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Amazing day in @cavotagoomykonos 💙🇬🇷✨ #SilviaCaruso #silvialicius

Просыпаюсь я от того, что кто-то чавкает в холодильнике. Открываю дверцу, а там Грейн сельдерей грызёт)) Доброе утро, ребята! ·
Логично было бы рассказать про рацион наших кошек, ведь давно спрашиваете, но не в этот раз, терпите)) Мне очень хочется поделиться своим недавним открытием, новой системой питания. Я не буду никого грузить о ПП и прочем, нет. Вот скажите, вы сами готовите или ходите в кафе, покупаете готовую еду или полуфабрикаты? Мы практически всегда готовим сами. И какое-то время назад мне совершенно надоело это делать, все блюда повторялись одно за другим на уровне забросить в рот и забыть. И тут меня осенило:
— А давай будем готовить, выбирая случайные рецепты из сети, постоянно пробовать новое, расширять географию вкуса? Вот, смотри, открываю любимый сайт. Выбираю разделы и распределяю по дням. Сегодня вторник, запланируем мясо. Так, что у нас в этом разделе?
— Запечёная баранья ножка.
— Прекрасно!
И так по каждому дню. В среду у нас овощное блюдо, в четверг конечно же рыба)) На пятницу выбрали птицу, а в субботу готовим супы, в воскресенье пробуем морепродукты, а на понедельник оставим пасту. ·
Это такой кайф, ребят, столько всего нового и так вкусно. Не нужно выдумывать, что приготовить сегодня. Мы не пропускаем рецепты, строго следуем списку на сайте, от этого ещё интереснее)) Раз в неделю мы закупаем продукты согласно рецептам. Удивительно, но тратить стали гораздо меньше, меньше выбрасывается еды и каждый наш ужин сопровождается потрясающими ароматами и новыми вкусами. Пока что такая система у нас по вечерам, думаю и завтраки ввести.
Если кто-то ломает голову перед готовкой, очень советую попробовать. Я беру рецепты с популярного сайта "Готовим дома". Рассказывайте, как сами питаетесь, может у вас тоже есть интересные методы, как не превратить приготовление пищи в рутину?
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Beautiful reminders.
Hallelujah our God reigns🌷 #hosannaspinedoodles

Wait how is it already AUGUST next week?! 🙀🌼 can't we add on just a liiiiittle more of that sweet summer, pretty please? 🤓💕☀️🙏🏻

Fill your life with adventures.
Everyday. It can be as simple as walking outside, taking a trip to the store or even going on a vacation. See the world with wonder and love every second.
Tonight I decided to take my foiled prints to the "next level" by drawing a more detailed picture than normal and adding the different layers of foil to create color contrast. I have to say I'm a fan.
manicure by @emsnails_
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I need your assistance 😊. These are the pieces I'm considering for prints. It would be super helpful if you'd comment below which three you'd be most likely to purchase for your home. Thanks!

Today tried getting the best of me, but I was like 'lol NO' 😂 // Just had one of the days where I wanted to wave a white flag, but the I thought Zara is being particularly well-behaved, and took that as a blessing because she was an absolute angel today 😇 Tomorrow will be better, I can feel it! 🙌🏼.
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Detail from yesterday's magnolia still life 🙋 Hi to my new followers 🤗 I hope you enjoy following my practice 🎨 BIG thankyou to Grace @designsponge for sharing my work 💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏 .
Thanks for the massive response to signing up to my mailing list - apologies for not getting back to everyone yet. If you'd like to sign up to receive the occasional colour packed email DM or email me helenclairemccullagh@gmail.com x


If you can’t wait to start singing Christmas carols, this set from @happynesthomegoods is for you! Set includes one tiny holly berry (or mistletoe if you prefer 😉) embroidery hoop necklace on a 20” antique bronze chain and one 4” embroidered ornament featuring the word “rejoice” stitched in vibrant blue thread onto a shimmering ivory and gold snowflake fabric. Ornament includes a lovely white and natural twisted twine loop for hanging on your tree or on your wall. Necklace comes felt-backed for comfort.

All sets will be open for bidding until Wednesday, 12 pm Central.
The highest bidder will be notified via Instagram at the close of auction and will have 24 hours to coordinate payment via PayPal with seller. After 24 hours, the set will be released to the next highest bidder.

All prices include shipping (US only, please contact seller directly to inquire about international shipping). The bidding will start at $35 and increase in $1 increments.
Good luck and happy bidding!
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I know it's not November yet, but I'm pretty sure if we slow down and look around we can always find so much to be thankful for. Although, if I'm being honest, I am more than ready for fall and all things pumpkin! 🙌🍁🍂🎃 But anyways, this morning as I lay in bed, still tired because I can't seem to get comfortable at night these days, and because there are a minimum of 3-5 trips to the bathroom each night, I can't help but feel so overwhelmingly thankful for this new season of life. What was once our guest room is starting to take shape as a nursery. Yesterday our rocking chair arrived, and I admittedly could have been caught sitting in there last night, in the dark, just rocking and staring at the crib and the decorations we've already set out. Dreaming of what's to come in a short 5 1/2 months. Wondering who this babe will be and what life with them will be like. Knowing that this summer is flying by, followed by a fall of baby prep, home projects, and rest (while we can). And then I know it will all change. Our world is about to turn upside down, or maybe it's turning right side up. Regardless, I can't find the right words to sum up all these feelings. But I think thankful will suffice for now ❤️ PC: @rachel_allene

Sometimes you gotta look over your shoulder to see where you were and be proud of where you are now. 💪🏽 #LifexAri #Growth

I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA.

We love the elegant, minimalist style that @annahubbardjewelry has to offer. The exquisite line of jewelry features hand crafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings using sterling silver, semi-precious stones and 14K gold. Stop by Hip to view the full collection!
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If only we could see more green #camschottart #earthcollection

New photos from the recent photoshoot with @blackandbeech are up on the blog! Check out the geometry goodness via link on profile ▪️⬛️▫️⚫️⬜️▪️⚪️

Christmas in July today 12-5pm! Come stock up on Summer Sale items & Back To School Items. We know you need a Bradley Mountain bag as your backpack & weekend travels bag! 20% off Christmas in July Sale!

Enjoy life 🍹
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Peek 🙈2 new shirts coming! This ash colour shirt is my most fave, forever-ever!

Have I mentioned how much I love the amazing people I have met while here in Vegas. When I moved here just over 5 years ago, I never imagined I would find my tribe in a way that is so supporting and uplifting. This lovely yogi is someone I am so excited to work with for an upcoming project and she just launched her website... I am inspired by her genuine sharing of her journey, and hope you guys are too. Stay tuned this week, I plan on sharing lots of local goodness on my Instagram, because why not? 💜
@Regrann from @yogawithsteff - ✨ www.yogawithsteff.com ✨ My website is OFFICIALLY live! And on a new moon .. how about that? Whoohoo! I'm really excited to have this kind of outlet to share more with you all. You'll find general information such as my class times, descriptions, workshops, how to contact me, etc. What you'll also find is a "learn" page. This is what I'm most excited for! This will be my blog page where you'll find everything that encompasses the yogic lifestyle through the filters of my eyes and soul. This weeks learn post is about opening your hips! Maybe next week we can talk about how to make the best green juice or how to come back to your zen when you're stuck in 5 o'clock traffic! I would love for you all to go check it out! Leave me some feedback on the "connect" page and while you're there you can sign up for my monthly newsletter! Active link to my website is in my bio. Thank you all for the continuous support and love. Photography by @maxwell_remington.

Pepper tree branch meets speckled vase. 🌿

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