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I can feel every touch of sun...

Flashback to an awesome time in Ventura! #tocoolforyou #littlebrothersrock #nolimitsinlife #californiaguys 📸 @evsglz

Had the most amazing time in my favourite place in the world: back to the grind now 🇺🇸🙋🏼💁🏼 #SantaBarbara #Vaccay #Cali #Californiaguys @visitsantabarbara

Thank you Thailand for the amazing moments and friends we could make 🙌🏻🙈 #seeyousoon #traveltheworld #californiaguys #halfmoon


My liver right now #lit #californiaguys


I can feel every touch of sun...


There's nothing like being surrounded by so many "like minded" individuals all striving for the same common goal... To live and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle! 6am, 90 minuets, no room for excuses! Everyone all shapes and sizes, all with different stories and challenges to tell... Wow 😳 This was one workout experience I will never forget! 💙

Bahaha this was awesome! The things we do for our social media! So many of you asked how we took our triple acro yoga photo the other day! Well here it is! (Wait till the end) 😂 Team work really does make the dream work! You can achieve so many great things with the support from the right people! 💙

Like Dorothy on the yellow brick, hope my ruby shoes get me there quick, cause I left everyone I love at home! 👞🏡 #gypsy #shoes #summerboy #californiaguys #california #mensfashionpost #menstyle

Strong alone. Unstoppable together! The bigger the dream the more important the TEAM! 💙

Life is Worth Living so live another Day...

There's a place I know if you're looking for a show Where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor. | TBT do cabelo loiro haha

Tô muito praieiro senhor, nem parece que sou um ser siberiano 🌴😂👀❤️

Keep The good memories. 🌴😎

Essa cara cheia de espinhas retrata meu fds improvisado que acabou sendo na praia, com uma galera divertida e passeio de barco. 🌴😍👏🏻


Pra quem não entra no mar, tô praieiro demais... 🌴🌴🌴

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