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All Mike ever wanted to do was go to the snowball
with his love of his life, but @strangerthingstv hates us
Ac: me

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS JUST HIT 40k 😱 this is incredible! I don't know what to say! 40,000 in one year! Thank you all so much! I wouldn't be here without you! I love you all!!!!💕💕💕💕

dustin 'the smartass' henderson
rm of my vine

I think there's something behind me.
can you tell? @karianecote

S2 — #omgpage 👽
cc_ divxnes ac_ ? [ignore the glitch pls]

queen of fucking everything✨
#sophialillis #beverlymarsh #it #itmovie #loserrct2
[sorry this is terrible]

i know i misspelled my username don’t attack me
@finnwolfhardofficial (tag him?)
for anybody who sent me finn pictures
also for taryn @dracoke 💘💓💕💗💛💗💓💕💘

crying over mileven has become a daily thing at this point...


—slow down
ugh i'm so proud of them and how far they've come -
dt; everyone


q: what's the last thing you ate?

So much love for my followers and everyone in the Stranger Things fandom. If you ever wanna talk about Stranger Things, the cast (especially Finn), Fillie🙈 or just anything at all...I'm ya girl! Here to support anyone and everyone in this fandom. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #StrangerThings #finnwolfhard #milliebobbybrown #gatenmazzarto #calebmclaughlin #noahschnapp #stfandom

sorry i wasnt active today :/ i was doing a commission! :)

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