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When “who is diiiiis???” doesn’t work #costanzagrams

Waking up in London Town #buzolicphoto #callWaiting

So here is the my First poster of #CallWaiting
14 march nu release ho riha g. Music Rupin Kahlon lyrics jeeti chhokaran wala director Kamalpreet Jhony bai. Label white hill music .. keep supporting share kardeo poster ji
@nehamalik335 wish all the luck & god bless 😍😇😘👑 @nehamalik335

#callwaiting 🌷🤖⚡️

هر نُتـي كه از عِـشـــــق بگـــويد زيبـــاست
حالا سٓمفونــــــي پنجــــــــُم بِتهوون باشــد
زنــــــگ تلفـٌني كه در انتظار صداي توست

Shoot done
New things getting ready
Guest #nadhavarinder
#3songs #callwaiting #boldanahi #kalyugiputt
Anchoring🎤 vale chaeb guys need ur supoorts guys professional ho rea
But need foh support

Hanji Aagaya Pura Gana #Narate Kardo Sare Dab K Share Door Door Tk Umeed a mainu #CallWaiting te #Peeni Wang Enu V Bohat Jada Pyar Daunge Sareya Da Dilo Thanx Wada Veer @SharryMaan Kamal Veera Indar Veer Nick Veer RashPal Bai Apna Ricky Te Sare mere Veer Lv u Sab nu Hanji Hun Sunke Jara
Youtube Cmnt Jarur kareyo 👍🎶👍🎶

Hahahaaaa... right.. 😂😂 #Blockedbitch #nowwhat #doyewevenbusysignalbro ☎💯🚫💡👊😂


My face while waiting to video call and they don't answer 👎 #facetime #waiting #callwaiting

We are delighted to announce that we recently joined the Galway Chamber!
Currently, the premier business organisation represents approximately 500 companies in Galway City and its surrounding areas. The Chamber’s activities include campaigning on behalf of businesses, providing various platforms and opportunities for business networking and encouraging local businesses to support each other.


#callwaiting 🌷🤖⚡️

Our newsletter for September is now live on our website! #CallPal

The ending credits of tonight's Jeopardy. I'm not sure what's going on, but I feel a strange pull to this guy!
#jeopardy #imaginarycellphone #phoneafriend #callme #callwaiting #flipphone #itsyourmom #gameshows #weeknighttradition

Another service we offer is a Mail Handling Service -

Our trusted mail handling service allows you to use an Irish address for your postal address. Call Pal can collect and organise your post at a serviced office address located in Ireland’s Western Capital, Galway.
Our service is low cost, safe and convenient. We e-mail you once your post arrives.

Call. Waiting.

We love getting great feedback from our clients. Take a couple of minutes to read this testimonial from Rob Frew of Favour Lane; “The Call Pal staff have a great understanding of our business, fully managing the majority of our information calls, i.e. current dispatch times, saving us loads of time every day.

Call Pal ensure we never miss any phone calls, if we are unable to take the call we later receive an email listing customer’s details and inquiries, enabling us to call them back. Call Pal offer a really friendly service and many of our customers comment on how nice they are to deal with. If you are looking for a call answering service, we would wholeheartedly recommend them”

Job Description

How does Call Pal work? We act as an additional member of your team to ensure that you maintain the highest level of customer service. - Calls from your business line come through to your Call Pal PA-based in Ireland.
- Your calls are answered using a script created specifically for your business so there is no customer confusion.
- Calls can be transferred to your preferred extension or else a message is taken and sent to you via email.

•I can remember how big of a deal it was to get "The Call Waiting". lol. You mean no more "emergency break throughs"? (Youngin's, that's when you had to call 0 with a fake name so the operator could call and break through the busy signal. Why the fake name? Just in Case their mom's was on the phone. Scary times, yo.) ha..
But no more Busy Signals! Yayy! Now all you had to deal with was somebody mom's yelling at you about them "being on the phone right now & so & so will call you back! Clickclack!" LolSmh.
The "landline days" were more official..more respectful times. Take a moment, all those that can remember, & peep when times weren't so fast, but some how we got it done.
Balance the old Vibe with new technology, Beings & enjoy the trip. Stay Fresh n Blessed. One Love.
#nynex #simplertimes #clickover #whatbeep #emergencybreakthrough #busysignal #thewaywewere #loveisthemessage

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