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Family and Friends. Spotted and unspotted canvases. If you have a @tough.skin #malabracelet please wear it tomorrow!
Tag either @the.spotted.zelephant or @tough.skin and with location.
Making #aworldofspots
#vitiligo #awareness #callforaction

we have to create enough voice ....one person can not... #callforaction #lawagainstrape #stronglawappeal @itimesinsta

Hoje foi um dia abençoado por ter conhecido essas mulheres que fazem exatamente o que eu e minha mãe fazemos na @edeyofoundation para as crianças de Bel Air no Haiti. Peço a cada amigo meu brasileiro para fazerem algo agora! Eu sei que cada um de vocês amam o Brasil e o povo de vocês precisam de ajuda, @amparando_jg é a instituição que atua em Jardim Gramacho no Rio de Janeiro, uma organização fundada pela Roberta Azevedo e que hoje conta com esse time de voluntários! Você tem que ajudar. #CallForAction #BeautifulRio #RepresentingHaiti #SieAntonio

Here's how you can help #Repost @unik_ernest
Happy & Blessed Friday - I've been absent on social media for obvious reason and haven't watch tv because I couldn't cope with the devastation of #HurricaneMatthew in Haiti so my friends on the ground have been giving me constant updates on what's happening & the best course of actions. I want to thank all my friends from all around the globe who have sent me messages and donate since Monday, all of you that have been offering to help and volunteer. You must know you give me strength and we are going to do it right and efficient for some of the affected areas. Now we are trying to secure a Waterhouse to receive goods like first aid kits, water purification tablets, malaria tablets and hygiene kits for women and children & you can go to www.edeyo.org to donate. We will make a major announcement by next week so stay tuned and COUNT ON US! #EdeyoGIVESHope #RepresentingHaiti #CallForAction

Brief interview with @jujuchangabc from ABC channel about DACA immigration policy + purpose behind marching.


Greetings from New York where the first high-level UN Ocean Conference ever has just begun. The aim of the conference is to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development #saveourocean #callforaction #sdg14 #unyouthofhelsinki #internship

Porque hoje é dia de brincadeira! 💗🐴💗🐎


Photo credit: @escapists If you live on a privately owned road then chances are you've been hit with special assessment fees for repairs. This bill would ensure a new standard for construction using performance guarantees for developers. It takes 30 seconds to sign the bill! #callforaction #charlotte #penderrealtor #queencity #charlottesgotalot #ncdot #makechange #beyourownboss #progress

Family and Friends. Spotted and unspotted canvases. If you have a @tough.skin #malabracelet please wear it tomorrow!
Tag either @the.spotted.zelephant or @tough.skin and with location.
Making #aworldofspots
#vitiligo #awareness #callforaction

Protect our kids!! #callforaction #aap #keepkidscovered

Regramm from @samsara.indonesia :

#callforaction #bantuteman - #perempuanpunyapilihan
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"Satu repost akan sangat berarti". BANTUTEMAN adalah sebuah gerakan “call for action” selama bulan Mei untuk saling mendukung perempuan Indonesia yang mengalami Kehamilan Tidak Direncanakan.

Bentuk dukungan dalam bentuk berbagi informasi melalui media sosial yang menggunakan hashtag BANTUTEMAN & PEREMPUANPUNYAPILIHAN
mengenai semua hal yang berkaitan dengan KTD akan sangat berarti bagi teman-teman perempuan yang sedang mengalaminya.

Agar mereka tau bahwa mereka tidak sendiri, agar mereka tau bahwa mereka tidak dihakimi, agar mereka tau bahwa mereka memiliki hak tentang akses informasi & hak membuat pilihan atas otoritas tubuhnya. [Helpline Samsara]
Layanan konsultasi gratis tentang kehamilan tidak direncanakan.
Sabtu - Minggu
WA +306955939180
Line: samsara.hotline

#ngo #nongovermentorganization
#womensrights #womenrights #womenchoice #prochoice #feminist #srhr#sexualreproductivehealthandrights #unplannedpregnancy

I can't believe that this is my last post for #daretoshareIGchallenge.
Did I achieve what I want? Hmm. Not really. At the same time, it's only been a few days so I know that I'll eventually get there if I reflect on what worked for me and improve on my misses. These past few days are also the first time I've been truly engaged in social media. I used to post only for myself. Now, I have a target audience in mind. I also find that it takes a lot of energy to keep the engagement. Haha! Not complaining here. I just developed a newfound respect for those who really work hard to use SoMe to reach out to a lot of people.
Will I continue? Definitely. I enjoyed sharing my passion in life and learning from other people. I feel grateful to everyone I've interacted with as I got a lot of takeaways. This just validates my belief that a person is able to develop more fully if she/he is surrounded with supportive people.

I will keep you guys updated about my next trip (happening next week! weee!) and impending move to a new house. I'll also impart my journey in striving for work-life balance. So stay tuned! Thank you, everyone, for empowering me. I hope I that I was able to inspire you as well. And to YOU who still fear about what people will think or say, just give it a shot. I once felt the same way. Let me tell you that there are many people who'd like to hear your story. So go out there! I dare you to share!

Inspired to play Jianzi! *** Please keep the park. It's such a great place for people to relax after work and for the city kids to run around *** #help by visiting www.change.org to help petition against destroying this park and turn it into a campsite!!! #FacesOfRaySC #rayoutnabout #inthepark #jianzi #littleboy #kickingit #June2017 #lifewithkids #momlife #callforaction #keepthepark #petition #savethetrees #savenature

If you are a writer/poet in India, esp. in Mumbai, please DM me. Preferably, leave a comment including your instagram name on my wordpress website www.writersfamily.wordpress.com [link in bio] ; so that I know about the participants. Guess you will have to make a wordpress account. I will be posting all the updates about the meeting on the website. Please come forward and stay connected!
And now go hit the link in bio! Need those comments.

#writersofindia #poet #writers #writing #english #poetry #world #travel #journey #trip #union #meetup #india #mumbaikars #mumbaiwriters #callforaction #wordpress #connect #meetup #alliance #group #help #organize #meeting #workshops #youth #youthofindia #feelings #emotion #thoughts #words

Project Hope

This is a Project Hope primary school that you will unlikely find on the map. It belongs to a small rural village that has only dozens of people. Though it's small, it provides a chance for the pupils to continue their studies, and eventually help them to get connected with the world outside the mountains.
Hopefully these kids will walk out from the villages their ancestors lived in, and get into touch with the modern world.

Project Hope is a Chinese public service project organised by China Youth Development Foundation and the Communist Youth League. It has raised more than 1.8 billion dollars and benefited 5 million children, more than half of the population has contributed to it via various ways.

This long process of questioning ourselves through our work. Finally I get the time, precious time, of working in the #LesvosDiaries. Who are we, Europeans? #graphicnovel #illustratedbooks #callforaction #europeanunion

"El Ateneo Gran Splendid" es una de las librerías más conocidas de la ciudad y fue elegida por @theguardian_newspapers en 2008 como la segunda librería más hermosa del mundo. El lugar abrió en 1919 como un teatro donde desfilaron artistas conocidos como Carlos Gardel y Roberto Firpo.
"El Ateneo Grand Splendid" is one of the best known bookshops in Buenos Aires and was placed by @theguardian_newspapers in 2008 as the second most beautiful bookshop in the world. The place opened as a theater in 1919 and staged a variety of performances, including appearances by the tango artists Carlos Gardel and Roberto Firpo.
#elateneograndsplendid #touristsinbuenosaires #porteños #igbuenosaires #ilovebuenosaires #callforaction #calltoaction #book #libros #libreria

我哋早前出咗條片係以自己作為工廈使用者嘅身分而表態,亦希望大家可以用自己方式去表達對呢件事嘅關注,那怕係文字、相片、音樂、圖畫或者任何一種形式發聲。要改變真係唔係咁容易,如果我哋集結力量/行動的話可能仲會見到希望。 #callforaction #thistownneedlive

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