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Good morning, friends! Emily here! 👋💁🏻‍♀️ While Julie was at #d23lightuptheseason last night, I was supposed to attend the exciting #freshlypickedxdisney launch event, but due to being stuck in the evacuation zone from the #lilacfire (all is well now! 🙏❤️), I wasn’t able to make it up to Disneyland! 😔 All that to say, we are SO in love with the adorable @freshlypicked x @disney moccasins and wanted to make sure we share these treasures with you - they are getting me extra excited for baby boy’s arrival in the next few months! 🤰🏻
You can shop these moccasins when they launch this morning (including more characters and designs) on freshlypicked.com. 💙 #freshlypicked

USS midway Museum

All those dazzling lights 😍😍😍

Supermoon 2017 ❤️ | 🌎: San Pedro | 📷: @drewdoggydizzle
#CaliLove 🌴❤️

🏝🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️ #surfing #ocean #danapoint #california #californiaadventure #lovemylife #usa

When in doubt- do. If you are fortunate enough to wake up tomorrow morning, alive for another day, you'll have 21 DAYS left before this year ends. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to make or break most habits. I've learned that it takes 1 day to start, and 1 day to follow through, and 1 more each day after that to keep going to get through my 21 day goals. I call it IXXI, 1 day for 21 days to make or break a habit. Just pick something, anything! Then take an empowering step of faith, even if you don't have the whole thing planned out. Journal for one day, write one song, apply to one job, serve one person, go to the gym one time, and then repeat it till the end of this month and on January 1, 2018, you will already believe in your power to follow through or break a habit or make new patterns and you'll be 21 steps down a path. My 21 day goal is pretty personal, but I'm happy to share if you ask in a DM. Hope you'll join me in ending the year well! 📷 @ipadarath


North and Basket Domes at Glacier Point. Yosemite
Когда я только в первый раз побывала на Глейшер Пойнт и увидела Хаф Дом, он не произвел на меня такое уж сильное впечатление. Зато Северный и Корзиночный Домы стали моими любимчиками. Мне они показались более гармоничными. Но сейчас я, конечно, признаю, что каждое природное явление прекрасно по-своему. Главное, не быть в одиночестве как это дерево и ощущать свое единство с окружающим.

Caroline Winneguth, creator of Saltwater & Feathers, is at the Bridge Street Inn. She makes hand-illustrated paper goods. This box contains a set of greeting cards printed locally on 100% vegetable based ink. www.saltwaterandfeathers.com

Так много раз я пожалела о том, что у меня нет ещё несуществующего телепорта. Или он уже есть, кто знает?
Передвижение по городу занимало львиную долю времени, особенно если идти нужно было пешком. Мы специально бронировали квартиру так, чтоб все было в пешей доступности, а в итоге смотришь на карту, тебе показывает 5 минут езды на такси и всего 1 час 20 минут пешком🤦🏼‍♀️ И так до любой локации. Как и можно было догадаться, что самой большой затратой отдыха оказался именно транспорт
Но помимо такси мы все таки прокатились местным, старинным, классическим трамвайчиком, который с горки идёт в свободном падении. А горки там всем горкам горы, так что скорость набирается хорошая. Cам трамвай не оборудован стенками, так что это своего рода мини аттракцион за 7$ в одну сторону
Найдёшь не там где ищешь- слоган этой и ещё одной фотографии, что покажу чуть позже. Мы приехали на красивый пляж, уже не в Сан Франциско. Так сказать перешагнули черту в поиске качель с живописным видом. И нашли мы их не тут и не в этот день, но эти поиски однозначно стоили тех эмоций

Caroline Winneguth, creator of Saltwater & Feathers, is at the Bridge Street Inn. She makes hand-illustrated paper goods. www.saltwaterandfeathers.com

Happy #GoldenBirthday to these amazing twins! Reese and Aiden🎂♥️ Nina and Nino love you guys so much😍 everything we do with you guys is always so much fun especially our Disney trips😉#tomsawyersisland 😂#californiaadventure @aidenalcala42 #eeyoreismyspiritanimal

Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away from being realized. ~ Leo Buscaglia. IN NATURES TIME I truly marvel at the Great Creator's works! This barren tree in the foreground, crimson laden tree in the background, and then all of the details. The leaves on top of the hedge and the circular splashes of color at the base of the trees as I go farther in on the left are splashes of color still on the trees. How can I see this and not recognize my Creator? #wanderlust #beautyiswhereyoufindit #pattern #lines #leadinglines #serenity #abeautifulday #ig_naturelovers #optoutside #anewday #greatcreator #olympus #ig_westcoast_exposures #visalia #wildcalifornia #californiaadventure #californiaforfun #naturelover #nature #natureimages #naturenerd #in2nature #hope #life_outside #olympuspen7 #the_pretty_earth #visalia #sequoiatourismcouncil

SoCal friends! Get to Flights Beer Bar 5119 W El Segundo Blvd in Hawthorne tonight at 9pm for free comedy show! I'm on the deus and you can see me do comedy in this pose akin to a Ken Doll. (Ps it's in SoCal not Boulder but it's a dope pic) #instagram #instagood #adventure #comedy #standup #jokes #fun #actor #entertainment #actorslife #calilife #californiaadventure #california #wanderlust #passion #professor #university

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There's only a handful of Mountain Tees left! A restock has been undecided and we're moving toward new designs so make sure to grab yours while they're still here!

My kids love Cars Land at California Adventure Park. It allows them to actually visit Radiator Springs and meet their favorite Cars characters like Tow Mater! 🏎
#magicfamilygetaways #californiaadventure #disneyland #bookatrip

The folklórico dancers are so incredible! I give them all props - the way they twirl their skirts is so beautiful and mesmerizing! It’s such an incredible cultural dance that I look forward to watching every year! ❤️💚🇲🇽🎉✨❤️💚🇲🇽🎉✨❤️💚🇲🇽🎉✨❤️💚🇲🇽🎉✨❤️💚🇲🇽🎄✨

#vivanavidad #disneyscaliforniaadventure #californiaadventure #disneycaliforniaadventure #dca #disney #disneyland #folklorico #folklórico #dancer #mexico #beautiful #culture

Clarabelle 🐄 Anthony was afraid of her 😣 #californiaadventure #character #clarabelle #disneyparks #anthonytrinhjr

Oupsss ! Beaucoup de choses à faire et complètement oublié de poster 😣 Mais Pluto commençait à agoniser dans ma pellicule, Here it is !

The Forest Of Nisene Marks State Park.

The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park.

Seacliff State Beach. The sunset yesterday was stunning.

A wonderful Happy 25th Birthday to my favorite girl in the world. You make every day the best day of my life, and I go to bed giddy about experiencing the next day with you by my side. Love you @gii_2292!

#happybirthday #loveofmylife #bestgirlfriend #disneyland #californiaadventure

Good morning from Disneyland! When Goofy wants you to pose like him, you do it! Please just look at Reagan 😂! Where can we sign him up to be a character on Main Street!? 😆

Hello Loki! How's it going? #Loki #CaliforniaAdventure #Disney

Sunday 😁. Had to go and eat the holiday food before we are blocked out. #disneyland #mickey #catwreath #food #holidays #allaboutthefood #toomanypeople #festivalofholidays

The sound of nature🌿
The next step - to see whales .
Звуки природы🌿
Следующий шаг - увидеть китов

swipe! —> I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it’s a small world holiday 💓
And I just realized that I’m going to see The Last Jedi in just 3 DAYS!!

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