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Grab a stick and try these basic wrist mobility drills. Tag a friend who has feeble wrists who needs to do these 😂

Готовлю площадку ✨@fitarmystudio
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Буду выкладывать мотивационные видео и комплексы тренировок!

Дорогие, а какой контент хотите видеть вы?..🙂
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Here are some pull up variations from today's training 💪.
I sometimes do these for some warm up and then a few muscleups on the rings 😜What's your warm up routine like 😏?


The Handstand is one of the most desirable skill by most Calisthenic athletes. It is also one of the hardest to achieve due to its complexity. However, with consistent practice you can be balancing in your hands faster than you think.
So, What does it take to master your handstand?
Three things: Strength, Alignment and balance.

In order to support your entire body with your hands you need a certain amount of strength. When upside down the muscles that required the most amount of attention are the shoulders, triceps and your entire core. However, keep in mind that every single muscle of your body must be engaged in order to perfect the move. Handstand holds agains the wall, pike push ups and basically any pressing move will help you get stronger on the shoulders and triceps. In the other hand, legs raises, boat holds and hollow body holds will strengthen your core.
Alignment is crucial when it comes to hand balancing. Even though you can balance without being in a straight line, doing so makes it harder and inefficient. Therefore, not being in a correct structural position can lead you to all sort of bigger problems down the road. Keep your wrist, shoulders, hips and feet completely aligned with each other. To achieve this you want to make sure your shoulders are opened enough and that you are tucking your pelvis forward.
Last but not least we have balance. You need to have a good sense of balance in space in order to master your handstand. Balance is achieve by a combination of the senses hearing, sight and touch. Make sure your gaze is fixed in a point where it feels comfortable to you, your hands are actively pressing to keep you in a neutral position and well, your ears will take care of themselves so do not worry about it. Perfecting your balance is just a matter of practice, a lot of it to be precise.

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Been sick all week so trying to ease myself back in to everything 😷. Heres the easiest planche progression I could think of, some lean holds. I just did a few sets of 10 seconds - trying to get my elbows and wrists used to holding this kind of stress

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Somewhere there's a dreamer, looking for a dream 🙋🏼
The fact that I'm handstanding today is a freaking miracle. This weekend I couldn't even plank on my left wrist. Which turned out to not be my left wrist at all - but instead my rhomboid and left lat were completely screaming - from my #questtothepress efforts me thinks 🤓😅. So thank you @adventuresofsaraclare for your eyes and @dr.christina.mallinos for your needles because of you I'm FREE again 🙌😁. And ever since the surprise concert on Friday #amandamarshall has been the soundtrack of my week. 💃🏼 What did this teach me / remind me!? That in life and in handstands the problem usually isn't the problem. I was mad at my wrist when really all I needed to do was to love (and pin) my rhomboid down. And that Amanda Marshall and Ottawa are both totally incredible and underrated. #agatsu #agatsufitness #handstands #handstand #inversion #gymnastics #calisthenics #calisthenic #torontohandstand #fitnessfun #fitness #fit

Things that happen when you fall from the high bar.... Cosas que pasan cuando te caes de la barra alta....
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Un movimento si dice funzionale quando rispecchia i gesti della vita quotidiana, movimenti naturali realizzati grazie alla contrazione sinergica di piu' gruppi muscolari. Scopo di questo allenamento è sviluppare un corpo armonico e forte tramite semplici esercizi... Workout MUSCLE UP- JUMP ROPE DU- OVERHEAD WEIGHTED LUNGE
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Did one of my favorite workout routines today: took baby girl in the stroller 1 mile to the park, playground workout, 1 mile home. It's a beautiful day here in Ohio! Happy to be off and playing with my mini ♡
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El pana y modelo Venezolano @farleyortizz con mas trabajis fotograficos, tengo que decir que realmente es un muchacho muy comercial
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