Always up for a little #TangoTuesday with some of my favorite dancers!
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What a wonderful tour filled with dancing, jokes, service and friendship! We’re sad for it to be over but so happy to be home with our families and friends! Thanks to all who made this tour so special! #byuballroom

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham💃🏼 #BethSheddPhotography #BallroomDancing #ballroom #dancers #BYUBallroom #quotesandphotos #instagram #365challenge #iphone6

Hey there, Boston! Nice to see you! Good to see Delta taking care of their passengers! The BYU Ballroom Dance Company thanks you! #byuballroom #bostonairport #middleseatlounge #middleseatloungesweepstakes #shareacoke #middleseatbuddysweepstakes

Super overwhelmed by how much I loved this tour and how much I adore these people. I’ve had endless experiences over these three weeks that have given me new perspectives on my life and the life I want to live in the future. It’s so crazy to me that for a year that we weren’t even supposed to tour, we ended up having such a rich and fulfilling experience. Curt, Sharon, Ben, Karson, Mike and Katrina...all put in SO much work to make sure that we had the best experience as a team and I am SO grateful. Best of all, I got to dance. I love dancing, and the joy it brings to my life and the lives of others. I’ve met amazing host families and made fast friends. I am so lucky to have a healthy body and to live this life! It sure is a good one. #lifeishappy #byudanceexp #experiencecfac #byuballroom

Yesterday was our last show in Boston and we had a blast. We shed a few tears over the wonderful year it’s been and wish all of our graduating/ leaving team members the best of luck! We love you all! Tomorrow is our last day in Boston before we catch our flights back to our friends and families in Utah! Thanks to all who made this tour as special as it was! ❤️ #byu #byuballroom #byutours #experiencecfac #byudanceexp

As I leaped into my last show tonight with the BYU Ballroom Touring Company, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunities I have had over the last 3 years on the team. I am grateful for all the experiences and friendships I was able to make with my teammates, traveling all over the world competing in Blackpool, England and performing in Scotland, Whales, Argentina and Chile; to end my experience on our Northeast tour has been such a fulfilling time for me and I will miss it very much! Thank you to my director Curt Holman for all of his guidance and coaching and to my exceptionally talented dance partner Landon Anderson for dancing with me this last year! I am appreciative of all that I was able to do and accomplish in my last 3 years on the Ballroom Company. #sautdechatinheels#byuballroom#experiencecfac#byutours#artistry

Just a little #SambaSaturday — these young dancers were awesome!
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Connecticut, you are THE BEST! Thanks for being so welcoming and GREEN! We had a wonderful time visiting the Hartford, CT temple, the Connecticut Historical Society, has a super fun youth outreach activity and visited the Elizabeth Park Rose gardens! We finished off our time with a great show attended by some of our dearest friends and alumni! Tomorrow we head to Boston for our last show of the tour. Stay tuned on the Instagram story for current updates! #byu #byuballroom #byudanceexp #byutours #experiencecfac

Missing my time in NYC but I’m sort of in love with Connecticut, it’s greenery and beauty! It’s so quiet and peaceful! #byutours #byudanceexp #byuballroom

Day 18
Visited the Hartford Temple
Visited the Connecticut Historical Society
Workshop with Hartford Stake
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Yesterday was our performance at Montclair University in Jersey! We had a blast performing for BYU alumni and Ballroom friends. Thanks to those who made the trek out there to watch us despite the crazy storm outside! Today was our free day in NYC so stay tuned for more pictures of what the dancers were up to! Tomorrow we head to Hartford, CT! Can’t wait! #byuballroom #byudance #byudanceexp #experiencecfac #byutours pc: @theballroomphotographer

Vai Sikahema and his wife, Keala, talk about the performance in Philadelphia, PA. Vai played football at BYU from 1980-1985. He was the first Tongan drafted in to the NFL in 1986. He is currently a news anchor in Philadelphia for the NBC affiliate. He is also the local Stake President.
For full version, go to the BYU Ballroom Dance Facebook page.
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There have been too many pictures taken and amazing experiences that I haven’t been able to highlight them all! I’ve had an unreal time on tour so far and I’m SO grateful for this experience. I loved learning from Eugene, Maria and Alina yesterday at Brooklyn Dancesport. The thing that I was the most excited and surprised about learning was that quality dancing is all about the feelings you have while you dance and making it your own. Sure there’s technique, but it’s the joy and artistry that you get to create and feel while you dance that matters the most. We have a lot more freedom than we think we do. I think that’s the same with life! You have to do it your own way, in your own time. There’s no cookie cutter design for a happy, successful life! It’s your own creation and your job to do things and associate yourself with people that help you create the joy you want. I didn’t expect to learn these lessons from our experiences dancing on tour so far, but I have! And I’m so grateful for it! #byudance #experiencecfac #byutours #byudanceexp #byuballroom

Yesterday was amazing! We started off the day with workshops from @brooklyndancesportclub with @eugenekatsevman and Maria for Latin and Alina for Ballroom. We learned so much and are grateful for their expertise and time. We ended the evening with two different FHE groups. We have two more days here in NYC. Tonight is our show at the Montclair University Memorial Auditorium at 7pm! Please invite your friends and spread the word! #byuballroom #byu #byudanceexp #byudance #byutours #experiencecfac

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