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Your second emoji is your reaction 😱

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Помню этот день, один из солнечных и тёплых дней лета2017 в Питере☀️🌊 Погода не причиняла дискомфорт,и нам это было на руку,гоняли на катерах по Финскому заливу🚤🌊работали📸приятно проводили время😉

Но это в прошлом, порой в определённых случаях хотела бы я, чтоб была машина времени🚘⏰вернуться в определённый день,момент и не то,чтобы что-либо исправить,а для того,чтобы насладится приятными ощущениями,моментами ещё раз ☺️

У вас бывает желание вернуться в прошлое и :
1️⃣изменить что-либо
2️⃣просто прожить ещё раз счастливый, приятный момент •
Ставьте лайк и цифру😉 💠K💠A💠T💠R💠I💠N💠H💠O💠T💠🔝💠
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💦💋کانــال تلگرااام فول فیلم ها (لینک داخل پیج)💋💦

Wow 😏😏
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Quando você tiver um corpo e uma bunda dessas bicho, você vem falar comigo. Essa mulher é surreal! 🖤🙊


my baby,
goodmorning baby i know it’s not morning right now but it seems like you’re still sleeping so i hope you get to wake up to a smile, anyway, you have completely stolen my heart, i’m so fucking in love with you baby i can’t express it enough, everything about you has me going crazy from your head down to your feet, you are so fucking beautiful bailey, every inch, your laugh , your cut little dimple that pops up every time you talk and smile , god , that fucking smile it’s the cutest thing ever ohmygod!! when you smile i get butterflies, when you laugh it’s so contagious, don’t get me started with your personality. thank god for introluvrs because there’s where i met you, you make my heart so warm, i’m so lucky to call you mine, i know we’ve had our ups and downs but no matter what we always find our way back to each other, you’ve never given up on me no matter how difficult i got thank you so much for loving me and never leaving me behind. when we meet i’m gonna jump on top of you and give you the biggest hug and shower you with kisses, god i would do anything to be in your arms right now, we’ve made so many memories, from first hello , from co owners, to friends, to best friends, to being a thing, to being lovers. i wouldn’t trade you for the world, you truly mean everything to me baby never think twice about it, i’m completely deeply in love with bailey nicole sparks/jaxon andrews.


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