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• hiraeth : a homesickness for a home that never was •

A quiet space on the inside
of my closed fist writhes
with the parts of you
I could not hold.

It is like swallowing a slow flame,
lighting an eternal sunset
across the shape of your name -
always ending in darkness.

It is like looping your poetry
around my tongue,
an unravelment of your abstract heart,
a testimony of your exit wounds.

The quiet space on the inside
of my closed fist ebbs
into my heart with the parts
of you that are now mine.

It is like building a home upon
your absence,
and inviting love for
the first dance.

© Ashka Naik
Late response to @herheartpoetry 's last week's prompt.
Beautiful photo by @lerubanblanc
#Artistz_Werdz #poetry #bymepoetrylove

Ah the joys, mysteries, and insecurities of the eternal poetic theme of love ❤️ tenderly explored here by our ✍🏻️ New Featured Poet ✍🏻️ @lennea_leigh from USA 🇺🇸 ..
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'Let Me' write something different👅#bymepoetrylove#bymepoetry#bymepoetryasia

A quite amusing long note:

I was not going to post this and then a funny conversation happened between me and my mom early today.

As we walked homebound from the market, she was informing me that my sister's tuition (which i pay) might be free starting next semester. And I said it's good news then.

She told me she is sure I will not get married even when I would need not to pay for my sis' college and I agreed. I said I have no plans (nor a partner) to be married soon.
And my mother stopped. Looked at me with worried eyes. And said, "but you will not grow old alone, right?" I was not able to stop laughing. 🙈 My mom who was reminding me before when I was in a relationship and a bit younger not to get married soon is now worried that I might not get married someday. 😂

After laughing, I comforted her by saying that I still believe in forever (i do) and someone made for me is out there.
End of story.


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