Current Read... That I got from a public library here in New Hampshire.. A light and humorous take on fame and its pros n cons.. I am enjoying this read.. #booksamaze #howtobefamous #caitlinmoranhowtobefamous #caitlinmoran #bookaddict #bookstagram #bookish #booktube #booktuber #booktubeindia #bookreview #bookish #booksofinstagram #booksofig #bookclub #bookpic #books #booknerdigans #bookgeek #bookphotography

How to build a girl by Caitlin Moran. A poor 14 year old girl, Johanna, is living with her dysfunctional family in the midlands. Her dad is a drunk trying to make it as a musician, her mum is depressed and 50% of her brothers haven’t been named yet. She writes a lot. She says it’s something you can do no matter how poor you are. (Moran makes a lot of great points using the main character throughout the entire book). Johanna reinvents herself. She builds a girl. We get to know Dolly Wilde - and she’s wild indeed! With goals like becoming a great kisser, working for a music magazine and to provide for her family, the book just keeps being interesting. I had forgotten what it was like to be a teenager, but Moran’s writing brought me back to the past.
I really enjoyed it and it’s definitely on my list of recommended books to read!
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Caitlin Moran autograf
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Catherine Elizabeth "Caitlin" Moran is an English journalist, author, and broadcaster at The Times, where she writes three columns a week: one for the Saturday Magazine, a TV review column, and the satirical Friday column "Celebrity Watch". These are her book recommendations on Music, Youth and Fame!


Not gonna give a super deep review for this book. I wanted to read something other than fantasy since I loved 'My Favourite Manson Girl' so much.
I absolutely enjoyed every page, it was serious at the right moments and it was funny at the right moments. Recommend 🤘🏻

Monday presents from #bookdepository
I've never read Harry Potter, but I've been reliably informed I am in for a treat. And I love Caitlin Moran.
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This is the second novel from @mscaitlinmoran following on from 'How To Build A Girl' - check out my previous posts to find out my thoughts on it.

I read this in just over a day on holiday, this particular book is an exclusive signed edition which is ace!

Overall, I really rate this book. It was entertaining, funny and once again, relatable.

Johanna is a flawed and quirky character which makes the book all the more enjoyable. She has to face some tough challenges and learn that some people are just absolutely horrible, but, she comes out all the better for it.

“This is what happens, when it feels like the weight of the world is crushing right down on you.
You fear it's going to change you forever.
And you're right. It is.
It's going to turn you into something that is both beautiful, and the most indestructible thing on the planet”.

Pen: @littlebooteek
'Pineapple' Card: Part of the Inspirational Advent by @rock_paper_stars I purchased from @notonthehighstreet.

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Sunday afternoon. Loving this book. Nice glass of wine the i and padron peppers ready to cook.
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#sunday is the day for #resetting and #reading. #student Tamara Valero Martinez recommends snuggling up with #Howtobeawoman by #CaitlinMoran. Caitlin wants women to stop seeing feminists as radical man-haters and to start seeing them as advocates for equality. #sundayreads

Art and creativity are essential resources for children to express themselves. Developing tools that will help and support them not only in the moment, but throughout their whole life.
As a child who needed art, as an adult who needs art, as a local authority social worker who works with children and families where the benefits of art provisions are so valuable. Children coming in to care who have not had the best start in life having something to make, something to open and develop their minds, something to express their traumas and see them from different angles. Something to build resilience. Something to harness their pain and their love. Something to find understanding within themselves. For me, and for many other children, young people, and adults, that something is art.
My art teacher did more for me than she will ever know. From a little old school in Wolverhampton.
As cities like Wolverhampton face more and more cuts over the coming years to its services at the same time as rising needs of its people, it is a vital time. A vital time for us all to pick our little square of the patchwork quilt of revolution and stitch stitch stitch. Focus the mind on your passion, whatever it is that drives you. As Wiley the godfather reminds us: TUNNEL VISION. Try not to get too caught up with the noise. Its important to be aware but keep stitching your square, dont take your eye off it too much. This is as much a reminder to myself as it is a reminder to you.
Ps im dyslexic do mind my grammer
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Thoroughly enjoyed tearing through @mscaitlinmoran's sequel to the excellent How To Build A Girl this weekend. How To Be Famous is a love letter to teenage girls, music and fighting back in the face of disaster, all set at the time that Britpop first exploded on to the scene. As someone who had posters of all of the 90s boy/indie bands on my teenage bedroom walls, it was also quite a nostalgic read!

Got a copy of Caitlin Moran’s book How To Be Famous at my Waterstones this morning and even better than that it’s signed by herself.#CaitlinMoran #HowToBeFamous #Britpop #GreatRead @mscaitlinmoran

I love Caitlin Moran.
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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness clearly never came across three books for twenty dollars 🤗😍📚

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