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I have a higher tolerance for alcohol then I do people 😈 #peoplesuck #whyihavesomanyhorses #californiacowgirl

Howdy ya’ll! Thanks to our President & CEO for rewarding our entire company with tickets to this year’s @driftwoodfest! We met a Las Vegas survivor that lost a friend & it was quite humbling among all the activities but he maintains we keep #CountryStrong! #CaliforniaCowgirl #CompanyPerks #DriftwoodFestival

Perfect day at the beach with my pony and friends.
#fiestaisland #californiacowgirl #sandiego

This rattle my hubby snatched up last year, had 16+ buttons ...This big boy is making a PURDY 4" tripping collar for a California Cowgirl!!@jessymjames calling it "PricklyRattle" #cowgirlsrock #californiacowgirl #pricklyrattle #bbtrippingcollars #buckinbuckarette

📷: @busterswife | Spring-time rides on beautiful buckskins 😍🌱🌼🐴 #AQHAProud #countrylivingforever #fortheloveofhorses #buckskin #californiacowgirl


I have a higher tolerance for alcohol then I do people 😈 #peoplesuck #whyihavesomanyhorses #californiacowgirl

PETEY // You are enough. 👋🏻 You, yes you, the imperfect, messy human with the story. The one who doesn’t see it, doesn’t feel it, doesn’t believe it. You are enough, you do enough, and who are simply are is enough. When you claim that and own it, you give others the permission to do the same.
Post an emoji below if you need to be reminded of the fact that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Who has been enjoying the #NFR so far?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🐎💨 Also if you’re at Cowboy Christmas just don’t even tell me about all the pretty tack I’m missing out on 😔😭💔

I don't feel this little guy really received the proper send off. As many people knew, I was selling Sawyer, but when he did leave I really only talked about it with those who were close to me or asked.

It was the hardest thing I had ever done, I've told Nick more times then I can count "I will never sell a horse ever again." He's come over to me randomly crying at my desk more then once.
I whole heartily made the decision to do what was best for him. He was not getting nearly the amount of love and support that he deserved, he wasn't giving the time and patience needed in the saddle and to me; this guy had all the talent in the world, he just needed the time.
I could not be happier that Nicole saw what I had seen in Sawyer back in New Mexico. I could not be happier with how their partnership is growing, and quiet frankly, Sawyer looks a hell of a lot happier running with her then he ever did with me! I am so happy for my little muffin even if it breaks my heart to not call him mine.
I put my riding dreams on hold to purse my passion and my baby that is Sara Shier Photography. Its been an emotional journey, but I can say I'm loving every minute of it and know that when the time is right, riding will be right where I left it. There are champions born everyday, there are barns all over the country, there are always cans to chase, and you can win the NFR at 68.

I may be putting those dreams on hold, but I'm proud to say I'm pursing the bigger picture.

pc: @magnusphoto

#tbt to Jessie Diamond Jones the horse that raised me. She was such a saint. I am so thankful that I had such a great horse growing up to adventure on and go camping with. #throwback #californiacowgirl #countrygirl #countrygirlsdoitbetter #blackhorsesmatter #jessiediamondjones #horsingaround #raisedme #lifelessons #wisdom #cowgirlsdontcry #ridebabyride

Truth: sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing 🙋🏻‍♀️ I can’t tell you how many times on my long drives home between sessions I’ll be listening to some of the business GENIUSES like @jennakutcher or @amyporterfield and then call someone and be like “I JUST GOT THIS CRAZY IDEA YOU WANNA DO IT?”🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope you enjoyed that voicemail last night @cat_caper 😂😘 We’re gonna go plan this crazy idea now guys, you’ll see it soon 😉 #thephotolab

Thunder in the hood, heaven from a still, lightning in a jar. Brother I'm hell on wheels. #country #cowgirl #cowgirlup #countrygirl #countrybornandbred #countryheartandsoul #californiacowgirl #707 #brantleygilbert

Hey friends! What are your most favorite Christmas movies of all time? I got a line up of Elf, Nightmare Before Christmas and the Grinch but what am I missing? 🤔

EAZY // Guess what transition we’re still figuring out 🙋🏻‍♀️ Most Saturday/ Sunday mornings are spent sleeping in, taking your time making coffee, making a big breakfast, watching TV all day, then going on an adventure or out to dinner so we look like a normal couple who leaves our house 😅

What it actually looks like is me getting up early, having to pack my suitcase and camera bag, rushing eggs in a pan and hitting the road for a weekend of photo shoots with those “i’ll be home soon” texts.

I don’t think these are the little struggles people see us photographers having to navigate in our lives and relationships. I give up my weekends on Nick’s days off to be with your smiling faces, and I’m super lucky to have a partner who encourages me and pushes me to be the best business woman and photographer I can be. So most weekends we wouldn’t have it any other ways....just sometimes Nick gives me that “why is an alarm going off on a Saturday morning” UGH face that make me feel bad 🙃😂 at least it’s a cute UGH face 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

NINAS TOP JUDGE // Judge Cash X Tejons Little Nina. Standing at @rockingjjperformancehorses Santa Clarita, CA

Issue 3 of @rocknwmedia_ went LIVE today! So honored to be featured along so many influencers in the western biz! Check it out to learn my crazy back story of being a softball player, a hot rod office manager, to a full time entrepreneur!

Be thankful for even the smallest moments of beauty and calm. #thanksgiving #blessed #loved #greatful #horses #hillside #oaks #everydayadventure #californiacowgirl

Some of the most beautiful gifts you will give in life won't cost you a dime. 💗 #shareyourpassion #shareyourhappiness #teach #theloveofahorse #everydaymagic #horses #kids #smiles #californiacowgirl

Adventure is all around us. Come explore it with Los Padres Outfitters. Www.LosPadresOutfitters.com #lospadresoutfitters #lospadresoutfit #packtrips #packmule #sunset_pics #lifebetweentheears #california #californiacowgirl #equinetrekking #beautifulworld #viewsfordays

CHIP // This gorgeous boy is FOR SALE at @rockingjjperformancehorses 2015 AQHA Buckskin gelding Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet X Smart Isabella.

Seriously love this girl. Don't know what I'd do without her. #countrygirl #friends #country #707 #countrybornandbred #countryheartandsoul #cowgirl #californiacowgirl

Some people buy cars, alcohol, gamble and even buy drugs~ me? 😂 I buy horses and tack 😄 NOT to mention I've wanted a diamond/square D ring snaffle for sometime now and they are about $400 handmade 😣🙈 #whowouldyouratherhave #crazyhorselady #californiacowgirl

If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart I’ll always be with you // JESSICA JOHN + SMART ISABELLA

Sale horse season! This 4yr old is stout, smooth and big hearted. Bred to Rope and Cow Up. Flashy AF. #salehorse #aqha #ropehorse #ranchhorse #cowhorse #hackamore #californio #capriolas #californiacowgirl DM for Details

Btw... in the first shot when I first show you the new ball cam... that’s how far I’d gone before Fucking noticing it. I literally had to back like 6 more inches before it was there... so I didn’t *really* cheat. #cheater #upgrade #trailerballcam #horsetrailer #loganhorsetrailer #fancyAF #californiacowgirl #countrygirl #countrygirlcansurvive

Had to change the trailer tire the old fashioned way today 🤣 I haven’t had to change a tire in like 10 Fucking years 🤣 I’m excited the horse trailer is getting new tires and getting serviced! #YAS #teamdirtyhands #teamdirtyjeans #greasehands #imakedirtlookgood #countrygirl #countrygirlcansurvive #californiacowgirl #elbowgrease

JESSICA JOHN + SMART ISABELLA // I’ve been super into editing to Imagine Dragons lately and the song “Dream” is really hitting home these days.
Life isn’t always what it seems and sometimes the story behind the beautiful pictures we produce are extremely messy. At the same time, I don’t believe its my job to tell you that everyone has troubled waters to navigate, we don’t need to believe everything actually is a mess.
I do dream of a day when we are able to show up and be exactly who we are and how we are feeling at this very moment. Its ok to share when you are happy and enjoying the stories of your life, just like its ok to share the struggles you are battling. Because at the end of the day, I hope you choose to show up in your life.
Comment a friend below that might just need a little “hey, I’m thinking of you and thinking you’re one awesome human.”

California cool with our kicks today 😎👌🏼 #conversegoneglam #californiacowgirl #meandmybuddy

Howdy ya’ll! Thanks to our President & CEO for rewarding our entire company with tickets to this year’s @driftwoodfest! We met a Las Vegas survivor that lost a friend & it was quite humbling among all the activities but he maintains we keep #CountryStrong! #CaliforniaCowgirl #CompanyPerks #DriftwoodFestival

I'd rather give everything for things that last a lifetime than a little for things I won't remember at all. The only thing I'm willing to lose these days are inhibitions any way. #qualityoverquantity #allgoodthingstaketime #handmade #putyourheartinit #cowboyshit #toolsofthetrade #whatlasts #thelonghaul #californiacowgirl #lifesmessages

Wake up in the morning excited to pick back up your work where you left it yesterday and encourage people around you to do the same. If it's not exciting, encouraging and fulfilling- then what are you working toward? #blessed #greatful #motivate #horsetraining #wakeupandsmile #passion #calling #findit #ariat @ariatinternational #californiacowgirl

hey friends i'm sara! i'm a southern california equine, wedding, + lifestyle photographer who likes to call los angeles and huntington beach her home bases. i'm known for handling the big city bustle of brooklyn new york, but definitely can get down to having a few beers on the front porch of my best friends ranch. i've been riding horses for over 12 years and have been with my once in a lifetime horse marco for over 10 of them! i absolutely love playing with horses noses, especially all the new ones i meet on my photo adventures! Do you mess with your horses like I do? Comment below just how you embarrass your horse child on the daily 👇🏼🙊💕

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