I 💛 dimsum. 😍

Living in Richmond for most of my formative YA years, there was a time when Saturday mornings/afternoons were reserved for dimsum 🥟🥠🥡 (and evenings were reserved for Pho or AYCE sushi). We had not ventured into Chicago's Chinatown in the half-year we've been here for a variety of reasons, but Chinese New Year was as good a reason as any to make the 20 minute trek to finally pay a visit🐉 We hit up a still-snowy Ping Tom Memorial Park, Chinatown Square, Pavilion, and Gate, before finally settling down for late lunch.

I'm not gonna lie, since we went on a Saturday, I had 6 restaurants pinned on my Chinatown Google map, just in case the wait time was crazy for my top choices 😅 We ended up dining at one of our (/my) top 2 choices. I'm just now looking at the time stamp on the photos and it looks like we ended up waiting for an hour to be seated. It didn't feel like it, cos we were bracing ourselves for the wait anyway and we were having fun deciding what to get. Also, we weren't in a terrible rush, and we were glad to be indoors in winter ☺️ Dustin didn't think we were gonna be able to finish everything we ordered but I had no doubt that we *easily* could 😁 We used to order double or triple this amount of food, way back when our metabolism allowed for burning most of it in all of 5 seconds 😢😋 Cai did not disappoint. It was a very happy meal for me, and Puppy was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it too! (dimsum is more my thing) I'm itemizing the dishes in the photos for future reference, or just in case it helps anyone who is not quite as dimsum-experienced 😅
1. Pork Wrapped in Bean Curd Crepe w/ Dry Scallops
2. Corn, Vegetable, & Mushroom Congee
3. Super Hargow Jumbo Shrimp Dumpling
4. Mixed Chinese Sausage (rice bowl)
5. Xiao Long Bao (w/ Crab Meat)

Happy year of the Puppy! 😍🐕 #MyChicago

Had a fun night with @mindy_sota at Cai in Chinatown for New Years dinner! Twelve courses was tough but we did it! #chinesenewyear #yearofthedog #chicagochinatown #cairestaurant #gunghayfatchoy

Celebrate Chinese New Year (year of the dog) at #cairestaurant! Complete with a traditional lion dance & 12 course meal -- tomorrow at 6pm:

#ChineseNewYear #YearOfTheDog #Chicago

Starting off a new week like...👌 @greenzebra424 ❤️ #gettindecadent #egpcouplesrock

Welp, these two lovely people drank some tea, ran around the @gpconservatory, piggybacked at the @adlerplanet, walked through #chinatownchicago, hosted a DELICIOUS dinner at #cairestaurant, fed some dancing dragons, and you know, got married too. Heat wave? We were too busy having fun to notice! ☺️. Congrats you two!!! ❤️ #egpwed #elizabethgrevephotography

#Pulp salad at #montecappuccinitorino #turin #cairestaurant satisfying all senses...

Hope all of you guys had a successful feast today with loved ones!
#christmas #numnums #yum #dimsum #cairestaurant #shumai #baos #yaoyiso #letsshareameal #chinatown

We cute we cute ☺️
Thieu Nu girls ❤️
#Chicago #illinois #wedding #cairestaurant #chinatown #gdpttl #truclam

Wedding yesterday💍
Lit af omg 🔥
Congrats to Anh Cuong and Chi Linh ❤️
#Chicago #Illinois #chinatown #vietnamese #wedding #cairestaurant

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