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Bathroom Reno using penny round and calacatta porcelain tiles. Vanity and sink are from Ikea.

This home is one not to miss on the weekend!
"Crafted by @heading_constructions , executive appeal and luxury infuses every square set cornice, every Calacatta marble niche, and every @Italia Ceramics inclusion within each slightly varied design." Interior Design Styling @walltowall.interiors
Inspect this beautiful property listed on @harrisrealestate website.

I nearly fell over when I saw this Calacatta 4x12" Polished. We are not going to change the price it is $16.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (at this quality it is worth a lot more) even though the quality justifies a higher price. If you do buy this, please, please send us pictures. This picture is just taken on a mat in our warehouse, you can see the concrete floor in the top left. The picture has not been adjusted. So excited to see what and how this will turn out installed. Looks stunning, even my mock up here looks awesome. Italian Calacatta Gold, this year Italy with the lower Euro we have not kept the additional profits on the exchange rates but invested in better quality blocks. #backsplash #calacatta #calacattatile #calacattagold #4x12tile #floortiles #bathroom #bathroomdesign #shower #showertile #showerdesign #marble #tiles

$16.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping. Prices do not change just because we get in lots that are just ridiculously good. Picture inside a warehouse with iPhone. Pics before Shipping are just one of the extra steps we can add in to increase confidence. One thing that cannot be done by brokers or many online companies you have to just buy and hope as they do not physically have the stock, it is Shipping from a 3rd party. Not us. We have no debt. So we are only interested in shipping orders that we know people are going to be impressed with. A debt free company one that even has no debt even on inventory is one that is relaxed. Focusing on quality, service, speed, accuracy, quality and value. Could not be done with a bank breathing down your neck. Or paying the back a piece of the pie. #calacatta #calacattagold #calacattatile #hexagon #backsplash #mosaic #tile #tiles

A beautiful focal point makes all the difference in an budget friendly wall tile.
#crystaltile #calacattatile #focalwall

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