This video shows a frontal system bring rain (and wind) to California, I even experienced driving thru windswept rain this evening as I was heading out to meet with my cousin to do some late errands. A storm system, or cold front, was bringing rain (some heavy) and wind to the Bay Area this day & evening with possible thunder to the north as this system moves inland. Isolated cells with moderate rain & gusty winds continued thru the overnight hours. Milder, drier weather was in store for the region in the coming few days before another storm system was set to arrive by Sunday/Monday… Footage filmed from around San Jose, CA on Wednesday evening, April 11, 2018.
*Weather forecast/update:
Not a lot of change in the large scale weather pattern for the next week. We were to continue to see fast-moving low pressure troughs & frontal systems move across the region every few days or so. The next frontal system had approached the coast this day, bringing in rain to the Bay Area this day and evening. Some pockets of heavier rain (and wind) was likely during the system’s passage. The precip was to turn to showers Thursday morning and decrease during the day. By late Thursday afternoon thru Saturday, we were to see partly to mostly sunny skies with near normal temps. By Sunday, another low pressure area was to be along the coast. This system was to bring more rain to the north state Sunday with showers and possible t-storms thru Monday. By Tuesday, we were to have a break and then yet another low pressure trough was to move in Wednesday afternoon & Thursday… Looks like a typical spring pattern now with rain, sun, rain, sun & repeat!

It doesn’t hardly rain in California, so Levi wanted to go see it. #BigGuyLevi #rainydays #californiarain

Beautiful rainbow on Sunday! #rainbow #beauty #californiarain #mylife

Caught a long lightning bolt streaking horizontally across the sky as a thunderstorm slowly drifts over the Sacramento area this afternoon! I miss this weather certainly! This was north of Downtown Sacramento or just east of the Sacramento Int’l Airport, around the rural regions. (4-16-2018)

Witnessing a thunderstorm over the Sacramento area this afternoon! Pure power of nature! This was along I-5 northbound just north of Downtown Sacramento or so. (4-16-2018)

‪A thunderstorm with heavy rain, lightning, thunder & hail passes over the Sacramento area this afternoon! This was just east of the Sacramento Int’l Airport. Pure power of nature this was indeed! I quickly pulled down the window right after to hopefully get the thunder. #thunderstorm #Sacramento #CaliforniaThunderstorm #thunderstorms #lightning #CentralValley (4-16-2018) @NWSSacramento @TheCityofSac

Monday's showers brought out a spectacular 🌈 in North #Manteca over Raymus Village. It was out for a few moments.. were you able to catch a glimpse 👀👀👀 ?

Experiencing a morning thunderstorm around my neck of the woods! Gotta love the structure of the storm here. A low pressure system was slowly heading inland this day helping to usher in an unstable airmass over the region. T-storms were likely to develop especially in the afternoon in the Central Valley from the daytime heating and high angle of the spring sun. By the way, we’ve also felt a magnitude 3.9 quake shortly after this line of storms had moved thru! What a crazy morning it was indeed! Drive safe out there guys... By the way, happy foursquare day lol! (4-16-2018) @nwsbayarea @NBCBayArea

Drip drip drop little April downpour! Love this. Will mean lots of wild flowers for the bees and some late season mushroom hunting for me! #rain #californiarain #aprilshowers #beekeeping #forage #mushroomhunting #allthattherainpromisesandmore

What an interesting rain I love it -
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