What an amazing season it's been. #cab50

17 shows down and 1 more to go! So incredible proud of our season. #Cab50

Musical theatre is the PERFECT WEAPON

scenes from Hey Secret Service—This Is My Official & Genuine Threat to Assassinate Donald J. Trump: THE MUSICAL
Thurs 8 & 11:30 | Fri 10pm | Sat 8pm
Downstairs at the Cab #cab50

She x God by Antoinette Crowe-Legacy in the Cab Studio Th 8:30/9:30p F 8:30/9:30p & Sa 9p/10p Satellite Festival runs this week Thursday-Saturday 19 Performances 7 Venues 1 Weekend! #Satellite18 #Cab50

love a good bag #Cab50 #omgbags (call or visit the box office today to get THE bag everyone’s talking about)

Acting student Patrick Madden (‘18) and Sound Design student Liam Bellman-Sharpe (‘20) work on the sound design for MUD, by María Irene Fornés @yalecabaret. Proposed by Acting student Danielle Chaves (18) and directed by Madden, the play is about learning to love, learning to read and learning to (let) go. #mariairenefornes #yale #theater #Cab50 #sounddesign #mud

Trailer for Cab 14: MUD by María Irene Fornés, proposed by Danielle Chaves (Acting ‘19) and directed by Patrick Madden (Acting ‘18). Performances February 22-24. Trailer by Erin Sullivan. #cab50 #mud

Come to the Dragaret... #cab50 #lifeisadragaret

Join us for the 5th Annual Yale Dragaret! 3 Nights is Drag Performance! #cab50 #lifeisadragaret trailer by @johnnymoreno

We’re featured on @yaleschoolofdrama’s Instagram today! Four more chances to see Cab 12: ...the light is #thelightis #cab50 trailer by @erinsllvn

This weekend THE LIGHT IS opened @yalecabaret. Conceived and created by third year Acting student Jake Ryan Lozano (‘18), the piece explores the mythos of light and dark through movement. Video by Projection Design student Erin Sullivan (‘20). #cab50 #yalecabaret #movement #theater #yale #mythos

スーパーカブ 最強伝説
#c50 #cab50

Cab 11: ENTER YOUR SLEEP opens this Thursday!
#enteryoursleep #cab50
Did you ever dream that your best friend turned into your ex-girlfriend? A witch? Or even worse, your mom? Dreams do funky things to us – we wake up questioning what’s real and why the people we love manifest in such mysterious ways when we sleep. ENTER YOUR SLEEP brings us to the dream world shared by two best friends – Zico and P.K. – who must decide what to believe, what choices to make, and how to deal with tragedy…before they wake up.


P.K. Whylde: JJ McGlone
Glory Zico: Ciara McMillian
Playwright: Christina Quintana
Director: Rachel Shuey
Dramaturg: Leandro A. Zaneti
Producer: Melissa Rose
Stage Manager: Fabiola Feliciano-Batista
Technical Director: Jessica Hernandez
Set Designer: Emona Stoykova
Costume Designer: Sophia Choi
Lighting Designer: Daphne Agosin
Sound Designer: Kathryn Ruvuna

...and that’s a wrap on FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Thanks to everyone that attended, engaged, played and applauded. Thank you to Ladie Lilith and Chelsea Siren for your stories, your vision, and your trust. #drag #burlesque #yale #Cab50 #theater #queer

Friday night at 8pm is SOLD-OUT but we still have tickets to the three other performances! Don’t miss Ladie Lilith and Chelsea Siren as they explore the world of sex cam work and BDSM through an evening of interactive burlesque. #Cab50 #bdsm #burlesque #yale

Cab 10: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY with Ladie Lilith opens tonight at 8! Don’t miss this interactive burlesque show exploring sex cam work and BDSM #Cab50 #FYEO 📷 cred: @johnnymoreno

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