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September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month 🙌🏼 May 4, 2009 forever changed my life. I was a passenger in a car accident, where I broke my neck and became a quadriplegic. In a split second everything I knew in life was changed. I could of died that night but God kept me here for a reason 🙏🏼 Not walking is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to #spinalcordinjury. We deal with secondary problems daily but the trick is to not let it stop you from living life to the fullest. The best way to not get a #sci is to practice prevention. Don't speed, don't drink and drive, know the waters before diving in, know the correct ways to play sports etc. Sometimes we can't help what happens or how it happens but we always have to strive and not give up. I am still the same person I was before I got hurt, just with a lot more appreciation for life. Thank you all for supporting #BW2W. #spinalcordinjuryawareness

May 4th 2009...forever changed my life and my family's. Today makes 7 years since I was injured as a passenger in this car accident. If you want to know what happened check out www.britswill2walk.com. It's hard for me to even write this post today because I just lost my mom yesterday. So now May 3 & May 4 are both days that impacted my life in huge ways. My mom was my rock through my life, especially after my injury. It's going to be so hard without her but I need to be strong for her. @britswill2walk has been my way to inspire people. My mom is my inspiration in life. She's given so much of herself to others and worked so hard for her family🙌🏼 I'm going to live my life as best I can to be like her. #BW2W will be going harder than ever and I'll make my mom proud. #britswill2walk #inspiringonthedaily #spinalcordinjury

Talking to @idofmx333 & @jvairx, thanking them for coming out to ride💯 #motocross #FMX #bw2w

We done!! Class of 2016!🎓 Thank you to all of my friends and family who came out to watch me graduate!! 📷@szumski_photography #ClassOf2k16 #livesvge #7deucedeucekrew #BW2W #svge

Haven't been riding to post any pics. @zacastation was prime af! 📷 @szumski_photography #7deucedeucekrew #svge #livesvge #BW2W

#TEAMone9dcrew #one9dcrew #bw2w real locals ha figured till I can get a helmet sponsor I'll run the open face wit my addidas Big thanks to ppl tagged in photo :) an plenty of more ppl to thank much love o9dc192

Test run of some new @britswill2walk hats from @pistonbones 🙌🏼 they came out so sick!! Will be rockin these at Vegas SX😎 Who wants to order some? #bw2w #britswill2walk #inspiringonthedaily #hats #snapback

#tbt I'm missing the Beast Mode life at @iconsports1 Always thinking outside the box to push me past any limits 💪🏼 #bw2w #britswill2walk


🌴🌴🌴 #atconversions

When my dad's not around and my sister has to use the lift to get me out of bed, I take Baby Stacey for a ride like it's a swing 😜 Crazy bed head hair in the morning but all good lol #bw2w #quadriplegic #spinalcordinjury #britswill2walk

Congrats to my boy @potter158 ✊🏼He killed it in Mammoth 🐻🐻🐻 and he had #BW2W with him 💯Check it out on his helmet🙌🏼 Will be sending you new #britswill2walk stuff soon, in the mean time keep it pinned and thanks for reppin 🤙🏼 Come visit me in Hawaii haaaa

Even though I'm not doing "therapy" while our house gets built, I am still continuing to learn and do more things independently like this, pushing a cart on my own. I think this break I'm on was needed after going hard constantly for 7 years straight. Our house is almost finished so I'm definitely ready to get back at it tho 💪🏼 #bw2w #britswill2walk #spinalcordinjury #wheelchair #quadriplegic #iamadaptive

Even tho we haven't seen each other much since high school time and the few years after we graduated, this guy is still one of the closest guy friends I got 🙌🏼 I love you Vanz!!! Everyone peep his wrist 🤗 Rockin #britswill2walk #bw2w . He's never changed up on me no matter what & I appreciate that so much. When things happen in life like what I went through, you get to see who were your true friends...he is one of them 💯 Proud of you Vanz! Keep chasing your dreams and goals in life✨ When you make it big, don't forget about me lol

Good people & good times 💯 Oahu never fails @kel_boi @barnare_madolora #throwback #bw2w

@thompson575 one of the best memories I have with you bro when we did this edit three DAY💤 & 3 N!GHTS HA #one9dcrew
#o9dc #boyz for life !!!! @krewpowersports @rhinolinings_nd @motoroost @theradicals_family #deltautah #f✅n #f✅nauthenticwear #believersneverdie #bw2w #usra @ocamxclub #bunkerhillmx

#tbt 1 year ago 😭 I miss it so much!! 25 pound dumbbells 💪🏼 Can't wait for our house to be finished and my feet to heal up so I can figure out therapy and gym here on the Big Island 🙌🏼 #BritsWill2Walk #BW2W #iconsports1

@dirtbandit_products best degreaser around cleaning under a truck before under coating this is the best stuff I've ever used go give them a fallow !!! Cool ass ppl there one of those company's that u love to support #dirtbandit #one9dcrew #o9dc #bw2w @rhinolinings_nd @krewpowersports

Congrats to @brianmedeiros139 on winning his race today 🙌🏼 #BW2W is a good luck charm 😊

Good to be back rippin!! 📷:(@szumski_photography)Had a sick time out at Enticknaps with the boys @logangough24 @gordonkeck @bennylandry @d.hammyy @_kelliher25_ #livesvge #svge #7deucedeucekrew #bw2w #roachgang

We had such a good day seeing the sea lions. Xai was so excited they were laying on the beach for us to get up close for pictures. @bwilliams192 @britswill2walk #lajolla #lajollacove #sealions #ocean #california #californialove #familyfirst #familyvacation #love #happiness #myhappyplace #utahgirl #bw2w #britswill2walk #underarmour #utahjazz #DiscoverMore #ReserveDirect15

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