold back my tears.
I turn to my side in fear when my father clenched his fists. Instead of a punch, I felt him shove me into the door frame before he stormed out of the house. (Comments)

"behold! Our place." Ashton said opening the car door for me and I step out seeing this massive white mansion with a large pool peeking out from behind the house. I smiled to myself in awe grabbing my suitcase that Michael handed over and I started walking up the front steps. I twirled around inside checking out all the modern furniture. "Pretty epic right? your room is going to be upstairs, the first door to your right. you can go check out around here also when you're done unpacking." Ashton said and I brought my suitcase upstairs to my room that I was going to be staying in. I set my luggage on the bed procrastinating to unpack so I decided to just get myself a glass of water and check the place out for a bit. I walked into the kitchen seeing nothing but an ass. My eyes widen and I completely looked away, turning my attention to the refrigerator. "Seem to be missing something?" I asked as he immediately swing his head back, covering his member with an oven mitt that he snatched above the oven. "W-who are you?" "I'm just here to get a glass of water." I grabbed the pitcher and a cup next to who I assume Calum and smiled once he took a good look at me. I poured the water into my drink and sat on the table, gulping it down. He just stared at me in full embarrassment mixed with confusion at everything that was happening. "Don't worry I'm confused too. And confused at why you still haven't moved to put on a pair of pants yet." I said as he takes a look down. "I'm Ashton's sister by the way, y/n. You're Calum right?" He nods his head and I set the glass back down, avoiding eye contact. "I figured. You had your nudes leaked once. I expected this to happen... I'll leave you and your oven mitt to it." I breathed out. Once I knew the tension was growing, I walked back upstairs into my room to start unpacking. The room was pretty neat and cozy with all the black and white furniture and I flopped on my bed hearing Ashton shout my name from downstairs. I groaned hopping off finding my way to the living room seeing Calum finally fully clothed and a boy I haven't met yet ❗️More in comments❗️

"How could you do this to me?" Morgan yelled. "What did I do?" I questioned. "What didn't you do?" She spat. Morgan slammed my locker shut and pushed me against it before she ran down the hallway.
I started after her but stopped when someone placed their hand on my shoulder. "She's not worth it" Luke said.
I sighed and spun around before I wrapped my arms around Luke's waist. I felt Luke wrap his arms around me as he placed a kiss on my head. "Lets head home yeah?" He smiled.
I nodded and took his hand. When we reached the car I tossed my bag in the back and slumped down in my seat. Luke followed my actions and reached over to place his hand on my thigh. He rubbed soothing circles until we arrived at his house. "What did you guys fight about?" Luke asked softly as we took a seat on his couch. "I don't even know" I sighed, trying to hold back tears. "She just said 'how could you?' And stormed off"
I felt Luke's arms around me as I broke down in tears.
His hand rubbed up and down my back as I cried into his chest. "Why are you crying?" Luke asked softly.
"Morgan was the only friend I had left. I can't loose her" I sobbed.
Luke tightened his grip and laid me down on the couch. He kept himself up on his arms. "I'm gonna go pick up some Chinese food for us then we can watch movies the rest of the day" Luke smiled.
"Okay" I whispered.
Luke leaned down and pressed a kiss against my forehead before he moved off the couch. I watched him slip on a jacket before he left. I tried to stay awake but after a few minutes I fell asleep.
Luke's pov*
I was typing out a reply to Calum's text when I felt someone walk into me. "I'm so-" I stopped when I saw Morgan standing in front of me. "Morgan" "Luke" she smiled. "What happened between you and y/n?" I questioned. "She broke up me and my boyfriend" Morgan yelled. "Do you really think your best friend would do that?" I questioned. "Maybe you should be mad at Hannah. She's the real reason you guys broke up"
A look of shock crossed Morgans face before she nodded. "You're right" she whispered. "Y/n's at my house. Come with me" I smiled.
Morgan nodded as she started to follow me. (Comments)


***part one! This imagine is for @milly__hemmings 💚Hope you like this one comment to be tagged :))***
"Remind me again who's STUPID idea it was to go on this camping trip in the first place?!" I sigh as we plodded down the concrete pathway that lead into the forest.
All three of the boys yelled "Michael!!" In unison, all of them just as moody as me.
Michael went the colour of a ghost and dropped his head "alright alright, I didn't know we were gonna get lost did I? Maybe this wouldn't of happened if Luke didn't take so long packing the car" he says in an attempt to shift the blame.
Luke's head whips round "no dude there is no way you can put this on me!" He argues as they jab each other in the shoulders and get lost in their own petty fight.
I sigh and look towards Calum who was waking beside me with his head buried in a map-I swear I'd go crazy if I didn't have him with me. "Any luck with finding the campsite yet?" I say softly, Cal shook his head glumly "no and it's nearly dark already, also who's damn idea was it to ditch the car and look around by foot?!" He chuckles slightly, trying to make light of the situation.
I giggle "guess.." he sighs, rolling his eyes playfully "of course it was mike" he says and I nod laughing.
We carry on our way, Ashton complaining that his feet hurt every so often, but for some reason my mood remained sorta chirpy, maybe it was the little conversations and the odd joke I'd share with Calum on the sly..there had always been something about him that made him different to the rest of the boys to me..like he was some sort of soul mate, we had discussed that together on nights that we couldn't sleep, when storms were just too loud, it would be us two. Him strumming his bass gently as we talked about books, bands, movies..anything really, but on one particular night we had both agreed that we seem to have a deep connection that we'd never experienced before...and by morning our conversations were never heard of, because that's the way we liked it.

Soon we give up and find a trail back to the car, *more in comments⬇️*

***final part!💛thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed ✨***
•6 months later•
My arms stretch out in my sleep expecting to feel Luke beside me, my eyes flutter open when he wasn't and I frown, looking around the room that was flooded with light where he was nowhere to be seen. I wasn't worried though and just figured he'd gone to sort the rent or something, so I get out of bed lazily, rubbing my tired eyes and sloping off to the living room opening the curtains to allow the pleasant sun to warm my skin.
I smile softly at just how happy I'd been recently and step back to lean against the sofa, peering up at all the new Polaroids of us added to Luke's wall.
Suddenly I hear a key being put in the door making me snap out of my sweet daydreams only to see Luke with his infectious grin spread across his face, holding a rather large cardboard box in his hands and a tray of coffee's from the cafe where I work.
"Happy 6 months babe!" He greets happily, putting the box on the breakfast bar gently and handing me one of the drinks. "Chocolate orange coffee-your favourite" he says.
I smile and take it from him "I didn't realise 6 months was something we were going to celebrate?" I giggle.
Luke grins "of course it is..being with you is always something that I want to celebrate..", his vision getting warm as he looked at me.
I blush and raise the cup to my lips in an effort to hide my red cheeks.
He smiled and kind of snapped out of whatever trance he was in, picking up the box again "..so that's why I got you this.." he says handing it to me, and it was then that I noticed the cardboard had three large holes in the top.
Luke watches, grinning. "Open it.." I do as he says and out pops a little white and slightly brown dog peering up at me, dressed in a pink collar.
I smile widely "oh my god!!" I say letting it jump out the box onto the floor and I wrap my arms around him.
He chuckles "shes a girl..I was thinking we could call her petunia?" He says softly.
I giggle "sounds perfect" *more in comments⬇️*

***part thirteen, second to last part. Comment to be tagged :))***
I sniff "but what about your girlfriend?.." making his expression change into confusion "what?.." he says quietly before turning to look at the blonde girl was still sat on the sofa, watching us.
He shook his head frantically "no no no she's not my girlfriend Y/N..I hate to admit it but I kinda used her in an attempt to get over you or make you jealous" he says.
The girls eyes widen and she pouts "what?!" She huffs, getting to her feet and picking up her luminous pink high heels in one hand, trotting off towards the door.
Luke shrugged as he watched her go, not the slightest bit bothered.
The door slammed shut and he looked at me again, his eyes soft "I don't expect you to want anything to do with me after all the messing about I've done." He frowns, dropping his head.
I shake my head and wrap my arms around him gently making him smile and rest his chin on my shoulder.
"Don't be stupid, of course I do!..plus I need somewhere to live, sooo.." I giggle, winking.
He chuckles and kisses my cheek snuggling into me more.

Later the boys came around, stealing Luke's Xbox and making Michael pout at how many games he thought he had lost but had magically found their way into Luke's collection. I giggle as I watched him whilst being sprawled across Luke's chest, our legs tangled together and his lips pressed against my hair, his warm breath shallowing every so often as he chuckled at a remark one of the boys would make.
Hours pass and I feel my eyes slowly coming to a close and the guys low voices turning into a murmur as I drifted off to sleep, Luke's steady and relaxing heart beat becoming my focus..next thing I remember is Luke laying me down amongst the duvets gently, kissing my forehead and whispering sweet nothings as he fell asleep next to me.

***part twelve comment to be tagged***
We walk into the apartment and I thought I could actually feel my heart plummet into the depths of my stomach from the sight of Luke on the sofa with the familiar blonde girl around his waist.
I froze and watched as he let out a moan and got a firm grip on her hair so that he could give himself more leverage to stick his tongue down her throat further.
I could sense Ash looking at me as tears clogged up my eyes and made my vision cloudy.
"Dude!" He let out, his tone gruff.
Luke's eyes snapped up at Ashton's tall figure then moved to look at me. "Back so soon?" He grunted, whilst the girl went in for another kiss.
Ashton growled "yeah, she came back for you, I don't know why when you're sat here on the verge of doing a girl you don't even really like!" He says, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer as tears rolled down my cheeks.
Luke's tone changed only slightly, "what do you mean came back for me?" He says, his hands still placed on the girls hips but his chest averted away from her closeness.
Ashton groaned "she blew me off so she could tell you she liked you.." Luke's complexion warmed "Y/N?.." he questioned, looking at me.
I sniff and nod, clearing my throat "yeah..but clearly there was no point" I rush off in the direction of my room, whimpering and slamming the door shut. Luke sprang from his seat, catching the girl off guard as she got flung to the side. "Y/N wait!" He paces over quickly "I swear if I'd of known.." he says, crouching there with his back against the door. "From the moment you called me up about the apartment advert, and I heard your sweet nervous giggle down the phone I knew there was something about you..and I got even more lucky when you came to the door..the week I spent sorting out flat papers should of been boring as hell, but it wasn't because I was with you..I meant that kiss on the first night more than I've ever meant one..Y/N, I really like you.." he says quietly, his voice echoing through the door. I sniff, wiping my tears and opening the door, making him get to his feet quickly looking me up and down with sad and hopeful eyes.

***part eleven sorry for no upload yesterday❤️comment to be tagged***
I sat beside Ashton in the cinema, his hand laid out across the arm rest, palm open like he wanted to take my hand in his, whilst his eyes focused on the screen. My vision drifts from him to the film a few times and I sigh, I was finding it hard to not think about what Luke said to me before I left..what did he mean there was nothing he could do? And why would he want to?
I notice Ash look over at me, springing me a warming grin that made me smile back. I was having a great time with him but I hated how often Luke would cross my mind.
Soon the film ended and Ashton wrapped his arm over my shoulder,
"Are you okay? Was the film not good?" He frowns slightly
I shake my head "no..the film was great, it's just.." I pause and sigh "it's just..ever since I met Luke he's been on my mind and I..I think I like him.." I admit as I blush and look down.
Ashton's tone changes to less happy "oh..well to tell you the truth, I think he likes you too.." he tells me.
I look up at him suddenly "what? Really?!" I say
He nodded "yeah I mean, from the moment he met he hasn't stop Going on about you to us, kinda annoying actually" he chuckles.
I smile and blush "oh well..tonight's been great Ash but I think I need to talk to him" I say
Ashton nodded "yeah sure il take you home.."

***part eight!🖤double uploads recently, aren't you lucky ducky's?😂 comment to be tagged lovelies***
Regardless of the drink in everyone's system and the questionable 80s rock songs Ashton had chose throughout the night, I was thankful for his company as we sat huddled up together on the sofa whilst everyone passed us by.
Calum had a shot of whiskey glued to his hand as he milled round the kitchen, talking to the other blonde girl, that wasn't attached to Luke's hip. I notice him glance over at us on the sofa a couple of times, his frown lines appearing and his eyebrows pulled together, though he'd look away if he found our vision meeting each other's gaze.
Mostly Ashton would talk about all the drum solos he could do to guns n' roses songs and his deep routed love for chocolate milk, making me giggle playfully as we chant "it's a chocolate milk party! It's a chocolate milk party!" together, watching Michael run in front of us drunkly with one of Luke's duvets tied round his neck like a super hero, kicking beer all over the floor by accident.

1am:- the Mini party had finally died down and all that was left was Ashton snoring loudly on the sofa and Calum and Michael sprawled across the floor in a pool of booze..and Luke? Well he found his way to bed eventually, slurring that he wanted to do that kiss thing again..I giggle and blush slightly before gong to bed myself.

***part seven! Comment to be tagged***
My lips curve up in a slight smile and nod in response to him stood in front of me, before he slumps down on the sofa beside me, swiftly followed by the girl and talking to her about 'just how perfect she looks today..' I sigh and notice a guy just as tall as Luke or maybe a little shorter with tousled, sun kissed locks, just long enough to frame his jawline nicely, I'd seen tons of people here in Australia have the long haired rockstar look, but no one pull it off quite as well as this guy did. In his big hands he clutched a beer he'd probably stolen from Luke's collection in the fridge, turning to talk to another guy, who was tanned and had tattoos all up his arms-both of these regularly starring in Luke's photos.
They smiled and laughed together as the sipped on their beer, before the one with wannabe rockstar hairs eyes flitted round the room and noticing me as someone he didn't recognise. He patted his tanned friend and they both grinned, coming over to sit either side of me, jamming me In the middle, whilst Luke had got up and was taking to the girls near the fireplace.
"Hey!" They said in unison, greeting me with infectious happiness. "You must Luke's new roommate?" Hair dude says.
I nod with a smile. The tanned guy speaks from the other side of me. "Yeah, and you work at the coffee shop down town right? I've seen you in there a couple times..I'm Calum" he introduces. I think: Calum, Luke's bassist, like he said the first day we met.
I nod "nice to meet you" I smile and turn "and you are?" "Ashton." The other grins.
I smile "are you and coloured haired guy in Luke's band..he talks about you a lot" I say
Ashton chuckles and nods "does he?..im ashamed to say he didn't mentioned that his new roomie was the cute girl from the coffee shop.."

***part six! Thought you guys should have another part since the last one was so short.🖤comment to be tagged***
To say things were awkward the next morning would be an understatement. Things were silent as Luke made his coffee before his band practice and I gathered my things up for my shift at the coffee shop.
He let out a large and noticeable sigh as he brought the mug to his lips, "morning.." he says watching me stuff my apartment keys into my bag and quickly braid some little plaits into my hair, I look over at him "morning.." I say back to him, equally as quiet. "Uh I might be back late tonight, the guys and I haven't practiced a lot recently so we're going over a few things.." He tells me.
I nod "okay." I pull my bag over my shoulder and make for a swift exit..
All day in work, Luke was the only thing on my mind, going past tables and collecting empty mugs, behind the till, taking people's orders, my mind was so clouded with thoughts of him and last night, which is why I was glad when my shift finally ended and I walked through town to find the flat empty like Luke had explained.
I sigh and dump my bag down on the sofa beside me and switch the TV on, not paying attention to anything but it was a gladly taken distraction...that was until the hallway was filled with at least 6 voices-one of them being Luke's as they laughed loudly making their way to the living room where I sat.
Three of the guys i recognised from the Polaroids as they stood next to Luke, the other two were girls, very pretty, blondes. one was happy under Luke's arm. "Hey Y/N.." he says to me.

***part five! Short part but thought it deserved its own one. Comment to be tagged lovelies ❤️***
I pull away with blushed cheeks as i touch my lips. "Luke.." i say quietly as his eyes cast over my face softly.
"Uh..uh I shouldn't of done that, I'm sorry. I don't want to make things awkward between us.." he rushed up from his seat, swooping the pizza boxes up and carrying them to the kitchen, placing them on the breakfast bar behind the sofa. I get up to, still a little fuzzy from what just happened and try to stop him from being so suddenly frazzled "n-no Luke it's okay.." I say quietly, but he just turned to be and shook his head "..just forget about it.." he looks over at the digital clock sitting on the window sill that read: '11:05pm.' He sighs, "it's late, we should probably get some sleep" he says turning off Zelda, making the room suddenly all too quiet. "Goodnight Y/N.." turning off the kitchen light as he traipsed off to his room. "Night Luke.." I sigh to myself , waiting a few minutes and looking down at my jiggly -puff onesie feet before shutting myself in my bedroom and laying down and looking up at the warm coloured fairy lights stuck to the celling. What just happened?..What did I do?

***part four! Comment to be tagged***
Luke flickered on the apartment lights with his spare hand as he carried a load of boxes in the other and left them beside the coffee table in the centre of the room.
He giggled as he came over and gradually unloaded me of my tower of things because my arms were about to give way, I blush and breathe out a sigh of relief as the weight of the boxes eased. "Thanks for your help" I say quietly and smile
He shook his head with a grin "it's no problem really...did you want to unpack today or does Xbox and takeout sound better?" he chuckles.
I giggle "the second one" as I lay across the sofa after getting the controllers. I notice Luke smirk to himself briefly and then his expression changed into a pout. "Hey! Don't lie on my sofa like that.." he says with an annoyed tone, making me blush a bright pink and jump off the sofa quickly. "Uh..uh s-sorry" I stutter and look down.
Suddenly a load of chuckles tumble out of his mouth "of course I'm joking Y/N, you can do whatever you want it's your house now too" he smiles.
I look up at him, my cheeks still flushed and let out a giggle "oh.." He grins "il go order the pizza, you choose the game, they're all in there.." he points to the small cupboard under the TV. "I stole most of them from Michael" he says, heading into the kitchen with his phone in hand.
I smile, I didn't know who this Michael was but I figured it was one of the guys from the Polaroids he had around the flat.
I get up and dig out my jiggly puff onesie from one of the boxes and head into the bathroom to get changed, before choosing Zelda to play and setting it up

Soon we nicely stuffed with pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza, I found it strange how he'd guessed my favourite toppings already even though he happily expressed his disgust with people that liked pineapple on their pizza and making me laugh.
We slouched opposite each other on the sofa and playfully fought about what level we wanted to do until I noticed his eyes glancing at me softly and I blush.."
what?.." I giggle *more in comments⬇️*

***part three! Kind of a filler💖comment your option to be tagged*** Over the week Luke and I have been getting to know each other whilst we sorted paperwork and living arrangements and it surprised me how quickly he became like a friend to me and the prospect of moving in with him became less daunting...
He even offered to help move my stuff to the apartment and so he comes to my door bright and early on the weekend and greets me with a grin.
"Hey Y/N!" He says, standing in the doorway, I smile but I was conscience of my mum, hovering around in the kitchen pretending to be busy.
Luke soon realised this too and chuckled quietly, nibbling on his lipring (something I'd already became quite fond of) as his eyes read my expression and my mum came bounding out. "Oh is that your new roomie Y/N!" She says excitedly, I grimace at her name for Luke and look down nervously.
He chuckles "Hey Mrs Y/L/N, I just came by to help Y/N move her stuff over to the apartment.." he tells her.
She beams "oh how sweet of you!" And looks over at me like she expects an invitation to the wedding, making me roll my eyes and blush, sending her glance that hopefully came across as: 'please leave me alone' -I love my mum but I always hated it when she'd get ahead of herself like that.
Thankfully she did get the message and went back into the kitchen.
I look up at Luke and mouth a 'sorry' to him and he giggles and comes into the house to get my stuff together with me.
Soon enough we had loaded all my things up into cardboard boxes and were outside packing them into Luke's car.
He smirks playfully and leans against the bonnet "soooo roomie.." he chuckles, referring to the nickname my mum had given him earlier, I giggle and blush slightly, digging him in arm "shut up idiot.." he laughs "wanna get pizza takeout in celebration of our first night living together?" He asks, shutting the boot.
I smile and nod "sounds good.."

***part two! Comment what you think to be tagged***
I called Luke and he told me to go by the apartment and check it out to see if I liked the place and him, since we could potentially be spending a lot of time together.
He sounded nice enough on the phone but I couldn't hide my nerves as I headed through the apartment lobby to the lift and up to the buzzers.
I straighten out my black top and neaten my hair in anxious preparation for whoever was behind the door, and it was safe to say I was given a pleasant surprise as his tall figure towered over me and greeted me with a warming smile, flashing me his white teeth and nibbling on his lipring that hung on his lower lip nicely. "Hey I'm Luke!" He grins putting his hand out to shake mine. "Y/N." I reply, smiling, shaking his large hands. He looked me up and down for a second, making me feel a little self conscious before he leant against the door, giving me space to come in.
I look around at the many band posters that were draped across the walls, and at the few Polaroids he had up of him and friends.
Luke sprung me a lopsided smile rubbing the back of his neck as he lead me through the small hall way to the living room/kitchen. "uh..it's not much but it's gotta beat living with your parents hey?" He says.
I smile "yeah" I look past his broad shoulder at the guitar that was propped up on a stand against a window.
Luke turned his head to see what I was looking at. "Oh yeah, I should probably tell you now that my band come over to practice sometimes and we can be pretty loud..so if that would be a problem.." he trailed off.
I shake my head "no, actually, the band thing was something that attracted me to your article, since I play to" I tell him.
His eyes lit up. "Oh really?! What do you play?" He asks happily
"Piano and bass" I answer.
Luke nodded leading me briefly to see the bathroom "aw Calum would be happy.." he says.
"Calum?" I ask as he shows me the bedroom I'd be staying in too. "Yeah, that's our bassist" he informs me.
I nod, tucking my hands in my jean pockets "nice.." I smile.
Luke smiled back at me as we stopped back in the living room again *more in comments⬇️*

***part one! Comment your opinion to be tagged***
I've recently left college and finally conjured up enough money to find a place away from home, so now I'm sitting in this small town coffee shop with the housing article open in a newspaper in front of me. it all seems slightly old fashioned as I skim through the flats on offer, drawing big red crosses over apartments that were clearly owned by either girls that drank too much or guys that clearly wanted a hot female roomie they were hoping to get under.
I sigh, looking out at the Australian sun gleaming through the large bay window as the waitress came over, placing my top up of coffee down on the table. "No luck?" She asks with a sympathetic frown imprinted on her lips.
I shake my head and let out another sigh with a frown. "I'm sorry, I hope you find somewhere Y/N" she says as she walks off-everyone knew my name here as I always came. I nod in response and look back down at the paper, feeling hopeless as I flicked to the last page of houses-my final chance to find something half decent and it wasn't looking hopeful..until I found a small modern apartment downtown owned by a guy called Luke Hemmings, who apparently sang and played guitar in an upcoming band and 'just really needs some help with rent' underneath his little blurb of info about himself and the house, he left his number, I circle it with my pen, everything seemed nice enough and not like this guy was a crazy axe murder so I decided to call...

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