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Went to do some floor stretches today and look who decided to join me 👶🏿
〰️ 📸@naturallymrsd

For clarification 😉 #itsimple #IssaRae

Farewell, Black Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month!

Black Dads Rock!!! Oh how we missed him! #bwdcd #blackwomendoclothdiaper #makemelaninmainstream #myloves

I just got super excited about how clean my cloth diapers and cloth inserts are after all this time. These 👏🏾things👏🏾have👏🏾been👏🏾shit👏🏾in👏🏾for👏🏾almost👏🏾2👏🏾years!!! Everybody is always worried about how "hard" cloth diapers might be, and how "gross " it sounds. Um... just look at this. Shout out to Gain, Tide, Oxi-Clean, Clorox. Shout out to no poop blowouts. Shout out to no diaper rash. Shout out to cloth diapers. Potty training will start soon, but I truly enjoyed cloth diapering.
#bwdcd #clothdiapers

💯We stay ready! #mommasbaby

Cloth on the go is easy just store your soiled diaper in a wetbag and keep it moving 👌🏿💃🏾
the first diaper is an all in one by @bambinomio
the second is a cover by @poodahbabyco with and insert 🤗
#MelaninMotherhood #Naturalparenting


The Cloth Diaper Industry Community Is Large...
Now I'm Not Saying Businesses Have Money To Throw Away...
#Harvey, #Irma, & #Maria Have DEVASTATED Folks...
I Don't Know If Anyone Else Has Appealed To These Companies Publicly---
What Can I do To Get Them To Consider GETTING TOGETHER To Help Our Families In The Islands?? Families that make up a portion of the BWDCD community... Families that are RELATIVES of the BWDCD community...
I'll just say it...
Black And Brown Families.
They're MORE affected than those of us stateside...
Ideas?? Tag Some Cloth & Natural Parenting Companies!!
#hurricaneirma #hurricaneharvey #hurricanemaria

#DoItForTheCulture @lilipoofz ‼️‼️ Now .... wouldn't this be dope paired with a matching cloth diaper?
These Adjustable Bibs are part of our Black History Series, and it is one of a kind. It has three layers of snaps so that the bib grows with your child from baby through toddler stage.

This particular bib has a soft sheen that you can only get from a Cotton Sateen. The back material is made of Sherpa which is super absorbent and keeps baby dry. The strap unsnaps on both sides in order to aid in washing.

The artwork was created on the computer and digitized in house. The bib itself was also an in house draft. You will not be able to find these in stores, so get yours today.

#Prince #ellafitzgerald #mayaangelou #buyblack #blackowned

Sandy Fluff😍

Cloth on the go is easy just store your soiled diaper in a wetbag and keep it moving 👌🏿💃🏾
the first diaper is an all in one by @bambinomio
the second is a cover by @poodahbabyco with and insert 🤗
#MelaninMotherhood #Naturalparenting

Munch loves to support mommy during morning workouts.

When you and your black ass daughter rep for a black ass company!!! I'm so happy to represent for @wrapsodybaby!!! The FIRST BLACK OWNED modern babywrap company!!! 📸@blackmagicalmermaid😍
#wrapsodybaby #wrapsodyambassador #carryallthebabies

As I rise, so will you ❤️ #FitMom #MankoFit #Momspiration #FitMomMonday 📸 @massy.arias

Ah, the days when he would actually sit in the stroller peacefully for the entire hour....LONG GONE! Now this little 20ish lbs nugget makes for a pretty useful chest press! #perfectbearcrawler

My breastfeeding journey started off rough as all hell. With Lamu (and Ella as well) my milk took forever to come in and then as soon as it did, I suffered from cracked and sore nipples. During those first weeks, the pain was so excruciating that I would literally cry while breastfeeding. Both times, I wasn't sure I would stick it out and both times I surprised myself by making it past that nightmarish stage. Lamu and I are now at the point where breastfeeding is more for bonding than nourishment. I love the way he holds my hand as he feeds. I love the way our eyes lock sometimes and we just stare at each other. I love the way he kicks his feet and grunts in excitement when he latches on and the first spray of milk enters his little mouth. I keep reminding myself to treasure our breastfeeding moments because they'll be gone all too soon. Cheers to the power of the boob!
#breastfeeding #boobjuice #gotmilk

Soaking up the last bits of warmer days as much as I can!

He carries his Rocky everywhere. 📸@esarpany

Heard of Elf on the Shelf? Well this is Lennox in Fennec 😂 🤷🏽‍♀️

Twin 1: "Sis, did she say "it's bedtime" 🤔
Twin 2: "Yes Sis, but they just don't know" 🤣
#shenanigans #twins #goodnight 📸 @applewoo214

The "Dress Us Song".

My #fluffbutts #14monthsapart #love #sisters #clothdiapers #bwdcd chilling on this lovely Sunday morning ❤️❤️❤️❤️#youngesttwo #fourthandfifth

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