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bought tickets for this music festival just 3 days ago 🌵 we took a road trip to the desert with limited plans and zero expectations 🦋 I encourage you all to listen to your intuition and step outside your comfort zone. usually good things come from new experiences, getting out of routine, and letting your guard down 🤘🏻#desertdaze #joshuatree 📷@elenataber

Asclepias cordifolia on the east flank of Fiddler Mountain, Josephine Co, OR last weekend with @arcto_mountain and @_andesite #oregonnativeplants #californianativeplants #cistusnurserywanderings #milkweed #coolplants

Fremontodendron californicum // California flannelbush
There's always something blooming in San Francisco. I don't think flannelbush naturally occurs on the San Francisco peninsula but I saw several beautiful planted specimens today happily blooming on this early fall day.

The Minarets from Lake Ediza with mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana), whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis), Sierra gray willow (Salix orestera), dwarf bilberry (Vaccinium cespitosum) and sledges (Carex spp.). Vegetation is the fabric of ecosystems! Join CNPS for a Rare Plant Treasure Hunt in the Sierras-- go to cnps.org/cnps/rareplants/treasurehunt/ for more info. Beautiful photo by Jeff Bisbee. #weeklyveg #vegisthefabric #californianativeplants #CNPS

Desert marigolds bloom all summer and into the fall. Every time I walk by, I beg them for a lot of volunteers in the spring.

Do you see the Praying Mantis here among the CA Goldenrod, Solidago californica #keepcalookingca #californianativeplants #habitatgarden

Hey all! I created a company Instagram page where I will be posting projects that I'm working on, design inspirations, and educational tidbits. Follow @evancooperdesign to see more!
#keepcalifornialookinglikecalifornia #evancooperdesign #californianativeplants


Symphyotrichum chilense // Pacific aster⠀
July 29, 2016

Northern California Acorn Season: Part 2--WINNOWING...in Slomo. This is the second in a series of short video clips capturing a small fraction of the acorn processing experience. After cracking acorns from Quercus species in section Lobatae (aka: the red or black oaks) it is wise to remove the adhering testa (seed coat) as it tends to be rather bitter. Easier said then done though! :) I teach my students a simple trick that makes the process WAY easier...saving much time. Once the testa has been separated from the seed you are now ready for winnowing...the process captured here. I shot this video on my Mendocino County property in NorCal...an 80 acre parcel home to some 6 Quercus species and 6 hybrids. The golden grassland/oak woodland backdrop to this video should be familiar to anyone who has traveled the Highway 101 corridor in late summer/fall. If you'd like to learn more...A LOT more...consider registering for my final 16+ hour oak/acorn workshop of the year on December 9-10. Trust me, my acorn workshops are (by far) the most comprehensive on the topic.
Pictured here: Quercus kelloggii (CA black oak)

Video Credits: ©Tellur Fenner
Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies

We met a lot of great dogs (and people) yesterday at the Doggy + Me coffee date at Eightfold Coffee with @maedayrescue. Already looking forward to the next one!
#dogrescue #maedayrescue #succulents #workerowned #cooperative #muttlove #echopark #losangeles #californianativeplants

A bevy of California native plant still lifes 🌿in the mix: 2 laurel sumacs, manzanita, and toyon all from my garden

Colorful Muted Calm

Seedling of the local native Hummingbird Sage (Salvia spathacea) from a 9/21 sowing. The big leaves out to the sides are the cotyledons, with the first true leaves emerging from the center. This plant grows commonly in the shade of our native oaks and north-facing slopes. It blooms in early spring with resinous, fragrant corollas and burgundy flowers - the hummingbirds love them at least as much as I do... germination will be ongoing for several months. #hummingbirdsage #salviaspathacea #californianativeplants #seedlings #plantnativeseeds #organicnursery @_native_hummingbird

Hello Everyone.

Whether or not you are based in California you most likely have heard all about the devastating wildfire situation currently unfolding here. In response to this crisis I recently decided to convert my previously scheduled December 2 San Francisco Bay Area edible & medicinal plant walk into a class/fundraiser for NorCal wildfire disaster relief. Nothing much has changed..only now I'll be donating 100% of the proceeds of this class to the relief effort (via The Community Foundation of Mendocino County's disaster fund). If we max this class out we'll be able to raise over $2000. Whether you attend or not I STRONGLY encourage you to contribute whatever you can and in whatever way you can in order to help assist those who are currently displaced by these ongoing catastrophic wildfires. Because Mendocino County (where I reside) has been getting so much less press (compared to Sonoma/Napa Counties) I've decided to focus my efforts on this specific region.

And for those who don't know:

As of today (October 16) 38,000+ acres have burned in Mendocino & adjacent Lake County alone. In addition to that there have been at least 8 confirmed deaths and hundreds of homes destroyed (again, JUST in the Mendocino/Lake County region). PLEASE help to spread the word and let's pull together as many resources as possible in order to help those who have been severely impacted by the recent/ongoing devastation. Thanks!

Click on our Instagram bio link for more information about this upcoming class/fundraiser. -Tellur Fenner

California has had a monumental year of mega fires this year. I know it may be difficult to look at fires without a negative connotation but it’s Mother Nature’s responsibility to take care of the land. It’s so unfortunate we don’t have the magnitude of ingenious people’s as they use to mediate prescribed fires. This has helped California’s history immensely. In actuality, many of our California native species have adapted to fire and some species seeds can only reproduce with the aid of Fire. A perfect example is Manzanita, the thick layer of the drupe absolutely needs the intensity of fire to crack open that stony endocarp. One of my favorite chaparral plants, Chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum) has adapted the leaves in a non flammable oil that can withstand intense fire. You can find fire adapted species from chaparral to subalpine forest. Gymnosperms need fire to regenerate or give rise to new stands. In certain forest communities the only way to obtain more canopy room is fire. Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) is sealed with resin that only fire can melt away, then the seeds are released. Where as Pinus ponderosa cones only need heat to release the seeds. I like to think of fires as a new beginning, there is a lot of beauty in the nature of fires and how they maintain the ecosystem. The succession levels are absolutely incredible and mind blowing to see. Fires also give rise to wildflower hotspots because the soil is so rich and produces huge biodiversity. On another note, where the natives thrive... so can the non natives. Non natives and invasives can colonize burned areas just as well too. Fire is just another method for survival.

Arctostaphylos 'Red Stem'. A @_sean_hogan and @cistusnursery introduction. A nice green alternative for those looking for that Arctostaphylos patula look, but don't live in a snow zone. #pnwnativeplants #californianativeplants #arctostaphylos #arctostaphylosredstem #Ileftthepruningshearsathome

Saw several shades of penstemon on backpacking trip south of Yosemite #californianativeplants #sierranevada #penstemon #leslieallenart

Next up: 2hr talk next Saturday on what I do everyday. The class sign up is full to capacity. People want to know how - let's help them do it. #designingwithnativeplants #nativeplantdesign #gardeningwithnativeplants #DIY #californianativeplants #sharethelove #californialove #keepcalookinglikeca

Fremontodendron californicum // California flannelbush
There's always something blooming in San Francisco. I don't think flannelbush naturally occurs on the San Francisco peninsula but I saw several beautiful planted specimens today happily blooming on this early fall day.

Succulents do so sell here. Plants barely filled the pot in May. . . Now taken clippings 2 times. #succulents #cactus #beauty #californianativeplants

Some painting inspiration from the garden today. #beeart #hymenoptera #natureart #californiaaster #californianativeplants

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