Coffee 152
365 Coffees of 2018
You know the drill - a French Press of @camposcoffee Kenyan Barichu Gaturiri AA single origin.

Wanted to try something different from our usual order. Had their Espresso Milkshake & Matcha Milo Dinosaur of which both were good, of course. Didn’t expect that Matcha could go well with Milo.

Happy 23rd Birthday to my Beautiful daughter & fellow Blogger @caffeinatedfloridian_lifestyle @caffeinatedfloridian I am very Proud of everything you have accomplished! I’m very Blessed to be your Mother! You are PURRRRRRFECTLY CATfeinated 🐱with the right amount of sweetness! I Love You ALatte☕️

I had to go without caffeine for a few months. I was a Diet Coke-a-holic! I drank 8-10 a day! Truth! Lets just say my family are all saints for putting up with me for those months. Now my drink of choice is a much healthier unsweet green tea, but noone wants me to go without caffeine ever again. You’ve been warned! 🤣 #caffeineaddiction #coffeeholic #teadrinker

We’ve got the first two for ya!! #feelparamount

Coffee 151
365 Coffees of 2018
Another perfect lactose free latte made with the @camposcoffee Superior Blend at @pineappleexpresscafe

My daily dose!! Double up this time!! #espresso #doubleshot #caffeineaddiction

작업실 탈출.....;;
#☕️3 #CaffeineAddiction

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