Soot's litter is growing. Fun Fact: If a California is chilled right after birth their fur will grow in with grey speckles. 2 of Soot's litter are like this (see kit in upper left of photo) The Grey speckles grow out as the kits age eventually leaving their bodies snow white with the grey points like a Siamese cat that they are known for. #californianrabbits #greyspeckles #thaddeusfarms #sustainableliving #homesteadfarm

Tracy’s babies are going to have gorgeous coats! How can I tell, you ask? I’ll tell you.
When Californian rabbits get slightly chilled at birth it causes their fur to come in grey. But when it grows out it becomes the normal white and black of calis. For some reason this causes their coats to be unusually luxurious - sleek, shiny, even, and thick! Can’t wait to see how these kits develop!

Idaho is my sisters best friend, attached at the hips too!! Just for a 🥕 #carrotsticks #californianrabbits #andotherrabbits

Happy Monday! Take dominion. Be a good steward of what the Creator has given us.
How will you build and make things grow today?

It’s nap time fore Elsie and her kits. But there are always one or two looking for adventure! #curiousbunny

Tools of the trade! I only owned two nest boxes before today. Had to borrow two more last week since I had mine in use and was expecting these last two litters. Now, I’m set with 4 of my own. And I’m a few short weeks my borrowed two will go back to their owner. Shout out to #bassequipment for making my favorite nest boxes!

Couldn’t be happier. We are 4 for 4 litters! A total of 38 kits, delivered by our four does. Two litters were delivered two weeks ago. One yesterday and one today. That’s a lot of bunnies - and just in time for Easter. :) 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

Feeling adventurous this morning! #babybunny

Ten more little busters this morning! From champion buck that I’ve been trying to get kits out of for over a year. This is Tracys’ second litter. She had all 10 in the nest box. Perfect mamma!

Finally figured out how kits kept getting out of the best box when their eyes weren’t even open. Little fella was just hanging onto his lunch! Haha!

This is what we want! Happy, healthy, active babies. Californians are great meat rabbits. With large litters, large bodies, and fast growth, they are ideal for a homestead, urban farm, or anybody who wants to take a little bit of control of their food.
Aren’t these little guys cute?
This is Tracy at 14 days old.

Tracy had her first litter early this morning. 11 kits. Only one on the wire. They were all cold when I got to them. We were able to revive two wigglers. Mamma has pulled a little fur and has a heat lamp (its 40 degrees!). These two are going back with her and we will see how they do. Hope she raises them well, but if not, she’ll definitely get another shot!

🐇🐇 Found these cute decor Californian rabbits at #vellingeblomman! The Californian, also known as the California White, is a breed of domestic rabbit developed in the early 1920s by George West in Southern California. 🇺🇸 He crossed Himalayan breeds and the Standard Chinchilla rabbit breed and then crossed the offspring with New Zealand Whites. The California rabbit is like the Siamese cat of the rabbit world, and the breed is distinguished by its coloring ~ a white body with black points (the legs, nose, and ears). This color pattern is caused by the “Himalayan gene,” which makes the rabbits almost completely albino, except for their points. #californianrabbit #californianrabbits #himalayanrabbit #ryskkanin #russianrabbit #newzealandwhite #newzealandrabbit .
#bunniesarethebestpets #bunniesofinstagram #bunnynoms #ilovebunnies #iloverabbits #kaninchen #konijn #lapin #kanin #rabbit #cagefreebunny #fluffybunny #fluffyrabbit #bunnyloaf #rabbittreats #bunnytreats #bunnykisses #🐰#🐇 #fabbunnies #influencer #interiordesign #rabbitdecor #bunnydecor #rabbitdecoration #bringonthebunnylove

Its a great big world out there!

Guess who’s 5 days old! These little guys! Doing great. Wiggly and fat!
Expecting them to open their eyes around Friday and be out of the next box this time next week! They have already changed so much.

Evening checkup!

It’s astonishing how quickly these kits are growing. At just four days old, the difference in size is so fun to watch. Their eyes will be open by the end of next week!

What a beautiful Jr. Buck! Can’t wait to see this guy in action this spring.

He was born from out of my first litter earlier this year. I took my best doe to a breeder with a mature, proven, award winning buck and had her bred with that stud.
30 days later, I had a litter of 6. The first time mamma lost two but raised the rest - pretty good on the first try.
This buck has great height. Better width than his mother (got it from his father). And big shoulders. He was 5 lbs at just over 11 weeks.
Can’t wait for him to breed with one of my grand champion does! Spring is going to be full of some big ole’ meat rabbit kits! Can’t wait.

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