Oh how i remember school days..
Brings back lots of memories ...would u believe me that i wasn't the least bit artsy in school?! In fact i really disliked art in school 😏

This is the biggest board i have worked on so far and i loved every min of making this! The gold and white theme was prefect for the gender neutral decor ..

Hey insta-fam! Just wanted to celebrate my one year teaching anniversary with you guys! I’ve had the privilege of teaching over 50 of you beautiful souls and have loved meeting every one of you ❤️❤️

As humans our ability to think, reason, create and discover proves that each one of us is special and unique. We all have something awesome in us. Though our lifetime on this earth is relatively brief, each of us should aspire to inspire people around us in someway or the other. .
All supplies available in @ppsuae .
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Electronics..we cant live without them,or can we?
I constantly remind mysef to get off my phone and give my son undivided attention when im with him because i believe he deserves it. I fail sometimes but hey no one is prefect. We always strive for better!

Ohhhh the joy when i receive pics from clients...especially love seeing how everything comes together!
For these #bridalshower tags ,there were written with watercolor using soft pastel shades which ended up looking very much like the pastel #unicorn scheme

Some #ipadlettering on this dusty day in #dubai

The weather seems to be a little better these days in #dubai so that can only mean 1 thing! Wedding season is here....👰❤

When i first started #brushcalligraphy, i learnt it with #watercolor. There is something so magical when colors combine to create a different color all together.

You know this wedding season is coming soon when all the pretty invitations are headed out to family and friends.. If your having #weddingindubai and want some personalised items for your wedding, i am currently open for bookings :)

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