This calming and relaxing oil is ideal for red and irritated skin. The soothing and refreshing ingredients soften the skin providing immediate relief. Its formula was designed to reduce topical reactions on sensitive and particularly irritated skin. The balanced and natural active ingredients in our oil improves the protective barrier of sensitive skin, preventing inflammation and reducing itching and redness.
Can be used before or during the application of hair colour and can be used on irritated skin.

الزيت الملطف من لوكربر
تركيبة خاصة مهدئة للبشرة المتهيجة والمتحسسة. يخفف من الاحمرار ويعطي شعورا فوريا بالراحة كما يحمي البشرة الحساسة ويمنع الالتهاب فيخفف من الحكة والاحمرار.
يمكن استخدامه قبل او اثناء استخدام صبغة الشعر ويمكن استخدامه حتى على البشرة المتحسسه.
(متوفر بالصيدليات)

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It has calming and relaxing properties, its scent promotes the release of serotonin which is then converted into melatonin in the brain. This can help child enjoy peaceful feeling
This oil helps quiet an overactive, exhausted or stressed mind. It will also help to control anger, irritability and neurotic behaviour
It has a calming effect on children and can reduce anxiety and emotional stress
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Lavender is great for relaxing and winding down before bed thanks to its calming aroma. Just add a few drops to your bath or put it in a diffuser to create a calm and comforting environment.

Order your Young Living Essential Oils now at www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/new-start?sponsorid=12255775&enrollerid=12255775

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Good morning!!! Rise and shine guys! .
Cukup tidur tak? Hah?! Tak cukup tidur? Patut la monday blues jee.. Siannya sebab tak ckup tidur 😟😟
Badan esp otak kita, kalau dah letih maknanya memang kena rehat. Tp sbb kita ada masalah tidur, itu yg bt kita jd makin lemah. Dah cuba mcm2 nk fix kan mslh tidur tp still tak berjaya. Dr tak cukup tidur boleh lead pula kpd stress. Makin bertambah - tambah lah mslhnya nnti. .
Dlm young living punya products ada a few essential oils yg boleh settlekn masalah tidur ni. .
Rutavala, tranquil and stress away. Korg boleh choose mana essential oils yg tiga ni yg serasi dgn korg. For wanie, tiga - tiga essential oils ni mmg terbaik utk overcome deep sleep, stressful and calming. .
Info lanjut blh tgh pd pict di ats, if btl2 nk tahu lbh lanjut tntg essential oils young living ni blh contact wanie or tinggalkan no hp korg utk wanie contact. .
Whatapps 👉 0135136015 @ click pd link whatapps di profile wanie. .
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Pure organic essential oils can calm, invigorate, and relax. What do you need right now?
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Did you know the magnolia flower is said to be a well-traveled flower with species scattered through South Asia, the Pacific, and North America?

It’s my new favorite for 2 reasons:

1. It smells like I imagine Heaven would. No lie. It’s heavenly. I LOVE to roll it on my pulse points when I’m getting ready for the day. I think I must smell angelic. 😇


2. It’s VERY calming and relaxing for the mind and body. With the highest linolool content of any of the essential oils we carry, Magnolia is my new clutch oil for when I’m feeling nervous, anxious, stressed, worried, or overwhelmed. CLUTCH.

Ask me how to order and save or ask me how you can get a free sample!
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Sending peaceful vibes to guests of @theclass' #theRetreatment this week in Whistler. Workshop participants will have a chance to sample #OliexMelissaMeyers RoseGlow Drops Daily Radiance Oil and take home Huile Claire Calming Oil to reduce irritation, balance and impart a lasting glow in sensitive skin. Replaces traditional moisturizer. Keep calm and Olìe on everyone! #theclassbytt ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Mommies disini siapa yang suka liatin babynya bobo? Hayo angkat tangan ✋🏻✋🏻 Siapa sih #mommies yang ngga suka kalo ngeliat babynya tidur nyenyak tanpa kaget? Ya walaupun kadang daddy tutup pintu kamar kekencengan sih 😝
Tapi kadang ada tuh moms masa-masa dalam siklus tidurnya si baby yang bikin dia ngga nyaman pas tidur. Baik faktor eksternal seperti pintu tadi atau faktor internal dari si babynya sendiri
Nah, daripada si baby jadi crangky gara-gara kurang puas tidur, mending mommy olesin minyak Peek A Boo deh. Ini produk baru dari Peek Me loh moms, jadi mommies kebagian kesempatan awal-awal untuk cobain
Seperti biasa, The Little Doe Eyes pilihin produk alami buat mommies cobain. Kalo mommies penasaran, Peek A Boo ini terbuat dari sweet almond iol, extra virgin oil, jojoba wax, sunflower oil, dan vitamin E oil - pure essential oils semua! 🌼
Minyak ini membantu babiesnya mommy untuk relax dan tidur lebih nyaman, sistem pencernaan dan sistem imun yang lebih sehat, dan pastinya menghangatkan badan bayi kita juga
Ayo pesen Peek A Boo Baby Oil-nya sekarang #moms. Kita tunggu kisah-kisah menenangkan waktu mommies pake minyak Peek A Boo via Tokopedia, WA, atau DM yaa 😘

Warm Tuscan rain. Gentle thunder rolling past. Spikenard being diffused during my meditation. A perfect remedy to start off my week. Setting my intentions for myself, letting go of the negativity in my heart and mind and focusing on the positive. What is your meditation oil/oils? #oilylife #spikenard #meditation #intentions #positivity #pushoutthenegative #focusonyourself #bekindtoyourself #mondaymotivation #wellnessforthemind #mentalhealth #joinmytribe #doterra #doterracanada #doterraessentialoils #calmingoil #oilylifestyle #doterraemotions #doterralifestyle #essentialoils #cptg #cptgoils #positiveintentions #weeklyintentions #naturalliving #livingnaturally

Drop a few drops of peace & calming (or your favorite calming oil) in the bottom of your shower after one of those days. Hmmmm 🤩

Check out my stories on how you can get this oil for free this month! .
It's a staple for Me! I use it in my hair, lots of my fall/woodsy blends and for my kids who need calming down!

Stress Away... my favorite! The perfect blend of lime, vanilla, lavender, cedarwood, ocotea, and copiaba. I have this in my diffuser with citrus fresh right now 😊 Put this right on your wrist, diffuse or make a roller ball! I use this on my girls to help them calm down during meltdowns. The best part about this oil is that it comes in your Premium Starter Kit!!!!

Thrilled to see Huile Claire Calming Oil in good hands with @thisthatbeauty. #manigoals
Repost @thisthatbeauty:
When I heard this was a must for stressed skin...My response: I’ll take 2!! 👊🏾Appropriately named, “Calming Face Oil”, this @olieorganicoils skin soother is a harmonious blend of lavender, chamomile😴, marula and camellia💆🏽‍♀️Omg, I’m sooo chill right now. This feels like reflexology in oil form. Ahhh😌

💙🌀Perfect for Water signs, empaths and processing emotions. •This calming oil is meant to ease the tension and stress that comes from bottling our emotions deep within. It facilitates a new way, through the power of botanical scent, that allows your mind, body and spirit to connect with the free flowing energy of water, thus offering you a state of calm and serenity. •Inside the bottle is an organic blend of essential oils, herbal infusions and flowers of chamomile, grapefruit, violet, verbena, lotus flowers, lavender, rose quartz, blue topaz and ritual intent. Each batch is crafted with the finest ingredients that are ethically sourced with love and positive intention. All of these ingredients blended together offer you an experience of lifting the weight of emotions through aromatherapy. Once you have applied the oil to your pulse points, allow the energy of each plant to reach into your senses, gently separating the pile of stress into a more manageable space to be in. •The euphoric scent and vibrational energy within this ritual oil will offer you comfort when life seems to be adding too much to your state of being. It will allow you to see a new way of processing that which seems to be holding your spirit back. The oils chosen in this blend have long been the herbal allies turned to for soothing emotions. They are calming and offer clarity, while uplifting your mind, body and spirit to a place of tranquility and peace. •This is a blessing that I wrote, it works wonders for me when I feel overwhelmed. When I make this ritual oil, this is the blessing that I bestow upon it. You can write your own or use this one. Whatever resonates with your spirit. "I am free flowing like the rivers, always moving, never stagnant. I will overcome anything that I put my mind to because I am wild and ambitious like the sea. I will move with peace, and with ease, like the calmness of a lake.
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Meh sis nak share tempat2 nk stimulate kaki anak2 ni. Kalau urut di tempat yang betul hasil dia mmg terbaek.. Nak order? Meh whatsapp sis.

COD Everyday Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru


WHATSAPP 0197542187
WHATSAPP 0197542187
WHATSAPP 0197542187

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Serene Calming Oil blending. Amazonite and Selenite infused fco blending with rich, sweet, bright, and deep oils of relaxing. Some of these will be available for sale individually while others will join their friends in my Herbal 1st Aid Kits. I'm so excited to get out there and share these with you! Stay tuned for events I'll be at here in Portland otherwise these gems will be on my website soon! ☄🌼🌿💙🌿🌼☄ #serene #calmingoil #firstaid #stonemedicine #herbalmedicine

Peace n calming! ❤️ kaya akan single oil terbaik. Mulai Ylang ylang yang mampu menciptakan ketenangan. Orange & Tangerine yang support pencernaan kita. Serta patchouli dan Blue Tansy!! We o we!!
Diskon 10% hanya di bulan oktober 👍 Diffuse rutin PNC ini saat anak istirahat ya mom #peaceandcalming #youngliving #promoyoungliving #babykids #calmingoil

Pigeon newborn pure calming oil 100ml 197#calmingoil#babyshop#asbabyshoptebingtinggi

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