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So beautiful like nowhere else!

California Capture by @lukecure
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I think I have a new favorite coastal park - tons of sea arches and caves, sand dunes, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, you name it!


What I did between my two hikes on Sunday, take a refreshing dip in the South Fork Eel River. That's not me though, that's the guy who convinced me I wouldn't freeze my balls off (he was half right, they froze, but not off).


Within 24 hours, we went from strolling the beaches at Southern Cali to hiking at our backyard National park (Yosemite). #OptOutside

This warm weather has me dreaming of moments with waterfalls!!🌊 One of my favorite things to do is sit under a waterfall, feel it splash against your feet, have a moment with it!🔮 Even if it's freezing, I try and get myself to swim in the waters beneath it! There's something so purifying about the powerful, flowing water. It makes you feel renewed, like a fresh start! So I always do my best to convince myself that the cold will be worth the rejuvenation. And it usually always is🍃🐳🌲🦋🐢 #wildernessbadass

Another BTS cell phone video by @mangrinning following my #drone at @model_lex session. That's low flying geese you hear towards the end. @robbarberyphotography #fresnophotographer



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