So I just got my hair done and then it’s pretty cold again the next day? Not impressed, friends, not impressed 😐

Mom wasn’t joking about that whole groomer thing, friends... This morning it happened. To my horror she dropped me off and my scruff was removed 😟
Mom has to get used to my gentleman look, what do you think?

What do you mean by we’re visiting the groomer this week? I think my scruff suits me just nicely, thank you very much 🙊

Chilling after a lovely walk and a great swim 💛

Morning friends! I’m having quite a busy day today! I started with some rolling in fresh 💩, followed by a lovely swim which mom appreciated since that removed some of that 💩 from my fur. I then decided on some digging in the sand, while fully wet of course, it’s no fun otherwise. I then decided to eat some 💩 which I then threw up in the car while mom was driving. She was so amused with me! Needless to say, she gave me a bath when we came back home. She’s such a partypooper, that mom of mine 🙊 #bashthepooproller

Yihaa, my first swim of the season! Bring on Summertime, I’m ready!

Because you can never be too close to your mom. Happy Saturday, friends!

Happy Thursday! Hope it’s a good one!

Showing mom some affection while she’s watching Supernatural 💛

We love to make mom’s workouts just a little bit more challenging 🙈😆

Дождался своего любимого лакомства😛. От радости не знаю что с ним делать то ли играть, то ли прятать быстрее😁. А как вы поступаете в такой ситуации, делитесь опытом🐾😁
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Hope you’re all enjoying a great Monday, friends! I enjoyed a lovely roll in 💩 so it’s a good day for me! Only downside was that it meant getting my 3rd bath in 6 days time 🙈

Morning fun with my sis

A question for my flight savvy friends! How do you experience traveling on a plane? Do you travel in the cabin and if so, which bag did your human get you to travel in? Any favorite airlines that are very pet-friendly?

Happy ToT!

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