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Who doesn't love a refreshing @BangEnergy during a workout, and if you haven't tried it, I suggest doing it. I mean who could have ever imagined you could sip on a Pina Colada during a workout!?!
Full HIIT Routine:
-Tire flip to jump squat 4X20
-Wall Balls 4X30
-Incline reverse crunches 4X20
A quien no le gusta una refrescante @BangEnergy durante un entrenamiento, y si no la has probado, te sugiero que lo hagas. O sea, quién podría haber imaginado que pudieras beber una Pina Colada durante un entrenamiento?!?
Rutina de HIIT Completa:
-Tire flip to jump squat 4X20
-Wall Balls 4X30
-Incline reverse crunches 4X20
Powered by: @BangEnergy
Inventor:​ ​@VPXRedlineCEO
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Loaded with all natural ingredients! - ECGC - 550ml
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Try it now and thank to me later 😃

Which cup will fill up first and with what beverage?
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«Equipaggiamento base: 1. Coltellino svizzero - È uno strumento indispensabile per la sopravvivenza, l’esplorazione, il campeggio. racchiude un coltello, un cacciavite e un seghetto, a cui possono aggiungersi un sacco di altri attrezzi, come una lente d’ingrandimento, una limetta, un apribottiglie, un paio di forbici e delle pinzette. E il bello è che è abbastanza piccolo da entrare in tasca»


I want to talk about something important.
As most of you know, I went on a one week vacation to an all inclusive resort at Cancun.
All inclusive means all the food and all the drinks included.
I didn't step on the scale and don't plan to for a while because I know I gained at least 5 pounds from this vacation.
No exaggeration what so ever.
I went it knowing I was going to gain weight, but honestly I came out feeling physically terrible.
Don't get me wrong! I enjoyed vacation, but the unhealthy choices didn't make me feel too good.😔😪
So much affects us when we don't fuel our bodies the way they should be fueled.
One meal won't make us gain weight, but a whole week's worth of meals will and more.
🚫A bad diet affects our mood, our energy levels, our skin, and so much more! 🚫
Even though I enjoyed the vacation, my body most certainly did not appreciate the consistent unhealthy choices I've made over the week.
✖My skin broke out pretty bad
✖I've felt more lethargic than ever
✖Bloated like 24/7
✖I've noticed myself getting more irritable than usual. ✖Feeling really unhealthy and unlike my usual self
This is just from a week of consistent bad choices.
It honestly made me appreciate the healthy lifestyle so much!
It also makes me want to help people even more--The people that feel stuck in their constant unhealthy decisions.
I want to help because I KNOW the difference small healthy choices will make in their lives.
It makes ALL the difference in your everyday life.
I'm getting happily back on track now, and here are things I will be doing to start feeling better.
✖Drink 1 gallon of water everyday
✖Limit my caffeine intake to 200-300mg per day
✖Limit dairy (not because dairy is bad or is going to help me lose weight, but cause cheese is my biggest downfall 😂)
✖Cardio 5x a week for at least 30min a time
✖Weight training 4x a week
✖At least 6-10k steps a day
✖5 servings of veggies a day
✖Try to hit my protein intake
✖Limit sugar intake
Who's with me on making small changes?? You can even just try one of the things above and see how it improves your life! 👌😊👐

Simple, yet perfect.

First Coffee

Lil Lilly not so stoked about her coffee 🐕

Bragging on my #husband .. he leaves me #coffee every morning .. and it is #awesome 💕☕️ #caffeine #caffeineaddict #caffiend

Jika diam hanyalah celotehmu untuk meninggikan harkatmu, maka pertahankanlah.

Jangan lupa ngopi 😍☕

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