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"How could you do this to me?" Morgan yelled. "What did I do?" I questioned. "What didn't you do?" She spat. Morgan slammed my locker shut and pushed me against it before she ran down the hallway.
I started after her but stopped when someone placed their hand on my shoulder. "She's not worth it" Luke said.
I sighed and spun around before I wrapped my arms around Luke's waist. I felt Luke wrap his arms around me as he placed a kiss on my head. "Lets head home yeah?" He smiled.
I nodded and took his hand. When we reached the car I tossed my bag in the back and slumped down in my seat. Luke followed my actions and reached over to place his hand on my thigh. He rubbed soothing circles until we arrived at his house. "What did you guys fight about?" Luke asked softly as we took a seat on his couch. "I don't even know" I sighed, trying to hold back tears. "She just said 'how could you?' And stormed off"
I felt Luke's arms around me as I broke down in tears.
His hand rubbed up and down my back as I cried into his chest. "Why are you crying?" Luke asked softly.
"Morgan was the only friend I had left. I can't loose her" I sobbed.
Luke tightened his grip and laid me down on the couch. He kept himself up on his arms. "I'm gonna go pick up some Chinese food for us then we can watch movies the rest of the day" Luke smiled.
"Okay" I whispered.
Luke leaned down and pressed a kiss against my forehead before he moved off the couch. I watched him slip on a jacket before he left. I tried to stay awake but after a few minutes I fell asleep.
Luke's pov*
I was typing out a reply to Calum's text when I felt someone walk into me. "I'm so-" I stopped when I saw Morgan standing in front of me. "Morgan" "Luke" she smiled. "What happened between you and y/n?" I questioned. "She broke up me and my boyfriend" Morgan yelled. "Do you really think your best friend would do that?" I questioned. "Maybe you should be mad at Hannah. She's the real reason you guys broke up"
A look of shock crossed Morgans face before she nodded. "You're right" she whispered. "Y/n's at my house. Come with me" I smiled.
Morgan nodded as she started to follow me. (Comments)

Michael: "Back" I yelled when I entered the apartment. "Hey" y/n said. I smiled and placed the two bags on the counter before going into the living room. "Hey baby" I replied as I fell on the couch next to her. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to peck her lips. "Where did you go?" She asked.
"We needed a few things from the store and I also had to go help Calum move some furniture in his house" I explained as I glanced at the clock. It was already after noon. "Sorry, I didn't realize I would be gone so long"
"It's fine" y/n smiled. "So what have you done all day?" I questioned, rubbing circles on her arm with my thumb. "I cleaned a little bit but I've mostly been watching tv" she laughed. "We could go do something now if you'd like" I suggested, pressing my lips against her temple. "Like what?" Y/n questioned.
"We could take the dogs for a walk" I answered. "I don't know" she said hesitantly. "I don't really feel good" "What's wrong?" I asked immediately, my eyes scanning over her face before meeting her eyes. "Just a headache" y/n said. "Maybe some fresh air will help" I smiled. "You don't want to be cooped up in the apartment all day"
When she stayed silent, I dipped my head down so I could meet her eyes again and smiled. "Come on, don't you want to fix this?" I chuckled, poking her stomach. I instantly regretted what I said when I saw the crushed look come across y/n's face. "No no no no baby girl" I rushed out, taking her into my arms. "No I didn't mean that. I'm sorry"
I felt y/n shake in my arms as sobs rocked through her body. I hit too close to home with that one. Y/n had been bullied in school because of her weight and she was really insecure when it came to her stomach.
"Shh shh" I hushed, smoothing down her hair. "I'm just an idiot. Don't listen to me" I told her.
I laid my cheek on the top of her head and tried to bring her closer to me. I felt her tears going through my shirt. "Y/n, baby, I'm so sorry" I whispered. "It's fine" she said shakily as she pulled back.
I sighed and brought my thumb up to brush across her cheek. "Let me make it up to you" I murmured. (Comments)

"You do not treat a customer like that" My boss screamed at me.
I shuddered back at the sound of his voice. "I didn't do anything" I said quietly. "One more slip up and you're fired" he stated harshly before he stormed out of his office. I wiped the stray tear from my face before I hurried off to finish my shift.
Once the clock hit 5 I grabbed my purse and hurried to the door. "Y/n" my boss called.
I stopped walking and slowly spun around. "Please bring back your uniform within the next week" he said. "Why?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady. "I'm firing you" he sighed. "You've made too many mistakes. I'm sorry" He turned on his heel and walked towards the back of the store.
I let the tears fall freely down my face as I ran back to my car.
I sat behind the wheel with my head in my hands as I tried to calm down. A few moments later, I put the keys in the ignition and turned them. The car sputtered then went silent. "Perfect" I groaned, hitting my head against the steering wheel.
I lifted my head up when I heard someone tapping on my window. I rolled it down to see a guy around my age standing next to my car. "Do you need help?" He questioned. "You don't happen to know how to jump start a car do you?" I asked. "It just so happens I do" He smiled. I squinted my eyes to try and see him better in the dark. He looked familiar. I quickly shook my head before I got out of the car.
He quickly brought his car over to me and parked next to my car. When he got out of the car he was holding two cables and a little blue box. I didn't question what he was doing as he popped the hood of my car and connected one of the cables. He connected the other one to his car. "What's the box?" I asked, clearing my throat. "It's for you" He responded as he tossed it over to me. I caught it and flipped it over to see my name scribbled on the top of it. I furrowed my eyebrows before tearing it open. "Who are you?" I asked. "Take a guess"
The guy turned to face me and took his hood off. I gasped and dropped the box as Luke stood in front of me with a smile on his face.
Luke was my boyfriend that I had met over Twitter a few years ago. (Comments)

"I'd like you to meet my little cousin Jason" Luke laughed as the little kid came running over to us. Luke kneeled down and held his arms open for the kid. "Lukey" Jason cried. "Hey buddy" Luke smiled, ruffling his hair. He stood up and kept Jason in his arms.
"This is my girlfriend, y/n" Luke said. "You're right Luke" he said. "She is pretty"
Luke blushed as he looked over at me.
I raised my eyebrows at him, waiting for him to explain but he only laughed. "Y/n I want to show you my sandbox" Jason said excitedly.
Luke placed him down so he could grab my hand. Luke was laughing as Jason dragged me out the back door. He pulled me around to the side of the house where his sandbox was. "Look what I'm building" He said. "Awesome dude" I smiled, sitting on the edge of the sandbox. "You know what would make it really cool?" I said.
"What?" Jason asked.
I reached over and picked a stick up off the ground before sticking it in the top of his sand castle. A smile came across Jason's face as he picked up another stick. He place it on top of another sand castle. We walked around the yard together, picking up sticks and little pebbles to put on top of the castles. I helped decorate them while Jason built several others. Before we knew it we had a tiny village made of sand. "I'll be right back buddy" I smiled. Jason nodded, too busy building another building of sand. "Hey baby" Luke smiled when I entered the house. "Hey" I greeted. I pecked his lips and went over to the fridge.
I pulled out a water bottle before turning to face Luke again.
"Where have you been?" He asked.
"Jason and I have been playing in his sandbox" I responded.
"Really?" Luke smiled. "Yeah, I got to get back. He's waiting on me" I chuckled.
Luke nodded and came over to kiss my forehead before I went back outside.
Jason wasn't in the sandbox when I walked back outside. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around for him. "Jason" I called. I walked around to the other side of the yard and found him sitting up against a tree.
"Hey buddy what's wrong?" I questioned. I got on my knees in front of him and pulled his hands away from his face. (Comments)

"Y/n hurry" I repeated. It felt like I had been sitting on the couch for hours just waiting for her to get ready. We were only going to her parents house for dinner so I didn't know why she was taking so long. After another few minutes y/n came down the stairs and stood in front of me. "How do I look?" She smiled. "Great now lets go" I muttered. Her smiled faltered as she followed me over to the door. She slipped on a jacket and grabbed the keys before we left.
As soon as we rang the door bell the door flew open and her mother stepped out, pulling both of us into a hug.
"Calum I love the blond in your hair" She said.
"Thanks" I laughed.
Her mother stepped to the side and let us both in. I fist bumped Jake, y/n's brother, and took a seat at the table across from her father. "Dinners almost ready" Her mom called as she returned to the kitchen.
"Calum, what's up man? How you been?" Jake asked me. "All he does is play video games" Y/n laughed. "That's all Jake does too" her father replied. "It's what I live for" Jake smirked.
I laughed and fist bumped him again.
Jake and I continued to talk about video games until y/n's mom started placing food on the table. "Hey where'd you go?" I asked as y/n sat next to me again. "Just talking to my mom" she shrugged. "Hey, sorry I'm late" a girls voice suddenly rang out. "Hey Clair" Jake said, not taking his eyes off his phone.
I reached over and placed my hand on y/n's knee under the table. I noticed how she had dropped her gaze to her lap.
Y/n had always told me about how her parents always favored Clair. Jake had even backed her up on it. "Wow honey, you look amazing" Y/n's mom said as she came in the room. "Yeah, you really do look great" Her father added.
I turned around to look at her and felt my jaw drop. No matter how much y/n had said about her sister, I couldn't deny that she was beautiful. "Clair you look so different" Jake said. "And I thought y/n looked good" I said quietly to Jake. He laughed and nodded his head.
Y/n suddenly pushed her chair back and ran out the front door. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked over at her mother. "I think you need to talk to her" she murmured.

"Y/n are we watching a movie or not?" Calum yelled. "I'm coming, I'm coming" I yelled back. I pulled my socks on before I went downstairs. Calum grabbed my waist when I reached the bottom and slung me over his shoulder. I let out a squeal when he did. Calum fell back on the couch with me on top of him. A moment later I let out a shriek as his hands started tickling my sides. "Calum stop" I yelled as tears poured out of my eyes from laughing so hard. Calum halted his actions and puckered his lips. "Only if you give me a kiss" he said. "You look like a fish" I laughed. "That wasn't a kiss" Calum sassed.
"No you look weird" I said, squishing his cheeks. Calum groaned and pushed me off of him. I rolled onto the ground as Calum got up and leaned over me. I smiled and brought my hands to his tummy. "I love how squishy your stomach is" I said. "It's not squishy" Calum pouted. "Yes you are" I smiled, running my finger tips over his arms. "I have muscles" Calum said. "Where?" I laughed. "Whatever" Calum muttered as he stood up. I propped myself up on my elbows as I watched him walk away. "Cal" I said. He didn't answer me, but instead went upstairs. I quickly scrambled to my feet and followed him.
"Are you okay Calum?" I asked through the door.
I waited for a moment before I opened the door. Calum stared blankly at the wall in front of him. I cautiously stepped forward and took a seat next to him. When I placed my arm around him he broke down into tears. "I hate what they've been saying about me" Calum cried.
"Who's been saying what about you?" I asked him softly as I brought my other hand up to brush through his hair. "I've seen tweets talking about how out of shape I am" Calum cried. "People that say that aren't real fans then" I said. "And you aren't out of shape Calum, you know that. Stop letting them control what you think" "Come on y/n don't lie to me, you said so yourself" Calum said. "Baby I was just kidding. I know that you have muscles. Have you heard how loud you close the car door?" I laughed. Calum cracked a smile as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Calum: "So where are we going today?" Y/n questioned as she fell next to me on the couch. "Wherever you want to go" I smiled, kissing her cheek. "The beach?" She questioned.
"Sounds good" I smiled. "Can we go now?" Mali asked. "Who said you were invited?" Calum questioned. "No one but that's not gonna stop me from going" she smiled as she sat down next to me.
Y/n laughed before laying her head on my sisters shoulder. "Of course you can go" she said. "I was going anyways" Mali replied with a smile.
Once we were all ready we piled into the car and left. Y/n had come to California with me and my family for a week and this was the first time we had gone to the beach.
"Look how pretty the water is" Mali gasped. "This is why I didn't want to bring her" I groaned as we walked behind her hand in hand. "Oh shut up" y/n nudged my shoulder. "You love your sister"
I smiled and shook my head before sticking my foot out in front of her. Y/n tripped and fell face first into the sand. "I hate you Calum Hood" she yelled with a pout. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I laughed, holding my hand out for her. She gripped it and pulled me down into the sand with her. "That's it" I stood up and gripped her waist, pulling her up with me. "You have 10 seconds to run before I throw you into that ocean" I smirked.
Y/n shrieked before she took off running.
I easily caught up to her and tapped her on the back. "Tag" I yelled. "You're it" I took off running the way I came. As I was running I looked over my shoulder and noticed y/n, bent over trying to catch her breath. "Babe" I yelled.
She glanced up at me and held one finger up. After a moment she collapsed into the sand. "Y/n" I yelled, racing over to her. I pulled her up and into my lap. "Mali" I yelled. "Mali, bring y/n's bag over here"
My sister quickly nodded before she grabbed the bag and ran it over to me. "What happened?" She questioned. "Find her inhaler" I said. "Come on y/n, you'll be okay" I whispered, cupping her cheek in my hand. "Here it is" Mali exclaimed, handing it over to me. I put a few puffs of the medicine from inside into y/n's mouth. "What happened to her?" Mali asked.

I looked around at all the smiling people, hugging and kissing, as our graduation caps rained down on us. Calum promised he would be here. I forced a smile as my parents and a few of my friends pulled me in for hugs. The ceremony didn't last long and soon I was in my friends car, heading back to my house.
I once again put on a fake smile as I followed everyone into the house. Some of my other friends and family had already arrived before us to set up for our graduation party. Weeks ago I had told Calum about it and he promised that he would be home in time to see me graduate. "Are you okay honey?" My mom questioned. She placed her hand on my back and lead me out of the crowded living room. "I'm fine" I nodded. "Calum didn't show up did he?" She gave me a sad smile. "He's busy" I said. "Too busy for you?" She questioned. "Mom please" I pushed past her and hurried up to my room.
I slammed the door shut and slid down it until I hit the floor. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed Luke.
"Yes?" Luke questioned once he picked up the phone. "Luke" I said, struggling to hold back tears. "What happened?" Luke asked softly. "Do you know where Calum is?" I asked in a shaky voice. "He's still in Sweden" Luke replied. "Why?"
"He promised he'd be here" I couldn't stop myself from crying this time and quickly hung up the phone before Luke could hear me. I tossed my phone to the side and pulled my knees up to my chest.
I lost track of time but it was several hours later when two pairs of feet came running down the hallway. Soon after, light flooded into my room but I didn't stop to see who it was. "There you are baby girl" I felt someone gently place their hand on my arm. "Y/n, look at my baby" I heard Calum say. "I don't want to" I whispered. "Cal" Luke said quietly. "Maybe you should give her some space"
I curled into a ball as Calum's hand left my arm. "What happened?" Calum said to Luke. "Did you forget what today is?" I cried.
I heard Calum swear under his breath before he pulled me into his lap. His hand cupped my cheek as his eyes searched mine. (Comments)

"Do you want to go to South America with us?" Luke asked excitedly through the phone. "It's 4am" I groaned. "I know I know but my mom is sick and she can't go with us so we have an extra ticket. It's yours if you would like to come" Luke explained.
"I have nothing packed Luke" I said. "I'm standing on your porch now. Let me in and I'll help you pack" Luke said.
I laughed before I went down to open the door.
Luke engulfed me in a hug before taking my hand and pulling me upstairs. "The flight leaves at 7am but we have to be at the airport in an hour" Luke said.
I nodded as I stuffed some clothes in my suit case. Luke tossed a couple of pants in before he zipped it up. He pulled it behind him as we walked down the stairs. A wave of cold air hit me when we walked outside and a shiver ran up my spine. "Get in baby" Luke smiled.
I smiled at him gratefully and walked around to the passengers side.
Luke got in moments after and took my hand into his. "Why are you so cold?" Luke chuckled. "Because my boyfriend forced me outside at 4am" I grumbled. "Someone's grouchy" Luke said. "I'm not I'm just tired" I whined.
Luke chuckled again as he turned his attention to the road. We met his father and his brother at the airport almost an hour later. After we went through everything at the airport my nerves started to kick in. As a child, airplanes had always been my number one fear. But I hadn't been on a plane in years and I thought I had gotten over it. "Are you okay?" Luke asked as he watched me twirl the bracelets around my wrist. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I smiled. Luke shrugged and went back to the conversation with his dad. A few minutes later our flight was called and my nerves skyrocketed. My heart rate increased as we inched closer to the desk. His dad handed over the tickets and we were soon walking onto the plane.
I tried to keep my breathing under control but it was difficult. "Hey, are you okay?" Jack asked.
Luke snapped his head towards me when Jack did.
"Yeah" I answered back in a shaky voice. "You don't look okay, what's wrong?" Luke asked.
"Get out of the way" someone yelled. "Shut up" Jack muttered. (Comments)


***new Michael imagine! It's been awhile since I've done a mikey one soooπŸ™ƒβœ¨ how do you like the first edit??πŸ’™
'🌼' to be tagged in p2!***
"Just do it Y/N!" Calum said with a smirk as he cradled a beer and watched me in front of him in my white bikini; I stood on the edge of the cliff, the three of them sitting behind with amused expressions.
I whip my head round to throw him a bitter scowl as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, before taking the jump and landing in the deep blue water, at least a few minutes after originally taking the fall.
My lungs struggled in the ice cold liquid and I desperately gasped for air, the sun had definitely deceived me as it shone brightly over our little hidden island, but clearly it hadn't managed to warm the water I bobbed up and down in.
I hear four sets of mouths tumble open with laughter as they observed me miles below them. "You okay Y/N?" Luke asked, trying to sound considerate despite his giggles being all too clear. "s-shut up..h-hemmings.." I stutter, my teeth chattering. For a minute I was sure I couldn't feel a single limb, as my whole body froze over and I whimper, swimming quickly to a jagged, sand -coloured bolder next to the cliff.
I hear a loud splash from behind me and I get covered in yet more freezing water as Michael had thrown himself in after me..lifting me up in his pale arms and holding me tightly to his chest as he moved to the hot sand, my skin feeling quite the contrast between the two temperatures. He smiled and sat beside me as Ashton came over with his most prize possession..-the rainbow towel as he hung it loosely on my shaking shoulders and the the three of them sat in line with Michael and I. "Fun or what?" Calum smirked and I roll my eyes "no. Not fun" I pout, grabbing his hand and insisting that he felt my pulse as it pounded in my chest.
Cal chuckled "I love it, it's the adrenaline rush" he grinned
Michael laughed "you've always been the thrill seeker though..doesn't mean you have to subject Y/N to it.." he smiled at me.
I smile back and rest on his shoulder as I cuddled into the towel and the sand burned my ass, thankful for the way he stuck up for me.
Cal rolled his eyes

***final part!πŸ’™ I'm sorry I feel like this one was such a flop! going to start doing edits for the parts in future stories! :))✨***
The hours pass all too quickly. It was 6:30 by the time Ashton's car returned outside my house. He gets out silently and pulls that grin I always like, whilst he stood in front of me , and by now I was sure that my cheeks were stained the colour of strawberries as that's all they seemed to do when Ashton Irwin was near. "See you in school.." he says softly as he grinned at me absently, but not absent like he'd left, but like he had a lot of things on his mind..all good things I hoped..
I smile back and let out a "yeah.." quietly,
At once, his warms arms were around me again and he stayed there for a while as I cuddled into his hoodie. We both pulled away reluctantly and I smile at him before turning to walk back into the house. I hear his engine start a few minutes after I get back to my room and I feel this weird fuzzy feeling like I wasn't sure the past hours I'd spent with him were real and all just part of a horrible dream...
*6 months pass*
I sit in my boyfriend Ashton's car as he drives us to school and he passes me his iPod with his free hand, I smile and look, as his screen showed his music with a playlist named 'Y/NπŸ’œ' I blush and look at him and he grins "I made it for you.." I look through and my heart warms as I see every song i said I loved, or reminded me of us and a few I'd heard him play for me in the past. I smile brightly and kiss him as pulls up outside school, wrapping an arm around me. "I love you baby..oh! And mum wants to know if you can babysit Harry again tonight?.." he grins, I smile warmly "sure..."

***part ten! 2 parts today! 1 or 2 parts left! Xx 'πŸ’™' to be tagged***
Ashton and I talked for ages about what seemed like everything, music, school, future plans. as empty smoothie containers and coffee mugs covered our table, and a waitress in a pink piny-four traipses over "its closing time, its 5am and we need to get ready for the next rush.." she says pulling a half-hearted smile.
My eyes widen "god, its that time already?! We've got school in a few hours!" I say
Ashton chuckled, totally relaxed. "it's okay..il get you home before time..besides I wouldn't mind being late if it meant I got to spend more time with you" he smiled.
I feel my cheeks glow and I smile softly in reply as we get up from the booth and head out of the cafe to the parking lot.. the sky was an early morning, pale blue and I grin "I've always liked the world at this time..it's quite and peaceful.." Ashton smiled, taking a seat on the bonnet of his car and looking at me with his deep golden eyes "you're so interesting..and beautiful.." he says softly lying back on his black hoodie.
I giggle, that hopeless blush of pink returning to my cheeks as I lay beside him. "I'm so lucky, you came to babysit.." he chuckles gently as we look up at the cloudless sky.

***part nine! 'πŸ’™' to be tagged***
"It's the middle of the night Ashton.." I say looking at him with sleepy eyes and leaning back on my heels with my hands shoved in my pockets from the cold.
Ashton smiles softly "actually it's really early in the morning.." he flashes me the time on his lock screen that read 3:30am. "But I couldn't sleep knowing you were mad at me.." he says, rubbing the back of his neck and looking down at the ground.
I sigh, running a hand through my bed- head hair "I'm not mad at you..more mad at myself for getting my hopes up.." I shrug
He frowned "I really did want to see you..and I was wondering if you'd get a smoothie with me?" He asks. I giggle and furrow my eyebrows in confusion "what? Now? At 3 in the morning, dressed like this?" I say wafting I hand over my badly put together outfit.
He chuckles "yes dressed like this..I look great.." he jokes and winks opening the car door for me. I roll my eyes playfully and get into the passenger seat as he drives through the early morning dark to a 24 hour cafe, pulling up in the empty parking lot and confidently wrapping an arm around me.
I was glad of his body heat as his arms surrounded me and my cheeks blushed a light pink.
The cafe its self was lit with a cheap artificial lighting and the waitresses looked exhausted from their long shifts
But I couldn't deny the warm and excited sparks that fizzed in the pit of my stomach as I glanced at Ashton opposite me, his big hands hugging his transparent smoothie cup with his perfect flashy grin.

*** part eight! It feels good to be back into the swing of regular writing :)) also do you like my new icon?πŸ˜‚;)x 'πŸ’™' to be tagged in the next one!***
That is the colour of the sky as I look out at it tonight. It is also the colour of my bedroom walls that cast shadows dancing across them, as the sun disappears and day turns into night.
Selfishly, I still expected to get some type of text of Ashton even after I was so off with him in English earlier. But of course, i didn't and i sigh, rolling my blinds down and shutting the world out for the night. I climb off my bed and strip down to my usual baggy band tee and sweat pants to sleep in. Surprisingly I fell asleep quickly, and I dreamt of nothing, just sleep, which my brain was more than thankful for..that was until I heard the distant sound of a car horn muffled behind the blinds and the glass of my window, I open my eyes sleepily, rubbing them as I get to my feet. It was still night time; as no light streamed through, but I yawn and open the window through the blinds, my vision focusing just like the delay of an old camera, until I saw the tall frame of Ashton leaning against his car with a slight smile on his face, the sound of my phone caught my attention as it buzzed in my hands, he had text. 'Sorry I know its late..and I'm sorry about how I stood you up, but will you get changed and come down so I can make it up to you? -Ash Xx'
I take a second glance at his perfect lopsided grin, sighing and changing into a pair of jeans and straightening out my AC/DC shirt.
Walking down the stairs quietly and heading towards his car...

***part seven!! Another regular upload! Woo! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚x 'πŸ’™' to be tagged***
I sat in my English class and Ashton sat on the desk beside mine, his big honey coloured eyes looming over ever so often as the teacher spoke. I didn't look at him though, and just kept a tight grip on my pen and my eyes pinned to the board.
"Im sorry.." he says quietly once we had been given our task.
I'm still not looking at him but I can only guess that he has this sorrowful frown indented on his lips that I've only seen a couple times before. "For what?.." I ask plainly, acting as if I wasn't aware he had left me for hours at the gate, as I wrote a few sentences, looking down at my page. "For not doing what I had promised" he answers "..you see my brother had this guitar lesson he had to go to and-.." I turn to him "Ashton just stop, you don't owe me anything and if you didn't want to hang out..you should of just said" I say, cutting off.
He shook his head and his lips quivered as if he was about to respond, but he didn't. And let out a small sigh, leaning back on his chair as the teacher got our attention again.
I pout and look at her, but all her words became a muffled mess, some type of background noise to all my thoughts in my head.

***part six! At long last! Thank you for waiting so patiently xx 'πŸ’™' to be tagged***
I sat in maths, my final class watching the clock torment me with every passing minute, until finally the bell goes and I get up to collect my homework.
going to wait for Ashton at the gate feeling apprehensive and kinda stupid as people pass me with judgey looks as to why I hadn't moved an inch since the bell rang.
Soon enough the whole school was desolate and yet I still stood waiting for him, like I expected him to come out of nowhere with his grin and a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he'd kept me waiting, but no. Instead he had left me traipsing back home with my head down watching gusts of wind blow dead leaves along the road beside me.
It was my own fault really. I mean, what reason did he have to give me the time of day?" I come into the house silently and sigh putting my keys back in my pocket. "Where have you been..why are you home so late?" My mum calls from the living room.
I sigh "no where mum, just got held up at school..nothing to worry about" I lie and head up the stairs without giving her chance to reply.
I got to my room and dump my backpack on the floor just wanting to crawl into bed and shut the world away from my rejection. Stupidly I thought he might of sent an apologetic text or something to make me feel less embarrassed, but my lock screen was left bare.

hey babies!! Sorry again for being so ridiculously inactive! And thanks a lot of you for still following meπŸ’™πŸ’™βœ¨πŸ˜‚
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Michael: Part 2
My head was pounding and a wave of dizziness hit me as soon as I sat up in bed the next morning. "There's my girl." Michael smiled as he stepped into my room. He quietly closed the door behind him before he came to sit on the edge of the bed. "How are you doing?" He questioned, tucking some hair behind my ear. "What happened yesterday?" I asked as I leaned into his embrace.
I heard Michael let out a laughed as his hand started to smooth down my hair. "You hit your head when you were going through the window." Michael explained. "Oh." I mumbled. "What time is it?" "9am. I brought you some Advil for you head." Michael added. "Why are you here so early!" I groaned, letting out a chuckle. "Well I came to check on you. But also to tell your mom your cover story." Michael laughed. "Cover story?" I mumbled, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. "I told her that you tripped on a rock and hit your head on the stairs when you were taking out the trash." Michael told me. "Thank you." I whispered, resting my forehead against his chest again. I heard Michael let out a quiet sigh as he rested his cheek on the top of my head. -
I tensed up when I heard the front door open. The loud sound from it slamming shut caused my head to start pounding again. The voices of my parents yelling at each other filled the room, causing me to sink down into the couch.
I listened to them argue for a few minutes before I followed the sound of their voices into the kitchen. "You need a job!" My mom yelled. "What do I need a job for?" My dad replied. "To help pay the bills. For food. To help out with your daughter!" My mom told him, still yelling. "Divorce sounds like a better option!" He yelled.
I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces at my fathers words.
My father pushed past my mom and froze when he saw me standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "How much did you hear?" He seethed.
"Enough." I whispered as I fought to hold back my tears.
I turn to my side in fear when my father clenched his fists. Instead of a punch, I felt him shove me into the door frame before he stormed out of the house. (Comments)

Hey guys so a couple years ago I wrote a Calum fanfic and published it on my Wattpad.
I'm actually for once proud of something I've written and I've actually completed itπŸ˜‚
If you'd like to read it I'll leave the link to it in my bio
Also maybe leave a comment and vote, it would mean so muchπŸ’—
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CHAPTER 2 (your POV) "Y/N, youre being summoned. Room 18." One of my teachers tell me as I braid my hair over my shoulder, looking into the mirror. It was the only time we get to look in the mirror. The day of our births, once a year, only. This year was extra special.

This was so we would 't be too full of ourselves and become vain and self obsessed. I don't know what to think this very moment, staring at my reflection. My features seem to have sharpened throughout the year, my hair longer than before, of course. This is is.

I get up and walk over to the hall of rooms for training. Every room was for a specific age group with room 001 being for the one year olds to train and so on. In all my years, i have never been inside room 18. Usually, as the eldest for a few years, I was able to go in room ahead of me at will but 18 has been forbidden until the test on your 18th birthday week. "Y/N. welcome. Please sit down." A voice says.

I sit in the nearest chair, back straight, head held up high, just like they taught me.

Out walks a tall man from the corner of the room. His silhouette is lean and thin under the cloth of his suit. He sits in the chair in front of me, a desk resting between us and I immediately know who he is. Mr. Calum Hood, the boss and founder of... well whatever they really called this place. I've never really seen him but now that I et the chance to, i feel jitters and nervous, but I quickly hush it up and keep my cool. "Hello, Mr. Hood. It's an honor." I say in the monotone voice of mine. "How do you feel, Y/N?" He asks. "Good, Sir. Confident." "Not nervous at all?" I shake my head. He seems taken back by surprise but then he covers it with a charming, but spooky smile. If he weren't my boss, i feel like he'd be the type of guy girls at the school would swoon over. But i wasn't the type to fall for guys very easily. "You've worked hard for the past 18 years, Y/N. Your teachers have told me you're one of our best trainees." I nod my head. I have heard this all before but hearing it from the boss gave me courage. "Do you think you have what it takes to pass the last and final exam?" I stare into his dark brown eyes and answer--

"Are you sure you don't want to stay home and watch movies all night?" Luke smiled as he laid on the bed watching me.
"Not tonight Lukey" I laughed as I put my earrings in.
He pouted as he rolled on his back to look at the ceiling. I grabbed my purse and phone and walked over to where Luke was.
"Bye Luke" I leaned down and kissed his forehead before I left the room. "Bye babe" Luke yelled after me. I smiled to myself before I left the house.
My friend Carly was waiting in her car when I walked outside.
"Hi" I greeted as I got in the passengers seat. "Hey" Carly replied. "We're going to this Italian place instead" "Okay" I shrugged. "Is just us and Jessica right?"
"Actually Jess and I invited some friends from our college" "Oh" I mumbled. "Don't worry, this is a chance for you to meet some new people" Carly said.
I gave her a forced smile before I turned my gaze out the window.
When we pulled up at the restaurant I saw Jessica with about 6 other girls standing around her. I didn't recognize any of them but they all greeted Carly when she walked up to them.
I stood back and watched until they all decided to go into the restaurant. "We need a table for 10" Carly told the lady at the small desk.
"We're a little crowded tonight. We have a table for 9. You can take that or wait an hour till we have something else open" the lady told us.
"Let's take that. I'm hungry" one of the girls said.
"But it's only seats 9" Jessica said.
"Y/n" Carly said. "Would you mind?" My mouth fell open for a moment before I uttered out a quiet "Sure"
I turned on my heel and left the restaurant as I held back tears.
The restaurant wasn't that far from my house but I didn't want to go home. I didn't want Luke questioning why I was home so early. Instead I turned and walked the other way. I knew of a bar right down the street that Luke and I sometimes go to.
I tried to wipe some of the tears off of my face before I went up and ordered a shot of vodka. I swallowed all of it at once before ordering another one.
I downed my 7th shot that night before I answered my phone. "Luke" I slurred. "Baby, are you okay?" Luke asked. "Yeah, why?" I questioned.

I smiled when I felt y/n wrap her arms around my waist and lay her cheek against my back. She followed my movements as I moved to grab another plate from the cabinet. "Good morning babe" I chuckled. "Hi" she replied quietly, nuzzling her head more into my back. "Should we go out tonight?" I questioned as I spun around. I pressed my lips against her forehead before I wrapped my arms around her. "Sure" y/n smiled. "Lets go see a movie" "Sounds good" I kissed her forehead one more time before I spun around and turned the stove off. I divided the eggs onto the plates and carried them to the table. "Thanks babe" y/n smiled, leaving a peck on my lips.
I cleaned up after breakfast so y/n could get ready and go to work. Once she left I went up to my room to work on a new song.
I paced my room with my phone against my ear, waiting for y/n to pick up. I had been trying to call her for 10 minutes. She never came home from work and I hadn't heard from her since she left this morning. "Y/n call me back as soon as you get this" I said, trying to keep myself from yelling.
I waited another hour before I grabbed my keys and drove down to where she worked. Her car wasn't in the parking lot but that didn't stop me from going inside. "Hey Denice, do you know where y/n is? She's not answering my calls and I'm worried about her" I said. "Oh Calum you didn't hear?" She questioned.
"Hear what?" I asked. "She was arrested" Denice answered. "Arrested?" I exclaimed. "Arrested for what?" "I don't know Calum. I'm sorry"
I gave her a forced smile before I left. I arrived at the police station 20 minutes later. "How could her bail be that high? She didn't do anything" I heard her mother say as I entered the building. I saw y/n pacing in a holding cell in the corner with tears running down her face. "Y/n" I breathed out, rushing over to her. Y/n gripped the bars as she leant her head against them.
"Why didn't you call me?" I yelled.
Tyler, y/n's brother, placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me a few steps back. "Now is not the time to be angry at her" Tyler said quietly. (Comments)

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