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🎶🤰🏽What's on your childbirth playlist? 🎶🤰🏽 You can’t plan how labor and delivery are going to progress, but you can prepare the soundtrack. Studies show that music, by promoting relaxation, can help cut down on pain; in other words, you definitely should have this music streaming in the delivery room. This might be the most soothing/relaxing cesarean delivery we've every seen. What's on your playlist ? 👨‍⚕️ @fertilugo 👨‍⚕️

That look on Minerva's face is the look she always gets when she sees Maxine 😍. She's always so happy to see her sister!! Also I want to dress her in baby legs and a diaper every single day. So. Cute.

Get you a man that can cook.


Aaah😱!! I've been super excited to announce this brand collaboration! @vilahbloom has the most fashionable yet functional diaper bags I've seen. Can't wait to pack one of them full of Willow's cute fluff🎒👜👸🏽 Love Vilah Bloom too?Use special code BLOOMER009 at check out😘
Want 10% off your first order? Sign up for their newsletter😉#bloomersquad #bwdcd #clothdiaperingmama

📸 @smartbottoms 'Harmony'
Cute print and cute babies! 🐼🙌🏾💕

Me: Mm.. i can't wait to sit and eat this lasagna. Joaquin: nah. #whygod? #1YearOldProblems #clothdiapers #bwdcd #clothdiaperbooty

Day 3 of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge.!!
Receiving blankets style !! FUN FACT: did you know you can make diapering your baby even cheaper. RECEIVING BLANKETS ! they have the BEST absorbency.! And on top of that, it hold all the poop in so nicely.! A simple blanket and a diaper cover and you are SET.!! Here is Ava Noel Sharpe sporting one of her receiving blankets from the hospital. That was free.! Boom.! #blackwomendoclothdiaper #bwdcd #flatschallenge #AvaNoel


This is an awesome night time diaper ! Get yours NOW @hushlittleboo . Use KAM35 for 35 percent off your purchase #hlbdiapers #happydaramji #hushlittleboo #makeclothmainstream #mylittlereps #bwdcd #mylittlereps #melanin #momswithcameras #momlife #clothdiapers #fluffybutt

🍪 🍪Introducing @milkmattersco 🍪🍪 #Slide to see more 💁🏾 @shani_doulala started Milk Matters Lactation Cookies started mainly to help her own milk production when her son was 8mos old. As a Doula she was getting back to work full force and shooting a TV show, LA Delivery Girls. Shani needed to pump more than usual. Though pumping didn't indicate what her son was getting, she needed to replace what he was taking in a bottle and she couldn't keep up. The cookies she ate before didn't work and didn't taste good. She I made her own and here she is almost a year later and continuing on their #Breastfeeding journey.
Milk Matters Lactation Cookies has some yummy flavor selections:

Chocolate chip
Chocolate chip walnut
Oatmeal raisin
Oatmeal raisin walnut
Soon to come- Red Velvet

Here's how you can connect with MMLC :
Email: milkmattersco@gmail.com
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/milkmattersco/

We love this photo from @breastfeedingincolor of a new mama and baby in our Tricot Slen Organic! Don't worry, they weren't actually driving anywhere*, just waiting out a rain storm in the car. ☔️ *A baby carrier should never be a substitute for a car seat.*

The Best Part Of Waking Up ✨

What Brought You To Cloth?
During my years of cloth diaper advocacy to my Black parenting community, I've found that modernized cloth diapering is still unknown to many families. Specifically, low income families who would greatly benefit from the money saving aspect of cloth. Families with higher, steady income are more exposed to OPTIONS whether it be through their network of parents or the stores that target and attract their demographic.
Low income black communities simply do not have access to certain resources that would aid them in sustainable parenting. Whether it be #Breastfeeding resources, #Babywearing resources, or #ClothDiapering resources, it seems as if these communities who would most benefit from the knowledge and ongoing support have been forgotten.
We are actively working to change that ❤️

That look on Minerva's face is the look she always gets when she sees Maxine 😍. She's always so happy to see her sister!! Also I want to dress her in baby legs and a diaper every single day. So. Cute.

Found a pretty cool article about the "Mental Load" women/mothers have. 💛english.emmaclit.com/2017/05/20/you-shouldve-asked/💛

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Baby boy # 2 soon come so we are working on a night time cd solution. I'm not in love with this insert it's not as soft my #thirstiesfab Luckily I just ordered some hemp inserts, on the lookout 👀👀👀👀for some doublers as well
#makeclothmainstream #bwdcd #flufflove

Just sporting his Tie Dye @bestbottomdiapers swim diaper on this sunny Floridian afternoon

Relaxing by the pool on this hot Floridian day 💕 how do you cool off?

Have You Heard Of @diaperdawgs ?
Don't Let 💩💩 Intimidate You Out Of Cloth Diapering!
Diaper Dawgs Has That Covered! Literally 🤔 "Aisha Sequeira is the patented inventor of Diaper Dawgs -- a household products company that makes cloth diapering more sanitary with less hassle by tackling the unglamorous side of the cleaning process.

She’s cloth diapered both of her sons full-time while creating a company when her particular needs in the industry were unmet.

Aisha also speaks about the inclusion of more minorities in eco-industry advertising using her experience of breaking into a culturally-different market segment."

HEADS UP #ATL PARENTS ❤️❤️❤️ @atlantababyexchange
Music & Movement class! Join the fun each Saturday at 11 am.

How did I ever get so blessed to wake up to your face everyday?

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