The burning fires fill the sky as a golden light enfilades the night.
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It is just very good band. (Lol)
Actually atmospheric epic and just black metal. Despite the fact that it is atmospheric I can say that sometimes there is something depressive.
Made in USA 🇺🇸
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Well, some stuff I was supposed to do-done and a few hours of relaxing with Horizon Zero Dawn. Yes, I'm still playing this one, because I don't wanna finish this that fast. And so.¦¦ There is a deep pathos here
A monumental sorrow
Blood has stained this ground
The very land itself a barrow

The echoes of battle ring cold through the ages
The moon shines on old dunes, awakening ancient hatreds

Swords held high to the desert sky at such great a cost
Standards fly above funeral pyres
Victory and loss
We are strong, but when the day is done we are left bereaved
Marching on to the battle drum
Triumph and defeat

Behold the storming flood of iron
Destruction wrought there upon the field
A host of warriors fall, never to return
Their epitaph a song of steel

Empires built upon the bones of those who stood beside us
The sun has set eternally into the dark
And we have seen the fields of war steal the lives of sons and brothers
The iron heart of glory beats a hollow dirge
The gods of battle rise and fall but the thirst for blood lives on
The Wolves of Winter rise and howl for honour’s debt
The sands forever greedily consume the blood of friends and fathers
The gates of Hood will open wide with dreams of death

There is a deep pathos here
A monumental sorrow
Blood has stained this ground
The very land itself a barrow ¦¦Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle¦¦ #selfportrait #portrait #goth #gothgirl #gothgoth #epicblackmetal #caladanbrood #helvete #blackmetalgirl #blackmetal #darkness #mörk #personlig #spegelbild #mirrorselfie #choker #alternative #alt #bnw #edited #merch #blackcraftcult #blackcraft #dsbm #makeup #gothmakeup #eyeliner #blackmetalgirls #wearblack #polishgirl

Caladan Brood: Echoes Of Battle. Double LP. Gatefold Cover. Pressed On Royal Purple Vinyl Limited to 350 Pieces. Includes two large posters, a sticker, two heavy-weight inner sleeves, and a button. Released on Northern Silence Productions.

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"In temples and taverns where secrets are whispered.
Arcane knowledge hides in their halls.
Shadows gather in midnight processions,
As wraiths and ghosts sing laments in the walls."
Book Of The Fallen - Caladan Brood
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CALADAN BROOD- Atmospheric Black Metal from USA
"Buried seeds, scattered bones
Blazing hearts by steel sent home
Mortal screams, names unknown
Shattered dreams by steel sent home"
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Caladan Brood: Echoes Of Battle | 2013 | Northern Silence Records | 2LP-repress on red vinyl (2016, NSP114) / OG-press gold CD (NSP114-CD)
It's 2015. 16-y/o me, an absolute newbie when it comes to Black Metal, browses YouTube in the early morning hours and clicks on one of the best-looking album thumbnails, not knowing what to expect. Little had I known that I was about to make a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. And, fuck me, it was just as cheesy as I'm trying to make it sound (which I'm sorry for, by the way). Whatever, as soon as the first song "City Of Azure Fire" started playing, I knew I'd found something that would probably stick with me forever. The grandiose synthesizer arrangements, the riffs, the vocals, the lyrics (which are not about LotR for a change), all come together to make up an album I never knew could exist, yet it does. But let's get technical here for a bit: Caladan Brood is obviously no stranger to Summoning, and while many people say they are the OGs of Epic Black Metal, Caladan Brood - even though they have so far only released this one album - have always been my go-to. I'm obviously biased because I cherish this album like few others, however, I think most people cannot oppose to the statement that Caladan Brood's EoB is more intricate, and at least as characteristic as Summoning's "Minas Morgul". The sheer amount of times I've listened to Caladan Brood's music is insane, especially considering that it's over 70 minutes long. I would go as far as to say that I know every synth run, every hit of the hi-hats, every note on this album, nonetheless, I fall in love with it anew every time I listen to it. At this point, everyone has at least heard of EoB, and while I get the critical voices of Summoning-hardliners, they will never be able to change my opinion on this album.
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Caladan Brood - "Echoes Of Battle" (2013)

Eh sì, il black metal nella sua forma atmosferica è un genere che ormai mi appartiene. In questo periodo ho avuto modo di approfondirlo abbastanza bene, passando anche per l'epic black metal, di cui i Summoning sono i capostipiti a tutti gli effetti. La band austriaca è riuscita ad avere un gran seguito per via dei testi che hanno a che fare con il mondo mitologico di J.R.R. Tolkien, componente di fondamentale importanza nella loro proposta musicale. Insomma, una proposta molto innovativa, ma che è stata portata avanti da un'altra grandissima band, una delle migliori del genere in questione.
I Caladan Brood sono un duo proveniente da Salt Lake City, e che debutta con la Northern Silence Productions nel 2013 con il loro primo e fin ora unico lavoro: "Echoes of Battle", un album che sfonda il muro dei settanta minuti di durata. Il loro stile è ascrivibile all'epic black, ed è contemporaneamente facile e difficile da inquadrare: facile per via del fatto che una volta ascoltati li si riconosce subito, e difficile perchè le influenze che amalgamano in un unico prodotto sono molteplici, andando dal classico black fino alla lieta melodiosità del folk, passando velocemente attraverso territori melodeath ed epic nel senso più classico del termine, tratto distintivo dai già citati Summoning. Inoltre, se i Summoning si ispiravano prevalentemente alle opere di Tolkien e le trasponevano in musica in un modo che solo loro erano capaci di fare, i Caladan Brood fanno la stessa cosa con un'altra opera di fantasia di Steven Erikson, intitolata "The Malazan Book of the Fallen", creando un concept eccezionale e un'ambientazione più fantasy che mai.
La band offre, nelle sei tracce del lavoro, varietà e ricercatezza, alternando mid-tempo a parti più incalzanti, il tutto senza mai abbandonare il proprio marchio di fabbrica, ovvero una malinconia epica ed emotiva, resa alla perfezione in ogni passaggio.
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"Still we ride
Fight and die
Longing for
Those lands
We once
Called home"
And I reclaim
A feeling
An idea
I tend
To lean
The romantic
I will find
A fallen
Sit down
And tell
Its grand story
There are
That these
Are a
But that's ok
Is perhaps
A word that
Should be
And reality
When they
It is a thing
Of beauty
You were
In a battle
To save
The success
Of another
Truly takes
From you
Revel in it
And go forth
To seek
Your own
For now
This wolf
Stays put
I will seek
From these
Of pain
And wandering
I will arrive
At some
Better place
But I am
Already there
Hail to you
Of the shield
And all
There is
So much
More than
You see
Before you
And what
Is there
Arms reach
Is just
As powerful
As traveling
The cosmos
Keep to
Your oath
Keep to
Your oar
See it
And be
Take no
Your own
For misdeeds
That life
Will do
That for you
Build yourself
Know yourself
Feel its
And journey
So much
Has been
Or so
It would
But infinitely
Has already
Been gained
If what I
Even exists
I will find
It on my own
It is my way
This is right
For me
Even if
I question it
Even if
There are
None who
My heart
Is my
And I must
Follow it


| Caladan Brood | Echoes of Battle |.
Fourth repress of this landmark album. This one comes on solid silver vinyl.
Caladan Brood have composed 6 long songs and 71 minutes of finest epic black metal. From the very first listening I was sure this is something great and the more I listen to it, the more addictive it becomes! I find everything in this work perfect. They have created a masterpiece of their own and have just raised the level of epic melodic and atmospheric black metal very high.
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My new favourite shirt. Label mates Caladan Brood. #caladanbrood #northernsilenceproductions #blackmetal #kvlt #alderglade

Day 28: Introduced you to a new genre. My first foray into epic/atmospheric black metal wasn't Summoning, somehow, but this killer band from Salt Lake. I remember coming across this on youtube one day, and being captivated by the cover art. Now, I admit it did take me a few listens to get into it, but now it's one of my go to black metal albums. #mayvinylchallenge #blackmetal #caladanbrood #vinyl

echoes of battle by caladan brood, one of the finest epic bm albums ⚔️ #caladanbrood #echoesofbattle #atmosphericblackmetal #malazanbookofthefallen #vinylrecords #vinyl #northernsilenceproductions

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